Friday Update on True Love 10th July 2020

Friday Update on True Love 10th July 2020

Damini tells her that she told Aakash to go away from your (Meethi’s) life for forever. Meethi is taken aback. But why did you say so? Damini explains that he has always brought problems for you. Not anymore! Meethi wants to be alone for some time. Damini has no option but to go. Meethi has tears in her eyes.

In his room, Aakash lights up a paper. Maiyya and her sisters watch it from outside the door. Maiyya tells Gomti to let him do it. Sun will rise only when the night will be over.

Next morning, Aakash is looking at his and Meethi’s pic in his wallet. Maiyya comes there. You forgot to offer water to sun? It is very good to maintain inner peace. When things go out of your hand then leave it over to the sun. She gives the pot to him. A chant plays as he offers it to the sun. He wants to go to his room but she stops him. How will you find a solution if you will keep running from the problem? If you will live with Meethi’s memories then how will you be free of her? You have promised Damini that you wont go back to her ever. He reaffirms.

Maiyya says this is what you have decided. But Meethi doesn’t know about it. Do something so that your decision reaches her ears and to Damini as well. He gets irritated. Should I post an ad in the newspaper? I don’t know that to do. Maiyya has a way out. Get married! Aakash is shocked. Not for you but for Meethi. He says this is sure that I wont keep any relation with Meethi. But why to spoil someone else’s life? She denies. God must have made someone for you who can keep you happy. He denies. This isn’t possible. She tells him there is no pressure. But someone has come to meet you. Come with me and meet them.

Damini asks Kanha if she has ever forced her decision on Meethi. Have I made her do something which she doesn’t want to? I have told Aakash so many times to stay away from Meethi but he! Why dint you hand him over to the police? She is still adamant that it was Aakash who has shot Meethi. Meethi comes there interrupting her. You are saying it all wrong. None of you know what happened that night. Mukku tells Meethi not to be quiet today. Tell all your truth to Anni. I have full faith that she will understand you. Mukku and Kanha leave from there.

Damini wants to know what had happened. Meethi says this time you judged a person wrongly. The truth is that Aakash dint fire a bullet on me. Damini is shocked. Then who was it? Meethi tells her everything. I agree you are justified in being angry with him. Damini says he always brings in more problems in your life. I don’t trust him or his family members.

Why don’t you understand? Meethi agrees that his family is different but he is not. Trust me he is different from them. You too have seen him. When he was living with us in our home then he had won everyone’s hearts. You are worried that I will go back to him? I wont do it ever. Trust me I will never go to him. I still remember the promise that I had made to you. I respect you and your promise a lot.

This is why I kept him away from me. I tried to forget him; got married to Vishnu but that night when the bullet was fired at Aakash I forgot the promise I had made to you. I was only thinking of how to save the love of my life. I couldn’t think of anything else back then. Trust me Anni if Aakash would have been at my place then he too would have done the same as we both love each other a lot. Truth is he loves me truly and he cannot be anyone else’s ever. Never!

At Bundela House, Maiyya shows Ambika’s picture to Aakash. He doesn’t look too interested and Chauhan does notices this. Aakash thinks I will go away from Meethi’s life once she is all right. I wont come back in her life ever.

Damini accepts her fault. You are right I couldn’t recognize him. He tried to tell me so many times but I dint let him. If you would have told me all this earlier. I dint knew you too loved him. it all happened because of me. meethi tells her to calm down. Damini wants to rectify things. Damini gives Meethi her phone to call Aakash right away. Tell him that it was entirely my fault. Meethi tells her to calm down. Damini says also tell him that I have relieved you of my swear / promise.

Maiyya compliments Ambika. Chauhan adds that she is a good cultured girl too. Maiyya nods. She holds the photo in front of him saying this is the only way to save your Meethi. He gets thinking. Chauhan asks Aakash if he is ok with this alliance. Aakash looks at him and then at Maiyya and is utterly confused.

Damini gives the phone to Meethi. Tell him you want to meet him. I will apologize to him if I have to. Meethi agrees to call him. But you calm down. The phone falls down from Meethi’s hands. Damini gives it back to her. But the reality has dawned on Meethi by now. She sits there staring blankly. Damini tells her to call Aakash but Meethi shakes her head. It is too late. I don’t want to be a burden for him. I don’t want to be a burden for anyone. She keeps repeating the same thing over and over. Damini looks at her helplessly as she leaves from there.

Aakash is practicing punching on the punching bag while recalling Damini’s words of telling him to go away from Meethi’s life; Maiyya telling him to get married so as to save Meethi; his own words in front of the God while praying for Meethi’s life. Instrumental music is playing in the background. He is distracted by the noise of anklets. He looks up and sees Meethi. piya o re piya plays. He keeps looking at her mesmerised and then she disappears. He punches hard and lets out a scream.

Damini is standing in front of Iccha’s pic. I did the same thing today which I did in your childhood. I again tied someone (Meethi) in a promise. She recalls her own words to Iccha – you and baby ji share an invaluable bond. You are lucky to have her as your friend. Keep her happy always. Little Iccha had promised to keep Tappu happy always. Flashback ends. First you and now your daughter! You had to lose your love because of me and not today Meethi! She remembers her threat to Meethi on her wedding day. I wont let this happen to Meethi. Forgive me! I am your culprit. I promise I will rectify my mistake. I will apologize to Aakash. Forgive me! A nail breaks and Iccha’s photo tilts. Damini takes it to be a bad sign. Please don’t be upset. Don’t be! I will apologize. I will bring him in Meethi’s life once again I promise. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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