Friday Update on Promised Love 19th February 2021

Friday Update on Promised Love 19th February 2021

Asgar says she has become poisonous naagin and we shall play flute infront of her. Today she tried to bite Razia and can bite us too. Surayya says we have to do friendship with her to save Khalid. Shayra comes to room and cries. Azaan asks her to keep her tears safe and says you will need it all life. Shayra gives him divorce papers and also the bangles and ring. She says I couldn’t handle your safe keeping, sign the divorce papers, I just need your permission to leave from here. Just then they hear a sound. Razia throws Noor’s stuff and says she is throwing her out from the house.

Noor says you can’t do this. Razia says I can’t hit you with Chappal like Meenu, but can punish you for your sins. Shayra and Azaan come there. Razia says Noor is going from this house. Noor holds her hand angrily and then says this is my house also, memories of my childhood and my Ammi’s memories are here. Razia says if you have thought it as your house then wouldn’t have broken this house. Noor says if you kick me out from here then what people will say that Razia Begum has kicked her close friend’s daughter immediately after her death.

She reminds Noor of her promise made to Yasmeen and says you talk about women’s rights and asks how can you let an orphan, helpless girl wander out. She blackmails her. Surayya says she is doing a good acting. Asgar says she saw you since childhood. Razia says you said right, you can forget your duty, but not me. She goes. Asgar says she will cry in room. ffNoor says badi ammi has messed up her room, says she will not do any work and will make Mashuqa do the work. Razia comes back with the property papers and says take this, this is all your dreams, rich husband, big house, servants and costly cars, we are owners of 2500 crores property and says I am giving you 70 percent of this property.

Shayra says Ammi. Razia says I am giving you Delhi house with cars and Servants. She says Meenu used to beat you with chappal, I hit you with silver chappal, asks her to take it and leave. Surayya says I will get a heart attack. Asgar asks what we will get now. Noor takes the papers and says I don’t do a poor deal, says these papers have her wishes, but not her happiness. She says my khairkha is my Azaan and that’s why I can’t accept your proposal. She tears the papers. Surayya relaxes. Asgar says we didn’t see foolish like her.

Noor says you have priced your son very low and asks since when you become saudagar of your son from being a mother. Asgar shouts Noor. He says you have insulted my mother and says I don’t raise hand on my Ammi as it is my Ammi’s upbringing, but if any woman insults my mother then I will not bear. He says I was silent and you both took the decision of my life. He says Shayra has promised you, but I am bearing it. He says I will not bear my Ammi’s insult. He takes out the Pasa from her hairs and says if you keep eye on my Ammi’s things then nobody will be bad than me. Shayra asks her not to cross the limits of humanity. Razia says now this marriage will not happen and Noor will not stay here. Shayra says I am sorry Ammi, I have to leave from here. Azaan stops her and says I will sign on the divorce papers when the marriage is done fully. Shayra says how can marriage happen without divorce.

Azaan says when divorce can happen without any reason, when marriage can happen without any reason then why can’t this happen. He says I will do the marriage if my first wife do all the arrangements, starting from haldi to mehendi, jashn e bahara till marriage. Shayra says I can’t do this and asks him not to say. He says when I am bearing this when I don’t want then you can bear it too. Noor says I agree. She says I agree your condition, Shayra calls herself as my ammi’s daughter so she shall get me do all the rasams. She says everyone is from groom’s side and only Shayra is from my side, I am sure that she will not refuse me, afterall she has promised my Ammi. Shayra recalls promising Yasmeen and nods her head.

Azaan says perfect. He says now marriage will happen in this haveli, which nobody had seen before and will not see in future. Razia stares Shayra angrily and goes. Shayra and Azaan leave. Surayya asks Asgar to get ready to see daily tamasha daily. Asgar says they will be ruined, we have to think about our baby.


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