Friday Update on Evil Eye 30th April 2021


Friday Update on Evil Eye 30th April 2021

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Aditya and Pari asking about Piya!! Piya come and hug them both… Everyone smile?? seeing them

Later everyone plan Vedshree Birthday party, while Pari and Ansh uses their powers and play games.. Chaitali comes with snacks? when Aditya strike with her, snacks are catched by Pari braid.. Both plan to play again when Piya and Ansh explain them that Powers are given as boon to them by God, so they should not play with god blessings.. Aditya and Pari copy that..?

In Bandap Basmika goes inside Guru Maa to free Mohona, but Nishant, Saavi and Naman stop her.. Basmika powers are eatten by Mohona and she become young again.. Mohona challange Nishant, Saavi, Guru maa and Naman that she will be freed soon and throw Guru Maa out from her capture area..

Mohona think?? to use that Moti to free herself but doesn’t find it. Later outside her room Guru maa shows that moti, while Nishant, Naman and Saavi keep that thing in glass box.. As all are about to leave Ball size convert into egg?? type thing and all shocked??.. Using temple lamp light they see monster type creature image and get shocked..??

At rathod house birthday prepartion are on full swing when Avinash is trouble by Mohona walker.. Chaitali and Avinash lock Mohona room to avoid trouble in house… Aditya and Pari faces are shown weired (as if they are getting attach to it)

Nishant, Saavi and Naman decide to stay alert in party as they all not aware of that creature.. On the other side Mohona get troubled as she isn’t able to free herself…

Rathod get happy?? seeing decorations when Avinash says its vedshree and pari birthday together, it has to be special.. Just than Vedshree arrive when shekar recite shayari and she get shy? while others clap.. Pari complains about size of shoes?, when Ansh gift her new shoes?..

Pari hug Vedshree, and cake? comes.. Everyone call aditya, while aditya is shown busy by getting attach to walker/ stick.. Aditya get distract when Ansh call him.. Pari and Vedshree cut cake? and Chaitali suggest to dance????.. Whole family dance???? on Galla Gudiya??, while Aditya goes near that locked door..

Naman talk to that egg? with his as usual drama and irriate egg? using table lamp.. Naman hear sounds of shouting and try to close lamp.. Lamp fall down, when Naman pick up egg? disappears, which shocks naman..

At rathod house Nishant and Saavi keep eyes ?on family when Naman call and inform about egg? disappearance. Piya see worried Nishant and Saavi..
Nishant inform them about egg? and how mohana is trying to free herself. Rathods get worried?.. Later avinash and chaitali speak about things of Mohona..

On the other side Aditya goes inside room and is about touch walker…

Mohana think? that if my blood Ansh, Aditya or Pari touch my thing, I shall be free and able to control that person..

Avinash inform about mohona things and run, aditya touch stick, when Ansh throw it away.. Piya inform that stick belong to Guru maa..
Pari find shoes and wear them.. She show shoes and happily? tell that shoes fit her perfectly.. Ansh and Piya ask her to remove, though Pari is not ready, but Ansh scold her, than she removes..

Rathods ask about her well being, Mohona speak which pari repeats saying yes.. Nishant ask to destory Mohona belongings and they burn using patal ketki.. While going out Pari touch flower pot which turn black..

Naman try to find egg? when sanam appears suddenly.. Both have cute fight and see egg? going out.. They both follow on earth and sky respectively.. Naman get into trouble by striking to cars??, when sanam save him.. People shout at him, but he is not able to hear anything and think? his ears are damages due to that egg?…

Everyone ask Pari to open gifts but she act weired.. Ansh and Piya scold her, but Avinash and Shekhar ask them not to do, saying she is birthday girl.. Everyone decide to open vedshree gifts first.. Egg? is shown reached at rathod house..