Friday Update on Love or Poison 16th July 2021


Friday Update on Love or Poison 16th July 2021

Samrat refuses to fall for her words. He thinks that this wont do him any harm. I will atleast fulfil my revenge this way if this is indeed Sitara! She winces in pain as he presses the knife a little deeper in her skin. Sitara pushes him and keeps the knife on his neck. I would have killed you if I wasn’t Sitara! Think ten times before doing anything like this next time! She asks them all to come downstairs.

Surya sends Viraj to Vishloka by lying that Rani Sa is there. Viraj says Sitara told me it is some new enemy. Surya convinces him to go there. I will bring Sitara with me. You go ahead. I sent Viraj to you, Vishtara! You can easily kill him now!

Vishtara says let Viraj come. We will achieve the first benchmark of our revenge today. Albeli and Surili smile. They hide seeing Viraj entering Vishloka. Vishtara is about to attack Viraj but turns into a shadow seeing Sitara there. Sitara pushes Viraj away feeling someone was behind her. They look back but don’t see anyone. She asks him how he is here. He shares that Surya has sent him here by saying that Ma is here. She gets confused. Why did he say that to you? They decide to look around but don’t find her anywhere.

Sitara says maybe my lookalike took Rani Ma somewhere else or Surya was mistaken. Surya comes in front of them. Sitara asks him how he knew that Rani Ma is here. He lies that he saw her here. I couldn’t face your lookalike alone as she is too strong. Viraj says no one is around. Surya says maybe they took her somewhere else. Sitara sends them both outside to look for Rani Sa and stays back to find some clue in Vishloka.

Yamini and Arjun pace worriedly in the living room. They are very much concerned for Rani Sa. Viraj and Surya enter just then. They ask Viraj about her Bhabhi but he remains quiet. Sitara walks in. I dint find anything there. Arjun asks her what she means. Viraj shares that they dint find Ma in Vishloka. Yamini worries for her wellbeing. Only Sitara can find her. Please do it. Samrat speaks against Sitara but Viraj tells him to stop. Sitara asks for Padmini. They hear her scream just then.

Vishtara has tied Padmini’s hands in a chain and drags her.

Family members head in different directions to look for Padmini. Sitara finds her lying unconscious on the floor. She breaks the chains and wakes her up. Are you alright? Padmini nods. Sitara tells her to stay with the family. She goes inside that room to find out the mystery. The doors are closed from outside the moment Sitara steps inside. She demands to know who is there. Who has sent you here? What’s your problem with me? Stay quiet if you want to but you wont be able to harm my family till the time I am here! I wont let you succeed. I dare you to come in front of me. She hears the sound of a laugh. I knew that people like you only know how to stab in the back. Vishtara laughs again.

Sitara asks her who she is. Why can I not see you? Vishtara shares that she is her shadow. I am a part of you. Sitara looks at herself in the mirror. Why have you come here? Vishtara shares that she has been sent here to give her a slow, painful death. Sitara tells her she is mistaken. Come in front of me. Vishtara says shadow cannot come in front of the body. Sitara prays to Devi Ma to show her the face once. She begins to go out when Vishtara tells her she wont come in front of her at any cost. She pushes Sitara out of the room. Sitara wonders who it is and who has sent her here.

Vishtara has caught Rani Sa in a bottle. She shouts for help. I will kill the entire family like this. I would need your help in this! Albeli and Surili agree. We are on the same page after all. Vishtara says we must be careful in what we do next. Sitara does not know that I am her poisonous side. She only knows that her shadow is dangerous. You will have to divert Sitara so I can execute my next step. Albeli nods.

Sitara and Viraj scan through the old books of magic in Rajguru’s room. She stumbles upon a special book and reads it. We can bring the shadow in front of us by chanting these mantras! Sitara reads the book well. I hope whatever is written in it is true. She hears some sound and gets alert. She runs upstairs to check only to find herself facing Albeli. Sitara is made unconscious before she can use her powers on Albeli.

Sitara is tied to a pillar in Vishloka. She wakes up taking Viraj’s name and looks up in shock / confusion. Albeli makes a scorpion bite her. She tells Sitara to scream loudly. I have been yearning to hear it! you kill my sister! It is your turn now. Surili asks Albeli what she is doing. How can you kill Sitara like this? Albeli says why not. This is how we will take our revenge! Surili does not want Sitara to die an easy death. Vishtara tells them to stop arguing and makes the scorpion go away using her powers. Sitara is stunned to see her. Albeli questions Vishtara on what she did but Vishtara reminds her that this wasn’t their plan. She has to see her family die in front of her. It will break her and she will end up begging for her death! That is when we will kill her.

Sitara shakes her head in disbelief. Albeli says you are right. I got blinded in rage. Surili seconds her. Sitara must die a painful death. Vishtara says I found someone in the palace who will help me kill Viraj and his family. Surili and Sitara ask her who it is. Vishtara says that person will actually in turn help you. I thought you will miss your family here so she has brought them here only. She shows her the bottle in which she has kept Rani Sa.

