Friday Update on The Frontliners 10th September 2021


Friday Update on The Frontliners 10th September 2021

Sid saying reports are clean. Ishani asks how can this happen, blood is clear of toxins. Asha thinks how did this happen, its amazing. Ishani says I was doubting… Sid says it means problem is with me, I can’t handle any patient. Ishani says I can’t do your blood test again, you look much better now. Sid says you know if problem is not physical, then its mental or emotional, I m useless now. Asha thinks Sid is losing confidence as we wanted. Ishani holds Sid’s hand and says its not like that, I think its someone’s conspiracy. Asha comes and asks are you fine. He nods. He says I will handle this, Ishani you don’t get involved in this. He goes. Asha gets Vardaan’s message. She taunts Ishani and goes. Rahil asks what happened Ishani. Ishani says as always, Asha came in between. Rahil asks what’s new in it, I will try to talk to Sid, Asha won’t stop me. She says don’t get involved, your friendship will break, if Asha knows it, she will make you away from Sid.

Rahil says let the weak friendship break then. Ishani says Sid lost me, be with Sid, he needs you, I will do what I want. Shashank says I think this should end in four days, surgeon is also coming. Juhi asks him to talk to Sid. He says talk about work. She says surgeon looks good in OT, not with files. He says even I m sitting with the files, talk about work. She gets a gift and says maybe its sent from a medical company. She reads note about Shashank. She thinks who is sending me notes, Shashank is such a…. She says we can’t decide anyone’s present by the past, you would have also done some mistakes in the past, what if those mistakes come out then… He asks are you fine, I want to talk about work, you are talking about Sid and past. She says sorry, I will take your leave. She goes.

Asha comes to Vardaan. He says there is a gift for you. She gets shocked reading her name as patient. He scolds her for not using her mind. He says I have changed the file, else we would have got exposed today. Asha says that’s why I was thinking about it. He warns her and smiles. She argues. He gets angry. She says I won’t make mistake again, I will not let Ishani win. He says good, that’s like my girl, this was just a joke, get back to work. She goes. Juhi says you are lucky that Shashank doesn’t know this, this matter will be discussed in board meeting, just pray to Lord, Sid what happened to you, everything will get over. Sid says sorry, I will be careful. He goes and says what’s happening with me.

Asha asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. A man Prashant greets and says my wife is admitted, you will treat her. Sid says no, I m not a good doctor, your wife’s life can have risk. Prashant says I know you since years, I met with an accident, my dad died, my mum said that accident happened and I did kill my dad, how can I believe that you will put patient in risk intentionally. Sid hugs him. Prashant says my wife is just sick, she doesn’t need a surgery, just check her once, what treatment she needs. Sid goes. Rahil and Ishani smile. Ishani says good people also exist in life.

Rahil says good thing is he isn’t doing any surgery now. Ishani says we have to keep an eye on him, I can catch Asha and stop her, she isn’t leaving him alone. He says I also noticed this. She says I will explain it to Sid, we have to keep an eye on Asha. Sid checks the lady. He says it seems like anemia. He asks Asha to go and work. Vardaan calls Asha. She says you are calling me more than Anjali. He asks her to make Prashant’s wife serious so that Prashant runs to Sid. She asks why, we shouldn’t trouble patient. He says do as I say, if Ishani wins, you will lose, you will win this way, if I expose you, your career will end, think what to do, you are still a doctor. Ishani looks on and records. She thinks Asha is going to do something again, now I will follow Asha as her shadow. She hides from Asha and runs after her. Asha turns. Ishani hides and thinks Asha had changed reports and drugged Sid, if she is smart, I m no less.

Asha going and changing the patient’s report. She says patient’s hemoglobin is normal but I have made it low. Ishani says Asha is doing something wrong, look at the video. Rahil says I agree, but Sid isn’t doing any operation, he is just consulting, what’s the risk. Asha says Sid’s career will end now, sorry, I would have not risked any patient’s life if it was not about my career. She goes. Sid checks reports and says oh no, haemoglobin is so low, case may get critical. The nurse says Sid asked for blood units for the patient. Ishani hears this and says blood goes to body’s every part, one small mistake maybe dangerous. Sid says your low haemoglobin was the problem, you will get fine now. Kripa feels unwell. Sid gets shocked. Prashant shouts. Ishani prays that nothing goes wrong. Sid rushes to Kripa. Ishani steps over the broken glass and rushes.

Ishani and Rahil come there. They see Kripa. Rahil passes the oxygen supply. Rahil checks reports. Sid asks Ishani to give injection fast. Prashant asks what happened. Ishani asks Kripa to relax. They check Kripa’s vitals. They get shocked. Prashant asks what’s happening. Vardaan eats sweets and says its just the start of celebrations, real celebrations will be something great. Ishani asks Sid to save Kripa. Sid tries to pump Kripa’s heart. Kripa gets revived. Prashant says she is fine now. Ishani says Sid, you saved her, relax now. Rahil says haemoglobin level is normal, why did you transfuse extra blood, that’s why her condition got serious. Asha changed the reports again. Prashant gets angry and scolds Sid. He beats up Sid. Ishani knocks the door. Vardaan smiles and says wow, what a sight. Asha says no one is trying to help, I don’t like to see it. She turns away.

Vardaan says you are strange, you should see it, you are the reason for this action. She says I can’t take anyone’s life, I m a doctor. He says who wants the big surgery, who wants to become a big doctor, you or me? I think you. Ishani says stop it Prashant, its not Sid’s mistake. Vardaan says Sanjivani has becomes lovers point, Juhi-Shashank, Sid-Ishani, Anjali…. look at them. Ishani calls security. Rahil and guards enter the room and stop Prashant. Ishani asks Sid are you fine. Rahil says call the police. Sid says no, leave him. Juhi comes to Shashank and tells everything. Shashank gets shocked. Sid says its also someone’s plan, someone is trying to trap Sid, I will find out. They go to the security room. Rahil acts hurt and screams. The guard comes to help. Ishani enters the room. Ishani checks the cctv footage. Rahil asks the guard to be with him and help.

Ishani says I have to find out where did she go. The footage gets blank. The guard says I will call someone. He goes inside the room. Ishani runs out. She says lab corridor camera is not working, we don’t know who had come there. Philo attends Sid. Sid asks do you think it was my mistake. Rahil and Ishani say it was someone’s plan. Philo says no, you can’t make such a big mistake. Sid says I also feel so, its happening, don’t know how, I didn’t do anything. Philo says our relation is more than doctor and nurse, you are like my son, I also think something very wrong is happening with you. Ishani says I know Sid isn’t at fault, everyone wants proof. She thinks to get proof of his innocence.