Friday Update on The Frontliners 3rd September 2021


Friday Update on The Frontliners 3rd September 2021

Rishabh asking Ishani to click Sid, Asha and his pic. Ishani clicks the pic. She cries and thinks maybe we won’t be together ever. She goes. Sid and Asha light the diyas. Ishita goes out and sits. Sid looks at Ishani and Asha. He thinks Ishani is my love, I should apologize to her, I can’t see her this way. Sid comes to Ishani. Her heart beats faster on seeing him. Mera hai jo kyu mujhe…. plays… Sid sits beside her. They see each other and say I love you.

Vardaan burns Shashank’s pic and says people burn crackers on Diwali, but my Diwali will be by burning you, you ruined me, now I will ruin you, its my promise. Sid says I love you Ishani, I was coming to you to tell this, but nothing could justify it now, I have done what I felt right to save Asha and her baby’s life, like we have to decide in one moment during a surgery, we don’t think about gain and loss, Asha is our friend, how could I let her suffer like this. He recalls everyone taunting him about his dad. He cries.

Vardaan says happy diwali. He asks someone what happened to her now, she should be happy, her plan worked because of her, he has ruined Sid’s life, I have cleared my next aim. Sid says our lifestyle changes, but society’s thinking didn’t change, I have lived that life also, I was lucky that my mum always protected me, I just want to protect that baby from being called illegitimate, maybe I can heal my wound, you can hate me if you want, I just want to say that I love you. Ishani says I loved you before and now I love you more.

Vardaan asks Asha is he right, she is Dr. Asha Sid Mathur now. He says happy diwali Dr. Shashank, Raavan will burn Ayodhya, this time Ram will burn in Diwali. He burns Shashank’s pic. Ishni says people don’t take responsibility, you have taken someone’s responsibility, how shall I not love you.

Vardaan says Asha, you have trapped Sid well, actually his goodness trapped him. FB shows Vardaan colliding with Asha. He picks her pregnancy test kit and says congrats, you didn’t say you are married, oops, I can help you, you have to help me, your secret is safe with me. She cries and goes. Asha calls Sid and fakes an argument with Aman. Sid gets shocked. FB ends. Vardaan says the big problem with good people is their goodness, Sid’s goodness ruined him. Ishani says I loved you before but now I respect you a lot, I m really proud of you and myself for falling in love with you, I love you, I really do.

Vardaan says you made Sid away from Ishani, I will ruin him. Ishani says I hate the fact that we are not together, we will have to move on, you are married now, we have to stay separately, I will try to convince my heart. Sid and Ishani cry. Asha asks why are you after Sid. Vardaan says be patient, you will know it soon, this is for you, happy diwali, if you weren’t pregnant with Aman’s child, I would have not made Sid realize that he is illegitimate. Asha says you blackmailed me about telling about my pregnancy to my parents, so I had to do this, they would have ruined my career, be sure that my work isn’t affected, what happened, I have done a big work for you. He laughs and says you have guts, my work isn’t over, make Sid’s life hell, keep him away from Ishani at any cost. Sid and Ishani go other ways.

Ishani coming to the hospital . She greets Sid. They get to work. Vardaan sees them and smiles. He says love is strange, it makes a good person so blind, if their love comes between my plan, I won’t let this happen, so Sid get ready. A man gets violent. Sid and Ishani ask him to relax. The man pushes her. Sid worries for Ishani. He asks her to show if there is any cut. She says its fine, just swelling. Sid asks for ward boy. Rahil and Rishabh look on. Rishabh says I can understand, bad happened with Sid and Ishani, she fell alone, I m ready to offer my services. Rahil says she won’t need your services, love isn’t such a thing that end, none can come between Sid and Ishani. Rishabh says I don’t think so. He shows Asha coming. Asha recalls Vardaan’s words.

She says Ishani will need time to understand that her love is someone else’s husband now. Ishani says sorry. Asha says sorry to come between you two. She takes Sid with her. Her phone falls there. Neil says its Asha’s phone. Ishani sees Vardaan’s call. Neil says answer him that Asha’s phone fell down. Ishani answers and Vardaan disconnects. She says I will give her the phone.

Juhi asks Anjali to talk about patient. Anjali says I will manage my patient. Anjali argues. Juhi says love isn’t a big sin, you are also in love with Vardaan, I felt you can understand my emotion of love, don’t connect it with age, anyone can fall in love anytime. Vardaan calls again and says she isn’t answering. Anjali asks whom were you calling. He says you, who else would I call, I left a message for you, check, why do you look worried. She says Juhi and dad, I feel frustrating. He thinks I m here to make Shashank away from his love, children and hospital. Sid asks Asha to follow diet card. She asks him to go to hospital. He says mum isn’t home, I can’t leave you alone. He goes to make tea. He says there is no milk, I will get it. He goes out.

She looks for her phone and says did I leave it at the hospital, what would happen now. She calls on her number. Ishani answers and says your phone fell down, I have it and will send soon, Vardaan is calling you again, why. Asha says I took leave, he wants me to finish paper work, switch off the phone, dad may call me. Ishani agrees. She says why was Asha panicking, Vardaan is such a man who makes everyone mad. Vardaan says why isn’t she answering me, I will ruin everyone. He messages Asha. Ishani switches off the phone. He thinks where is Asha. Asha calls and hears that phone is off. She says Ishani has switched it off, else anything would have happened. Sid comes and asks what.

She says my phone fell there, Ishani has it and she said she will send it soon. She worries. Sid talks to Roshni on phone. He makes food and recalls Ishani. He senses Ishani at the door. Ishani says I didn’t even knock. He says I felt you are here. She looks at him. Asha comes and sees them talking. She says you here…. Ishani gives her phone. Asha asks her to come in. Ishani asks her to have food. She goes. Sid says some political party rally is going, I will hire an auto for Ishani. He goes. Sid comes to Ishani and says I will drop you. She says no need, I will manage, Asha is alone, just go, we can’t live past and present together, let me go far. Goons come and take them at knifepoint. They get shocked.