Thursday Update on Cost of Love 11th March 2021


Thursday Update on Cost of Love 11th March 2021

Ahaan saying nothing will happen to you Pankti. He asks doctor to treat her. Doctor asks what happened to her. Anita says she fell down. Ahaan asks how many times. Doctor asks them not to worry. Ahaan sees Pankti and cries. Purva smiles and says you lost, Ahaan knows her truth and even then he is here with her, he didn’t get back. Ahaan warns Anita. He refuses to go. He says I will find the culprit and do the worse with him, don’t think of going to Pankti, you can try and see if you feel I m false threatening. Anita leaves.

Aparna stays sad. Sheetal consoles her. She says maybe Pankti likes other type of guys, our Ahaan is cute. JD comes and asks what’s happening, you have sent Ahaan away. Sheetal says that girl refused to him, his heart broke, no use to tell her name now. JD says tell me the name, how dare she refuse to Ahaan, after all we are Dhanrajgir. He asks Aparna does she know her. Ahaan talks to Uday. He asks him to cancel his ticket, he is not going anywhere. He recalls Pankti.

Anita says Ahaan is not letting me meet Pankti, he is JD’s nephew, he will try to rule, I will make JD and Ahaan fight, he was threatening me. JD asks Aparna to say. Anita calls him. Sheetal takes his phone and checks the call. JD says its imp call. Sheetal asks more than me, I know its PS and AS. He says AS means assistant. Sheetal jokes that his work is her Sautan, tell her not to disturb when he is with his boss. He nods. Ahaan asks nurse about Pankti. She says she is fine, she got conscious, it will take time for wound to heal. He goes to see Pankti. Anita looks on and says JD will handle him now.

Ahaan sees Pankti. She sees him. Purva comes to them. She asks Pankti is she fine. Pankti recalls JD. She turns her face away. Ahaan says Purva you will ask me not to go from Pankti’s life, ask Pankti not to take tension, as I m going forever, it was her good luck that my flight got missed, tell her bye from my side. He makes a call to Purva and goes out. Purva keeps the phone near Pankti and talks to her about Ahaan. Ahaan hears them. Purva says he still loves you. Pankti says no, its wrong. Purva asks why, he is going away, won’t you stop him. Pankti says no.

Purva asks don’t you care, why are you crying then, when Saab was beating you like animals to know Ahaan’s name, why did you not tell him, if you have no feelings for Ahaan, you should have told him Ahaan’s name, why did you break down when you broke his heart. He hears their talk. Pankti says I don’t know, when I realized I can’t see him again, something died inside me, when I felt his heart would have broken by my words, I also broke down, I knew he would have fallen in danger if I took his name. Purva says you have put your life in danger. Ahaan comes to her and asks why.


Manav gets Vikram’s call. He says you reached, Ahaan….. talk to Sheetal. He asks Aparna about Ahaan, where does he want to go suddenly. Aparna says Ahaan was bit upset. Manav asks did he do stupidity again. Aparna says I don’t like telling anything. Sheetal says Ahaan is in love. Manav asks what, who is that poor girl. Aparna says Richa’s best friend Pankti. Manav says so you were teaching her marriage rasams. Sheetal says Pankti refused to him. Manav asks is he fine, he ruined career, he should have been here with us when his heart broke. Aparna says Uday is with him. Manav worries and calls Uday. Aparna says he always scolds Ahaan.

Sheetal says father has other way to show love for child, this anger is love, don’t worry. Ahaan asks Pankti why can’t she tell him that she loves him. He says you said you are fine, then these wounds and tears, how, you said you like nothing else than money, how did you break then, you said you don’t know what I mean to you, but I got to know you love me a lot, maybe more than me, if you can risk life for me, my love is not less, I don’t care that you are sold off, I care for one thing, the hands that gave you these wounds, I have to break those hands, tell me who did this.

Pankti cries. He asks her not to get scared, is he very powerful, I m also a Dhanrajgir, my Bade Papa is also very powerful. Pankti and Purva get shocked and see each other. Purva signs no. Pankti says I can’t say. He asks why do you want to save that animal. She asks him to leave. He says fine, but you have to tell me, else I will find him and never come back again. He goes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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