Vishtara says shows her the bottle in which she has kept Rani Sa. Sitara tells her to free Rani Sa. Vishtara threatens to harm the bottle. Sitara tells Vishtara not to do anything to Rani Ma. Vishtara says this is just the beginning. There is a lot to see yet!

Everyone is worried for Sitara. Surya assures them that Sitara can take care of himself. Viraj is sure she is in some trouble. I will go to find her. Surya offers to accompany him. Samrat asks his brother why he is risking his life for Sitara. Viraj reminds of all that Sitara has done for them but Samrat shrugs. I really don’t care about it but my family’s safety is very important for me right now. I wont let you create any other problem for us right no! Yamini and Arjun stand in their son’s favour silently.

Yamini explains that they aren’t against Sitara. She has done a lot for our family but it is also true that our family has been in a lot of danger because of her. Samrat tells his brother to sleep. Sitara will come if she wants to. Viraj and Samrat hold each other’s collar angrily. Surya calms them down. I understand what you are saying but we must go there right away or we wont be able to tackle her lookalike! Viraj warns Samrat of the consequences if he repeats any such thing ever again. Surya says we cannot waste time in these fights. We cannot also get out from the front door. I know one other exit.

Sitara starts smiling to herself. Vishtara asks her if she is smiling at her defeat. Sitara denies. I am thinking of how foolish you are. You think you can stop me using these chains? I wish you had my brains along with my poison inside you. You dint bring me here. I came here so I could find Rani Ma. Vishtara covers the bottle. Sitara frees herself in a second. She disappears the next second shocking Vishtara, Surili and Albeli.

Sitara appears in another direction. Who are you looking for, Vishtara? They use their powers to hold off each other but Sitara proves out to be the stronger one. The bottle falls down from her hand and breaks. Rani Sa is freed. Vishtara gets caught in chains. Sitara showers leeches on them. Vishkanya’s wince in pain as they try to free themselves from the leeches. Sitara manages to take Rani Sa safely with her. Vishtara vows to punish Sitara.

Surya brings Viraj to a secluded place. Viraj asks him if he is sure this is the right path. I have never come here. Surya offers to tell him the truth about his identity. He uses his powers to throw Viraj off balance and ends up sharing that he is the illegitimate son of Viraj’s father. I have come to punish you for your father’s sins! Viraj refuses to accept it. My Dad cannot do it. he was a very nice human being. Surya laughs. He was so nice that he snatched my mother, my childhood from me! He destroyed me! You and your family will pay for his misdeeds.

Viraj holds him by his collar angrily but Surya says I don’t really have to do anything. Your family has enough enemies already. I just have to kill you! Viraj shifts every time to save himself from Surya’s attacks but he gets wounded by one knife eventually. Surya does not relent. Surya does something to the tree above him but Sitara reaches there in time. She makes the tree normal again. It falls down. Surya looks at her in shock for a moment and then flees from there. Sitara hugs Viraj. Are you fine? Please forgive me for trusting this guy. He tried to harm my family! I am sorry. He replies that she isn’t at fault. Did you find Ma? She shares that Rani Ma is at home. I got her out of Vishloka. He thanks her. We must head home asap. Vishkanya’s can attack the family members again.

Surya is in Vishloka. Sitara foiled my entire plan! I got one chance to attack Viraj but Sitara came at the last minute and I had to stop. Vishtara reprimands him for not being able to do one thing. Surya advises her to do it herself if she cannot do something on her own. Surili reminds them not to fight amongst each other. Albeli seconds her. Forget what happened. Don’t repeat this mistake again. Sitara must have taken the family to a safe place knowing that they are in danger. Surili says we have to find out how we will find them. Surya says I already have a plan. We have a pawn in that family who will help us destroy that family – Samrat! Albeli asks him why he will help them. Surya tells them everything (in mute). Vishkanya’s smile.

Sitara safeguards the room with pious mantras. Yamini asks her till when will they hide here. Arjun says we cannot fight with them. They are very powerful. Viraj shows faith in Sitara but Samrat is irked hearing her name time and again. Why don’t you accept it that your wife cannot do anything? We wouldn’t have been hiding here if she was indeed powerful! Rani Sa gives credits to Sitara for saving their lives. Samrat reasons that they are also in this problem because of Sitara only. She only trapped us in all this! Vishtara is also her lookalike. There is only one solution to this problem – we must kill Sitara! Everyone looks at him in shock.

Vishtara will die once Sitara is dead! Yamini finds sense in his logic. Albeli and Surili will leave us then! We will get rid of this trouble. Viraj asks them what has happened to them. What are you saying? Samrat tells Viraj this isn’t the time to turn emotional. We have no other option right now! Rani Sa tells them not to even think of this ever again but Sitara seconds Samrat’s idea. I must sacrifice my life to keep you all safe! This story will end with my death only!

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