Friday Update on Promised Love 19th February 2021


Friday Update on Promised Love 19th February 2021

Shayra asking nurses about her husband. They say he is very handsome. Shayra says he is Azaan. They hope their husband become like him. They take her out of the ward. Shayra sees the flowers on her way. Azaan comes there. tere bin jee na pawunga plays…Shayra walks on the roses to go towards him. He sees a thorn on the flowers and puts his hand on it before she steps on it. She says Azaan. Azaan says you gave a place to a third person between us. He asks why are you doing this? Azaan says I love you and hugs her. Shayra says we shall go home. Azaan says first let me say what I wanted too. He says I realize what you mean for me, but I didn’t know that the thought of losing you will kill me. He asks her not to leave him and hugs her.

Shayra says time doesn’t stop infront of anyone. Azaan says it has to stopped infront of our love and says his life will never become less irrespective of time and circumstances. He gives her flower in her hand and is about to lift her. She asks why you are doing this? Azaan says this is my right. He lifts her. He then takes her home in his car and then lifts her and takes her home. Shayra asks him to keep her down and says she is very lucky to have his love with which she can live all her life. They walk inside house. Razia also comes with them. They see the decoration. Razia asks did you get this done Azaan. Azaan says no? The guests greet Razia and say you came late after calling us. Razia says I didn’t call anyone. Noor says I called them.

She makes an entry in the hall in style. Razia asks what is all this? Razia sees Noor wearing her Pasa. Noor says the party is for two reasons, one is Shayra returned and the other is I want to do elan e nikah of Azaan and me. Everyone is shocked. Mashuqa says she left Khalid and trapped Azaan now. Noor says we were about to marry, but Shayra came in between us, she has realized her mistake and is divorcing Azaan and he is going to marry me. Razia says you know well that I am not ready for this marriage.

Noor says Azaan and Shayra are ready though and says what she will do, calls her bahu begum. She asks Razia how she is looking in Pasa and claps. She dances on the song maine pyaar manana ji…infront of everyone and pushes Shayra. Azaan holds her. Shayra then calls Qazi Saheb there and he gives her elan e nikah frame. Noor signs on it and gives to Azaan asking him to sign. Razia says you will not sign. Azaan looks at Shayra. Razia says this is wrong. Azaan says matter is out of hands now, I am not doing right or wrong, and is doing what Shayra wants. He signs. Noor smiles and takes the frame from his hand. She tells Shayra that she has read her elan e nikah and asks her to read her elan e nikah.

Saba asks Noor to stop it and says until when you will stoop. Noor calls her mannerless and asks if badi ammi didn’t teach you manners. Azaan gets angry. Shayra stops him and takes the frame in her hands. Shayra reads that Azaan Akhtar mirza’s marriage is fixed with Noor Hasan Qureshi after 5 days. Everyone smiles. Noor smirks.

Everyone clapping hearing Noor and Azaan’s elan e nikah from Shayra. Noor walks proudly. Razia shouts her name and says whatever you want can never happen, your stubbornness can be strong, but if it collides with my decision then it has to break. She walks out with Saba. Noor tells the guests that it is good to exit by saying 2-3 dialogue and don’t give the chance to the other person to speak. She asks the guests for the wedding and says there will be no rona dhona this time. She says there will be jashn and dhamaal and asks them to come, says masala drama will also be served with jashn. She takes Asgar’s googles and goes. Mashuqa says ant got feathers. Surayya says I thought I am cleverest of all, but naukrani daughter is the most cleverest. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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