Monday Update on Young Love 13th July 2020

Monday Update on Young Love 13th July 2020

Akhiraj giving house keys to Kamli and says you will handle the house from now on. I will never ask question from you. Kamli returns the key and says she can’t keep the keys as it don’t belongs to her. She says she is fine at her home. Nimboli comes and cries asking Kamli not to leave her alone. Harki sheds fake tears. Nimboli cries asking her not to leave. Kamli tries to make her understand that she has to go. Nimboli gives her promise and asks her not to go. Akhiraj starts acting and tries to slap Nimboli. Kamli stops him asking him to leave Nimboli. She tells we had enough of your beatings, but not anymore. She tells Nimboli that she is not going anywhere. She says I will see who will beat you. She says it is enough of your rule. Harki and Akhiraj smiles.

Kundan and Madhav are exercising in the open area. Kundan tells him that he couldn’t stay with Urmila as Vaid asked him to stay far from his wife. Madhav suggests him to stay with Nimboli and tells she is also your wife. Kundan refuses at first, but then likes his idea.

Mannu comes to the dining table and says he is very hungry. Jagya asks what is your plan for today? Mannu says same routine. Ganga asks if you are not meeting Pooja today. Mannu says yesterday I met her, and will meet tomorrow after informing you. Jagya scolds him. Mannu says I want to make one thing clear that Pooja is his wife and nobody can separate them. Ganga is shocked. Dadisaa thinks to solve the matter and do something.

Anandi is talking to someone on phone. Dadisaa comes and takes her phone. She asks her to do her work. Anandi says she can do anything. Dadisaa says it is painful to think and more painful to do. She shares her plan with Anandi. Anandi gets tensed. Nimboli comes to Kundan’s room and sees him sleeping covering bed. She laughs. Kundan tells her that bed is big, and I used to sleep here. Nimboli tells she sleeps on a very congested bed. Kundan asks her to stay on his bed. Urmila tells she used to watch TV in Disa’s room and will not change with anything in this world. She collides with Disa and tells Kundan talked sweetly with me. She says he asked me to stay in his room, but I refused.

Mannu comes to Jagya’s office. Jagya says I talked you. Anandi comes with Pooja and says she want to talk to her. Jagya asks Pooja to have a seat. He tells we want to share our experience with you. Mannu says we all know that you were married and divorced. Jagya says they got separated because of Gauri. He tells their was a child marriage, and Dadisaa got him married to Gauri, but his marriage was declared null and void. He tells he met Gauri again in Mumbai, and came to know that she was his child bride. He says they started living as husband and wife, and Anandi had to suffered.

Anandi says we didn’t do any mistake, and child marriage is responsible for the happenings. She says they respect each other and has nothing against each other, but lost a age to reach this place. She says adolescence relations are not concrete. Jagya says attraction and love are different words and asks them to give time to their relation. He says if you feel that you love each other when you grow older then go ahead with marriage. Anandi says your relation is illegitimate now. Anandi asks them not to see and accept each other as husband and wife for now. Mannu and Pooja looks at each other.

Kundan comes out of room and sees Disa keeping small bed for him. Kundan asks where is my bed? Disa says you will get good sleep on this bed. She tells if you asks Nimboli to sleep on your bed again, then I will take other measure which will not be liked by you. Kundan thinks he don’t get afraid of anyone.

Nimboli opening the door and asking the person who is he? The man tells he is from a bank. Akhiraj comes and asks about his purpose of visit. The bank employee tells that he want to talk to Kamli. He tells he can’t give any information to him as he has to follow the rules. Kamli comes and asks if her work is done. The bank employee tells that a locker is allotted to her on her name as requested by her. Kamli asks can I come today? The bank employee says yes. Kamli says she will keep 100 tolas gold and her jewellery in bank locker and looks at Akhiraj. Akhiraj looks on shockingly. Kamli asks Nimboli to bring her bag. Nimboli brings it. Kamli tells it is unsaved to keep jewellery at home. The bank employee says yes and asks her to come with him. Akhiraj stops Kamli and tells how can you go alone, I will come with you. Kamli refuses to let him come with her, and says her husband is there to protect her. Pushkar nods. They leave. Akhiraj is angry. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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