Friday Update on Mariam Khan Reportinng Live 3rd September 2021


Friday Update on Mariam Khan Reportinng Live 3rd September 2021

Jibraan asking Mariam to his toy. Aayat takes Mariam and shows the toy stuck. She asks Mariam to do whatever Jibraan says. Jibraan says ask her to get the toy. Aayat says she will get it. Mariam thinks how will I go. Aayat asks servant to get her whip. Hamdam says Mariam will die here, her family won’t even know. Servant gets the hunter. Mariam says no, I will go and get it. She goes upstairs on the terrace and walks on the railing. She gets scared.

Hamdan says she will slip down, she will fall down and die, we don’t have to do anything. Mariam slips and falls there. Majaaz drops the tea and shouts Mariam. He comes to Mariam’s room and sees Aijaz crying for her. Aijaz says I m not fine, I m worried for Mariam, Aayat might he treated her badly. Mariam cries. She gets up and goes to get the toy. She recalls Madiha’s words. She gets the toy. Jibraan claps and says I m done playing today, lets play tomorrow. Aijaz says I do talk to Mariam on phone, but I get worried, I don’t trust Aayat.

Majaaz says Aayat is her mum. Aayat asks Mariam to get the toy. Mariam gives the toy to Jibraan. He throws it down the balcony. She says I brought it here with difficulty and you broke it, why did you ask for it then. He says its my wish, my house, my toy, get out of here. Majaaz says I feel as it this mansion lost his soul, all this happened because of me, I will never forgive myself. Aijaz says you are the best son, just do me a favor, be the best father, go, do something, just bring Mariam back from Pakistan.

Majaaz nods and cries. Aayat asks Mariam to just obey Jibraan. She asks servant to remove the mattresses. She thinks Mariam’s life is also precious to me right now. Majaaz says I will bring Mariam back. Hamdam consoles Mariam. She asks her to go back to her family. Majaaz calls Aayat. Mariam says I will tell everything to dad, he will take me home immediately. She goes to get Aayat’s phone. Aayat prays and offers namaaz. Mariam answers’ doctor’s call. He says you can bring Mariam for operation, don’t inform her, its a difficult procedure, her life may fall in danger, we will take her bone marrow and save Jibraan for sure. She gets shocked. Hamdam comes and takes phone. She asks whom are you talking to, talk to your dad. Mariam says doctor.

Hamdam asks what did he say. Mariam says he said there is an operation, but my bow and arrow is in Bhopal. Hamdam thinks if operation happens, Jibraan will survive and get all property. She says its bone marrow, spongy tissue in your bones, it will be removed from your bones and give to Jibraan, Aayat got you here to save her son. Mariam asks is he going to die, dad said its a noble deed to save sick people. Hamdam asks what if you die, you won’t be able to bear the pain. Aayat looks for her phone.

Majaaz calls someone and asks what’s the status of my visa. The man says we are trying our best, but it couldn’t be processed. Aayat scolds Mariam for taking her phone. She asks what did you talk to doctor. Majaaz says officer is saying I can’t get the visa. Aijaz scolds him. Majaaz asks what shall I do. Majaaz says I tried my best, they are liars, they are refusing for visa now, they are trying to fool a journalist. Aijaz says don’t know what is Mariam going through there. Aayat asks Mariam to speak up. She takes Mariam. Aijaz says I will go and get Mariam. Majaaz says its not easy to get the visa, we tried out best. Aijaz says I shall do something, I m still a Nawab, I m still powerful, I will get Mariam back.

Aayat locking up Mariam in the dark room. Mariam cries and asks her to leave her. She shouts for help. She shouts to Majaaz. She cries and gets scared. Hamdam says there is a window in this room. Mariam says please let me out. Hamdam asks her to run from the window, she will keep a ladder at the other side. Mariam says its too high, I can’t reach there. Aayat comes. Hamdam hides. Mariam asks where are you dad. Aayat says your dad doesn’t want to come to you, he has sent a voice message. She plays the audio. Majaaz apologizes and says I m not getting my visa, you have to stay without me. Mariam cries and says I will die without you, come to me, I can’t live without you. He asks her not to cry and not lose ever. She recalls Majaaz. Aayat asks Mariam to keep trying.

Meher says Aijaz isn’t at home, he is nowhere. Madiha says we should have stopped Mariam at home. Majaaz worries for Aijaz. Mariam recalls Majaaz’s words and tries to reach the window. Majaaz says I will check at Dargah and come, but dad never goes there. Mariam gets hurt and shouts to Majaaz. Majaaz stops and says I felt like Mariam called me, is she fine. Madiha says she is in problem, don’t know how she is with Aayat. Meher says she is fine, we should worry for Aijaz.

Aijaz calls Majaaz and says don’t worry about me, I reached where I wanted. Mariam recalls Majaaz’s words and wipes tears. She tries to put the sacks and climb up. She runs from far and climbs. She falls down. She tries again and reaches the window. She manages to run out. She falls on the road. Someone holds her. She gets shocked seeing Aijaz and faints. He gets her back to Aayat’s house.

Rifat gets bed tea for Zain. She says maybe Mahira doesn’t know about your habit to get bed tea. Mahira says even I like to have a bed tea. Zain asks her to take the tea. She says its okay. He insists. Mahira takes the tea cup. Zain asks Rifat is there is anything urgent Rifat says no, I will call him up and come. She asks him to come for breakfast on time. She asks what’s this pillow doing on sofa. Zain says Mahira changed the bedsheet so she kept it here. She asks why. He says dad is waiting for you, go, we will come. She goes.

Mariam asks Aijaz to come with her, they will go home. Aijaz says I have come now, I will make everything fine, sit. She says nobody will listen to you here, everyone listens to Aayat here. She asks why are you wearing different clothes, are you okay, who massaged your feet when I was here. He says servants are there. She asks did you fix new teeth dentures. He says wait, you have a gift. He gives her a teddy. She cries and recalls her friends. He says its good to help someone. She says operation will hurt a lot. He says not at all, it won’t hurt you. Aayat and Jibraan come. Mariam hugs Aijaz and says I won’t go there. Aayat asks her to come. Aijaz says its a noble deed. Mariam gets dragged and shouts to him.