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Friday Update on Complicated Love 19th February 2021

Mishti cheers watching all the arrangements. Veer notices Mishti turned to where the family had been. He turns her towards himself and complements, she looks beautiful. Mishti asks when he made all the arrangements since he was with her. Veer says there are other event management companies as well. Pari feels curt that he didn’t give her the due. Veer doesn’t let Mishti look at any other direction, and wish her again. Mishti says they must cut one cake with family as well, it seems incomplete without them. Veer agrees. Mishti blows the candle. Ansh jumps in to blow a party popper. They all come to wish her. Veer apologizes for upsetting her, but it was for this surprise. He wish her, and kiss her forehead; taking her to cut the cake. Rohan turns to leave. Pari holds his hand and requests him to stay, as the party yet begun.

Everyone sings for Mishti. She gives bites of cake to everyone. Mishti now comes to Rohan who stood at a corner. Veer tells him to give a bite of cake to Mishti. Rohan says cake is given by the one whose birthday it is. He takes a bite and wish Mishti politely. Veer whispers to Pari to bring the car keys. Veer blindfolds Mishti and gifts her the car keys. Mishti thanks Veer, and says he must keep the car keys till they get marry. Veer agrees, but only till the wedding. The guests arrive for party. Pari asks Sukhmani about Tani. Sukhmani says she is with her friends, and would soon be here.

Rohan turns to welcomes his friends to the party. They ask about the birthday girl and beer. Rohan turns to point towards Mishti. Radhika tied a necklace around her neck. He stops there. Veer had joined to welcome the friends, and calls Mishti to introduce her to her friends. Mishti receives the gifts. Veer and Mishti leave. Rohan leads the friends to beer. Sukhmani comes to take the guys to dance.

Arnav caught Tani and Ansh sipping beer. Tani offers the glass to Arnav if he doesn’t trust them. Arnav takes the glass. Ansh thinks they are gone. Arnav didn’t take a sip when someone called him. Ansh says she could have got them caught. Tani replies she knows how to handle her brother.

Rohan had just finished his drink. Pari comes to offer him to dance. There, Mishti felt uncomfortable as she dances with Veer. Rohan kept a deep eye over them, and joins Pari on the dance floor. Mishti notices them dance together. Rohan and Mishti stare at each other for a while. Mishti thinks Veer takes great care of her, but still she isn’t happy. Rohan excuses Pari for a glass of water. Pari was left alone, and taken by Arnav. Mishti still stare at Rohan.

Ansh was with the friends and leave for smoking into Rohan’s room. They offer Tani but she denies. One of Veer’s friends offer Pari a dance and tries to physically harass her. Pari questions what this is. The guy tells her this is party, let’s enjoy. He says he likes her and asks about her number. Pari feels helpless as she didn’t want to spoil Mishti’s birthday for her. Pari says alright, they must go and speak outside. Veer goes to attend a call. Mishti notices the guy misbehaving with Pari and shouts what the hell. The guy was drunk and replies he was enjoying. Rohan comes to ask if everything is ok.

Mishti says his friend is an extremely rude and vulgar man, he is misbehaving with Pari in her own house. Pari tries to calm Mishti down, she is handling. Mishti questions what handling, and how dare he do this to her sister. She questions Pari how she will handle when she doesn’t know he wanted to kiss her from behind. Arnav clutches his fist. Rohan’s other friends take him away from the party. Mishti questions Rohan how he can have such ill-mannered friends. It’s her birthday, and he is only PG; he should at least have asked her before inviting them. Veer intervenes they were his friends as well, he invited them and there was none of Rohan’s mistake. Rohan even stopped him from inviting them. Mishti questions if his friend is more important for him than she is, he was harassing Pari. And why he wants to cover Rohan’s mistakes up.

Downstairs, the friends accuse the drunk one that the girl was Veer’s sister in law. Veer would never bear his behavior. Rohan had come downstairs, and beat the guy badly. Pari followed Rohan downstairs and was in tears. She recalls when a friend understands her things unsaid, she must value him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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