Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 10th September 2021


Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 10th September 2021

Aman, Roshni and Tabeezi coming home. Roshni asks why is it so dark, where did everyone go. She calls out everyone. Lights come. She gets surprised. Dadi, Salma and Phupi come and congratulate Roshni. Sara and Saima also congratulate her. Dadi says I m really happy for you both, your baby will get a new morning in the house. Salma says you are getting emotional. They dance. Aman asks Roshni not to dance. Naurachi….plays…. Rehan comes and joins them. Roshni recalls the deal and gets sad. Aman hugs her.

Its morning, Roshni wakes up. She sees the lovely windchimes and hears the sound. Aman smiles. She says you did this. He says yes, I want you and baby to stay in calm behavior. She says baby will go on me, your height is less and colour is also dark. He says I know and smiles. He says your height is so tall, so no heels now. She asks are you taunting me. He says I can’t joke with my own wife, I want you to wear flats. He makes her wear flats. She smiles. Dadi asks Phupi to shut the window else the rain water will get in. Rehan thinks its still raining, I just thought it will rain for half an hour. Shayari feels cold and says I will get the money, I will fix everything. She stands in rain and gets dizzy. She falls down.

Rehan comes and sees her. He lifts her and takes her. Shayari holds his hand and says your operation will happen, I will get the money, don’t cry. He feels bad. Aman surprises Roshni. She smiles seeing so many toys. He says this wall is pink and blue, so that we don’t argue. She says people have divided colours also, I m a girl but like blue, if our baby boy liked pink then. He changes colour to pink by his magic. He says we will love him a lot. She says yes, we will decide the colour later. He says we lost much time, I promise to give you much happiness. He holds her and hugs. Kaala jinn appears and keeps an eye on them. He doubts that Roshni is pregnant. Dadi checks Shayari’s temperature. She says she has high fever. Rehan says I told her to do a work, she got so drenched.

Rehan calls manager and says find out Shayari’s family members, give her six months advance salary, I m not removing her from the job. He gets a video. He sees her putting candles. He says she did this intentionally and lied…. Natasha comes to his room. She throws his clothes out of cupboard. She uses some spray and gets the dagger. Aman comes to Roshni and stops her. He cleans the water drops on the floor and says you could have fallen down. She says I would have fallen because of your scream. Natasha fails to hold the dagger. Roshni says who is it… They go to Rehan’s room. Natasha hides. They see the room messed. They see the dagger. Aman says its not good that its here. Natasha thinks its not easy to reach it.

Dadi asking Shayari is she feeling fine. Phupi forgets about Shayari. Shayari asks how did I come here. Dadi says Rehan got you here. Rehan is on the call. Shayari comes to him. He recalls her mistake. She says I came to apologize again. He says I m least interested to talk to you, I have given six months salary in advance to you, I know your problem. She says I can’t pay for this favor. He says its a punishment, you will pay up for your mistake, you will do as I say, go to the warehouse and bring the carpet delivery. She says its late, how will I manage alone. He says I can take the salary back. She thinks I want money for Monu’s operation. He shouts go now. She leaves. She reaches there. He asks Khanna to help him. He says I have sent Shayari to get the carpets, go to station and help her. Khanna drops the phone and doesn’t hear him. Shayari looks for warehouse. Two men see her and tease her. She runs. They run after her. Rehan sees the dagger. Rehan does the magic and disappears it.

Roshni asks Tabeezi who is doing this. Tabeezi says jinn shikari knows Rehan’s shield, she will come to take it to attack Rehan. Aman says I m Rehan’s shield. Roshni says even Farhan will have such a dagger. Aman says it means his life is in danger, we have to get him soon. Shayari cries and calls Rehan. Roshni asks Rehan not to worry, they will find Farhan, is there clues in his latest pics. Rehan says no. She says its fine, we will find a way. He says I don’t know why is he hiding from us, every knot in this wristband is a promise. He cries. He says Aman was very happy, you didn’t tell complete truth, right. Roshni says I will tell him the truth, when right time comes. Rehan asks promise. Aman asks what promise. Roshni says Rehan is getting engaged. Rehan and Aman ask what, to whom? Shayari calls Roshni. She runs to save herself. Aman says you make sure that you propose the girl in front of the media, Farhan will see the news and come. Rehan says there is a problem, there is no girl. Aman asks what, that jinn hunter. Roshni says no, Natasha isn’t jinn hunter, she is his GF. Rehan says Natasha is my GF, we are close.

Roshni says it means she will say yes if you propose. He says definitely. Aman says when will we get the jinn hunter. Natasha says it looks impossible to reach the dagger, if I make Rehan wear this ring, then will be good, I have to think how will I make Rehan wear it. Rehan comes to meet her. She asks how did you come at this time. She shuts the door. He says sorry to come at night, I couldn’t wait till morning, will you marry me. She asks marriage. He says you would need time to invite parents, we will talk tomorrow, I want to get engaged tomorrow. She thinks to agree. She hides the ring. He says I think our engagement can help me in getting my brother back. She says its my yes and hugs him. Shayari runs and hides. Roshni calls Rehan and says Shayari called me many times, I hope she isn’t in any problem. Rehan checks missed calls. He calls Khanna.

Khanna says sorry I didn’t hear you, I had called you back. Rehan says it means you didn’t go. Khanna asks where. Rehan runs to the place. Shayari attacks the goon. Roshni takes noodles. Aman stops her and asks her to have salad. Roshni says your baby likes noodles. Aman says aw, my baby wants to have noodles, have the salad. She says you have it first, then I will eat it. He eats it and says great. He coughs and asks for water. Roshni looks for water. He falls out of the window. She gets shocked and shouts. He gets hurt. Rehan looks for Shayari. She screams when the men catch her. She says don’t touch me and cries. Rehan comes there and catches the men. He beats them up. The men sees his blue eyes and run away. Roshni holds Aman and cries. Rehan sees Shayari crying.