Friday Update on Promised Love 12th March 2021


Friday Update on Promised Love 12th March 2021

Shayra hiding from the attacker’s sight. She calls Azaan. He picks the call. Azaan asks her what happened? Shayra says someone is in the house. The attacker comes and snatches phone from her hand and asks Azaan to hear his wife’s last screams. Azaan tells that he is coming there. The attacker drags Shayra from the room. Noor asks Asgar and Surayya what this goon is doing, as I asked him just to scare her. Asgar says he is scaring her. Noor says I don’t think so. Surayya says he made her scared and asks Noor to see. The man drags Shayra to the hall holding her hand and made her fall down.

Noor says it is enough and asks Surayya to ask him to leave from there. Surayya says it is fun to watch and asks didn’t you remember what she did with you, let her be in pain. Noor is sbocked. Shayra is injured and asks the attacker to leave him. She says Shayra. Azaan hears her on the call. The attacker asks Azaan to hear his wife’s last voice. Azaan asks her to fight back. The attacker ends the call and tries to throttle her neck.

Noor asks the man to leave from there, but Surayya says let him do his work. Noor says you have given him money to scare her, right. Surayya says let him do what is he doing? Shayra faints. The attacker takes out knife to stab Shayra, when Dilruba comes and hits on his head. The attacker falls down. Dilruba asks Shayra to run and take help. Shayra is going out when the attacker holds Dilruba and threatens to behead him. Shayra asks him to leave Dilruba. Dilruba asks Shayra not to risk her life for him and asks her to go. Shayra says no and asks the attacker what wrong did she do that he is trying to kill her. She folds her hands and asks him to leave Dilruba.

The attacker hits Dilruba on his head and makes him unconscious. Shayra asks him to leave her. The attacker slaps Shayra. Shayra faints. He looks at the chandelier which is about to fall on her and tells that the she is at the aim. Surayya says it is good. Noor asks Surayya to end it. Surayya says I am not your Servant to agree. Asgar says don’t you want Azaan to be just yours. Surayya asks Noor not to be sympathetic towards her sautan. Noor is tensed. Azaan is on the way. Shayra gains consciousness and finds the chandelier about to fall on her.

Surayya tells Noor that Azaan will be just yours from today, but sees Noor gone from there. Asgar says may be she is scared. Noor rushes home. Shayra sees chandelier falling and is shocked. Noor comes running and pushes her. They both fall on safe side. The chandelier falls down. Surayya and Asgar get angry seeing Shayra saved. Noor faints. Azaan comes there. Shayra shouts his name. He comes to them and says Noorie.. Doctor comes and treats Noor, says it is good that chandelier haven’t fallen on her head else she would have died. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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