Monday Update on Promised love 3rd May 2021


Monday Update on Promised love 3rd May 2021

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Doctor getting shocked knowing treatment of Razia was going on since 5 years, but she didn’t get fine. Azaan says treatment was going on but…Doctor shows the medicine. Noor says I gave these medicine to Dr. Sharma for lab testing. Azaan says you knew about the medicine and didn’t tell us. Dr. Sharma tells him that it is good that Noor gave him the medicine and he got it tested in the lab, says else you would have continued to give her poison. Azaan asks if his Ammi will become fine. Doctor says yes and gives him medicine to be given to her. Azaan sits at Razia’s bedside.

Noor asks him to thank and apologize to her, and come to her room in 10 mins. Khalid says who was giving wrong medicine to badi ammi. Dilruba says and we didn’t know. Mashuqa says begum sahiba might be fine long back. dilruba says Noor will make everything fine. Mashuqa says who was giving wrong medicine to her. Noor comes and says we have to find out. Khalid says we shall go to Police. Noor says no and says our enemy will be alerted. She asks them to go as Azaan must be coming to say sorry. They all hide.

Azaan comes to room. Noor asks him to say sorry. Azaan says I want to take your life after whatever you have done yesterday, but Ammi showed improvement and you brought Doctor who identified the wrong medicine. He says sorry and thank you. He asks her not to think that they are again friends. Noor says I was saying the same. He goes. Mashuqa comes out from hiding and asks Noor why is she troubles Azaan and asks why you don’t tell him that you came to help him. Noor says if I tell him then he will feel bad and will not let me fight his war. She says she wants him to fight his own war.

Rubina asks Khalid if his old love is rekindled in his heart. Khalid says Ammi and you are both same, if she would have been here then you both would have fought with each other. Rubina says she is going to her mayka. Khalid asks really and tells that he is very happy. He says you might be missing them and asks her to go. Rubina says she is not going. While she is keeping the clothes back, something falls down from her clothes. He picks it up and looks on.

Noor gets photographer clicked pics for the begum mahal. Azaan and Mashuqa come there. Azaan asks why is she getting the pics clicked. Noor says she got an offer to convert this into a 7 star hotel. Azaan says don’t you dare. He says this is my house, I am born and brought up here. Noor says it will be good for tourist and says we will keep a special offer for tourist, special dinner date with you. Azaan asks her not to do that. Noor asks him to leave her hand and says if photographer takes our pic, then you will be arrested by Police. She says she is threatening him since childhood. She says just as the hotel is build, she will throw everyone out. Azaan says neither I will go nor my Ammi. Noor says I can let you stay here, with a rent of 1 lakh in 24 hours. She says this amount is very less infront of begun mahal, but big amount for you. She says you have 24 hours, if you couldn’t arrange then I will throw you out and will not wait till hotel builds.

Azaan calls Khalid and says I need 1 lakh rupees. He says Noor demanded this money, if we don’t give the money to her then…He says just 16 hours are left now. He says she will kick us and ammi which I can’t see. Rubina says all our jewelery is fake. Azaan says you might be having something. Rubina says you are doing limit and asks if we shall sell ourselves. She blames Azaan for their situation and says what is our mistake if his wife went.

Rubina telling that mourning is not ending even after 5 years. She asks him to go out, handle his responsibilities and home. She says you have time to just shed tears for your wife. Mashuqa asks her to stop it, says you can’t talk to him like that. Azaan says its ok, she is not saying wrong. Rubina says thank god, you shall look at yourself, you are Nawab, but looks like Servant. She says look at that Servant’s daughter, and asks if you had bend down infront of her then she wouldn’t have thrown us out. Dilruba says Noor wants to make this house as hotel. Rubina says what is your problem, if she makes this mahal as hotel or kotha/brothel. Azaan asks her to shut up.

Rubina asks him not to shout at them being elder of the house, and asks him to go and earn 1 lakh Rs to be given to Noor. Dilruba takes Mashuqa with him. Mashuqa cries in the kitchen and tells Dilruba that she had saved 10000 Rs which she will give to Azaan, along with her earrings. Dilruba says you will not do anything like that and says whatever Noor is doing is to bring the old Azaan back. He asks if you don’t want him to be back and says I am sure that he will be back, we have to be patient. Mashuqa says from where Azaan will get so much money. Azaan checks all the jewellery boxes and finds it empty. He comes to the Pasa box and takes it hesitantly. Noor is looking at him from outside. He says I am sorry Ammi.

Noor thinks don’t snatch Ammi’s identity from her. Azaan says this Pasa is your pride and I will not let anything happen to it. He keeps back the Pasa in its box and walks out. Noor smiles and hides. She comes to Razia’s room and says Azaan is broken, he needs you, all Bhopal, I and everyone needs you. She asks her to be fine soon and cries. She keeps eye on Azaan and sees him checking the timer. He thinks just 6 hours are remaining. He talks to Shayra’s pic and says that he was about to do wrong thing. Noor thinks Azaan, you have to get up, my Azaan will not accept defeat. Azaan gets up and goes.

Rubina comes to Razia’s room and says she has brought medicine for her. She says this is the strength power to get fine soon. She puts the powder in the water and mixes it. She puts medicine water in her mouth and asks her to take care. Khalid comes there and sees powder in her hand. He asks what is it? Rubina says it is strength medicine. Khalid says if it is the same powder because of which Ammi couldn’t recover. Rubina is silent.

Khalid shouts calling them. Rubina asks him not to call anyone. Khalid asks since when this is going on? Rubina says since she came, tells that if she had recovered then would have kicked us out. She says she could sell the jewellery and the house items. Khalid slaps her and says I thought you are good at heart, but you are bad and greedy. He says I will not listen to you and is about to call Police. Rubina asks him not to call Police. Khalid says you shall be punished. Rubina says if I go to jail then my baby will be jailed too. Khalid says our baby. Rubina says I am going to be a mother and you are a father. She says she will be punished, but if he will punish his child. She asks him not to punish her. Khalid gets emotional. Rubina sheds fake tears and says sorry.

Babu Bhai gives 25000 to Azaan and asks how you will make arrangement for 75000. The manager of the bar refuse to give him money. Azaan says if it was not emergency then I wouldn’t have asked. Azaan says I am ready to do anything for my Ammi, else she will be on road. The Manager asks if his Ammi is still alive. He says it doesn’t matter if she stays home, hospital or road. Azaan shouts. Manager says I am firing you from this job. Azaan requests him not to throw him out. Babu bhai requests the manager, but they throw Azaan out.