Monday Update on Love or Poison 19th July 2021


Monday Update on Love or Poison 19th July 2021

Sitara seconds Samrat’s idea. I must sacrifice my life to keep you all safe! This story will end with my death only! You will also get rid of Vishtara this way. Rani Sa shouts against it but Sitara tells her not to weaken her with her tears. I may not be in front of you but I will always be in your heart. Rani Sa is still against the idea. You have done so much for us already. I cannot let you do this! Sitara calls it her duty. I promised Baba I will protect you all at any cost! I will step back from my duty.

Rani Sa asks Viraj to explain to Sitara. It isn’t duty but foolishness. Viraj is quietly / tearfully looking at Sitara. Sitara walks up to him. I agree that I have lied to you many times but I have never lied to you about my love towards him. My body might not be with you but my love will always be with you! Yamini comforts Rani Sa. Samrat takes out his phone.

Surya, Vishtara, Albeli and Surili do a puja. Surya reads Samrat’s message. Sitara has decided to sacrifice her life willingly! Albeli and Surili are glad to hear it but Vishtara is sure Sitara is up to something. She thinks she can kill me this way but I am made of more elements that do not belong to her. Sadly, she wont live to see / know that! I am an immortal. No one can kill me! Surili and Albeli smirk.

The royal family looks on helplessly as Sitara sits upon the pyre. Vishkanya’s and Surya look on from nearby. Samrat asks them if they will spare his family afterwards. Vishtara agrees. Surya refuses to spare Viraj’s life but Samrat isn’t bothered. He goes back to where his family is. Vishtara turns to Albeli and Surili. Humans make mistakes always! We will kill each one of them once Sitara is dead! Surya speaks of their promise a minute ago but Vishtara insists that he too will die once Sitara dies. Samrat has overheard everything. I have been cheated! I cannot let Sitara die. He runs to Viraj asking him to stop Sitara. I made a very big mistake by going against my family! I turned selfish. Please stop this! Sitara and Viraj look at each other.

Surya, Vishtara, Albeli and Surili starts walking towards the pyre where everyone is gathered. Rani Sa lights the pyre and cries. Surilil challenges Viraj. You all will die today along with Sitara! Viraj glares at Surya. Other family members stand together as Viraj and Surya get into a scuffle. Sitara steps out of the pyre magically. She creates her 2 shadows and they face all 3 Vishkanya’s each. Surili questions her as to what this is. Sitara reasons that she can have many avatars if Vishtara can be one of her avatar too. It was my avatar who was sitting there. She attacks Surili and Albeli with snake and a scorpion. They die as soon as they are bit by them.

Surya attacks Viraj. He falls down. Surya advances towards him but Samrat throws him on the ground just in time. He extends his hand towards his brother. Please give me one chance to rectify my mistake. I wont disappoint this time. Surya looks on as Viraj holds his brother’s hand. He attacks Samrat who falls down in the process. Samrat notices Surya closing his eyes to chant some mantra and hits him. I made a grave mistake by supporting you instead of my family but I wont spare you this time! He beats Surya. He does not give him time to chant any mantras or anything. Viraj looks on. Their scuffle continues. Surya manages to hypnotise Samrat. Viraj shouts at Samrat to close his eyes but it is too late. Samrat’s eyes turn red.

Viraj covers Samrat’s face and pushes him. He confronts Surya next. You need these weak powers to fight with people! You are so damn weak! Surya challenges him for a fight. Samrat looks on as they get into a scuffle. Viraj beats Surya back and blue. He twists his neck and Surya falls down. His family stops him from killing Surya. Rani Sa tends to his wound. Surya folds his hands and apologizes to her. I have cheated you guys. Please forgive me if possible. She tells him not to apologize. I should say sorry. I am somewhere responsible for what went wrong with you! Surya denies. I was wrong. I couldn’t think of anything in my fit of revenge. I should have understood Maharaj’s reason of backing out but I just couldn’t! Please forgive me. He breathes his last.

Sitara and Vishtara are fighting. Vishtara mocks Sitara that none of her weapons can kill her. Sitara knows it already. I know that the unison of 3 elements (water, air and one more) can kill you! Her three elements turn into 3 avatars and they kill Vishtara! Viraj holds Sitara as she falls down. Rani Sa tells everyone to head home now.

Sitara holds Viraj from behind. What are you looking at? He says I am looking at Sitara. She rpelies that that is just a Tara (star). Your Sitara will always be with you. He smiles. That’s what I wanted to hear. I almost died hearing that you will sacrifice your life for family! She says that’s why I nodded at you. He nods. I wouldn’t have let you try this otherwise. The best part is that we are together irrespective of whatever problems have come our way! She says all is well that ends well. Vishtara did wrong with us but she gave us a great gift while leaving. He looks at her in confusion. She shares that she is no more a Vishkanya. She had my poison in her. There is no poison inside me now that she is no more! He smiles realising that they can have a normal life now. She nods. They share a warm hug. He picks her in his arms and makes her sit on the bed.