Friday Update on This is Love 3rd July 2020

Friday Update on This is Love 3rd July 2020

Arijit calling his man. He asks Bhuvan not to make any mistake this time. Bhuvan says I have made this fake clinic and fixed board also, Mansi has come, this time there won’t be any mistake. Arijit says Mansi has no courage to shoot, you shoot Yug, Mansi will go jail for killing Yug, we will enjoy. He sees Neeti and says now Raman and Ishita will know the pain of losing child,, the count down begins.

Aaliya gets Ishita’s call. She comes to Ishita and says Yug forgot his phone at home. Ishita says nothing, I had to get something, put phone on silent then. Raman sees Ishita worried. He asks what happened. Ruhi calls her out. She goes to Ishita. Raman asks them to come to his room for a talk. They go. Ishita says I don’t want to talk about the project. Raman

says you looked so worried, what’s the matter. She says Yug got Vishal’s call, I felt strange, I called Karan, he said Vishal isn’t in town, I feel Yug is in danger. Ruhi says we will call Yug. Ishita says I tried, he left phone at home. Raman says we should go then. Ishita says come fast, Karan is waiting. Ruhi says we will make some work excuse. They go and meet Karan. Karan says this is Yug’s car. Raman says tyre is punctured. Ishita asks how did he go.

Raman says maybe he took a cab. Karan calls the watchman and asks did you see Yug going out. Watchman says cab came at the gate and Yug left. Karan says it means its a trap, someone was waiting for him. Ruhi says its second time that he has become the target. Raman says someone is trapping him, something is wrong. Ishita tells about nursing home.

Karan calls Sudha to ask about nursing home. Sudha says that nursing home is shut since long, the doctors shifted it to some other place. Karan asks what, we have to reach there soon, Yug is in danger. She says be careful Karan. He says fine. He says that nursing home is shut since long, its a trap, we have to save Yug. Sunil looks on. Natasha says so this is the reason why Arijit asked you to puncture the tyre, Arijit is dangerous, he killed Dr. Mishra. Sunil says we will go, he will trap us. She says how, we didn’t go to doctor’s house, we are at our house. Sunil says Arijit made me puncture the tyre, we shall go, we have time.

She says not so soon, why are you getting hyper, you didn’t kill someone, relax. She goes. Sunil worries. Yug comes to the nursing home and says I will go and see Vishal. She enters the dark place. He doesn’t see anyone and goes ahead. Mansi calls him out. He says you here. She says you came to meet me. He says it was your plan, how did you know Vishal. She says I just want revenge on you for my husband’s death, you have killed my husband, you think I will let you go.

He says listen to me, I didn’t kill him. She says shut up, go and shut the door. He says I didn’t do anything. Bhuvan looks on. Mansi says I will kill you. Raman, Ishita, Karan and Ruhi come there. They see the nursing home. Karan says there is no patient here. Raman says we will go in and see. They get in. They shout Yug. Bhuvan says Yug has come, don’t worry, if Mansi misses, I will take a clear shot. Arijit says I want good news, switch on the video camera, I want to see Yug dying. He sees the video. Yug says believe me, why would I do this, I want to help you, trust me. Mansi doesn’t listen. Yug says someone is misleading you. She says no one can save you today. Arijit looks on. Ishita says someone is shouting, Mansi is threatening, break the door. Karan and Raman break the door. They shout Yug. Arijit gets worried.

Mansi asks whom did you get, police. Yug says I don’t know. He sees his family. Bhuvan says Bhallas came here. Arijit worries. Mansi says I will shoot. Ishita asks what are you doing, leave Yug, he is innocent, he didn’t do anything, calm down. Mansi says shut up. Arijit asks Mansi to listen to him, just pull the trigger, they shouldn’t know I m instructing you, remember one thing, he had killed your husband, kill Yug. Mansi says I will kill him. Ishita says no, don’t do this. Ishita cries and begs her. Yug asks them to stay away. He says listen to me, I didn’t kill your husband. Arijit asks Bhuvan to shoot Yug, Mansi can’t do anything. Bhuvan aims at Yug.

Yug asks Ishita to get away. He says look, I didn’t kill your husband. Bhuvan shoots. Ishita pushes Yug. She gets shot. Yug falls aside. Arijit and everyone get shocked. Raman lifts Ishita and takes her. Karan goes to get the car. Ruhi asks Yug to go with them. She scolds Mansi. Ruhi says I will call police. She calls the inspector and says this woman shot my Ishimaa. Mansi stays in shock. Bhuvan says sorry, I don’t know when Ishita came in between. Arijit says you did good, it was better to kill Ishita, Bhuvan I m proud of you. He cries happily. He says you did the right thing, run from there, let Mansi die, she doesn’t know about me, police will catch her. He sees Neeti and says our one enemy is over today, congrats, Raman you will be ruined now.

Bhuvan saying I have run away, Mansi knows your name, she can say this in statement. Arijit says don’t worry, she can’t do this, she is in shock that she did the murder. He ends call and says if Bhuvan is saying true, I have done arrangements. He sees Neeti at home. He recalls taking ward boy’s disguise and going to take Neeti. He says some bad people are coming, so I m taking you. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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