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Friday Update on Complicated Love 19th March 2021

Arnav apologizes Veer as he can’t mix his personal and professional life, and can’t hear a word against Mishti. Veer stops Arnav from leaving. He says it’s just that Arnav knows Mishti, but he knows him as well; at least he can share his heart out with Arnav.

There, Rohan asks Pari to put herself in his place. When he came to Mumbai, he had no one but Veer. He then met Pari, and meeting her at the engagement was extremely relaxing. Pari says she needs to ask him something. He was listening attentively. Pari stammers and tries to compose her words. Rohan asks why he is so nervous. Pari asks why batman not there was in Avengers. Rohan was startled. Mishti reaches the hotel, and hugs and congratulates Pari. She claims the award is beautiful. Then congratulates Rohan without shaking hands. Rohan clutches her hand beneath the table.

Veer asks Arnav if he loves Pari. Arnav replies Pari doesn’t love him. Veer was shocked, and says he always thought them as couple. They understand each other really well. Arnav says Pari clearly claimed not to love him. Veer was amazed, and asks if he is still her friend. He and Mishti might never become friends. Arnav says he can’t comment over their relation, but it’s not necessary the other person also loves us. And it’s unjust that we change our love to hatred. He could be a good friend to Pari, at least he will have some importance in her life.

Mishti pulls her hand, throwing a glass over Pari. Mishti apologizes, while Pari goes to change. Mishti asks Rohan what he was doing. Rohan says he held hands with the girl whom he loves dearly. He asks why she is over reacting. Rohan orders wine for himself, cocktail for Mishti and Morito for Pari. Mishti was upset about Niti’s proposal for Rohan. Rohan asks Mishti if she wants to change the order. Mishti replies its fine. Rohan asks where she is lost, he is here in front of him. Mishti replies she is smiling. Rohan says her eyes say something else.

Mishti denies, Rohan asks her to swear on his life. Mishti was annoyed at this swearing and forbids him to tease her. Rohan asks what the problem is, he can swear on her life so easily. Mishti forbids him do any such act. There are a number of people to take care of Rohan. She bursts over Rohan and asks him to let her enjoy her drink. Rohan stares at Mishti, and tries to sniff; he asks if she is already high. If she wants to fight pointlessly, she must tell him; he won’t then waste his energies. Pari returns and asks where he would waste his energies otherwise.

Veer was appreciative of Arnav. Here he is worried without Mishti. He asks if Arnav isn’t hurt when he watches Pari with her boyfriend. Arnav replies it hurts, but it hurts more when he watches Pari upset. Veer asks if he has met Pari’s boyfriend. Arnav replies he daily meets Rohan. Veer asks seriously? He smiles cheerfully and hugs Arnav. Arnav was taken aback at the reaction. Veer was happy that there couldn’t be anything between Rohan and Pari.

The food was served. Mishti takes a bite, then complains it’s extremely spicy. He must have ordered it deliberately. Rohan says he asked Mishti while he ordered. Mishti says he must know she can’t eat spice. Rohan and Pari make fun of Mishti as she is steaming. Pari says Mishti would surely tell Rohan soon, she can’t keep secrets. Pari asks Rohan if he never knew Mishti can’t eat spices. Rohan curtly asks if Mishti can’t eat spice for him. Mishti steps over Pari’s foot in anger, then stares at Rohan. Rohan and Pari enjoy her mood.

The next morning, Pari was watering the plants. Rohan comes to her. Mishti was still angry and turns to leave. Rohan holds her hand, looks around cautiously and holds Mishti through her waist. He says staying away is different and ignoring him is different. He can’t understand her annoyance, why this anger and complaint. Mishti tells him to leave her, it hurts. Rohan asks what he did. Mishti pushes Rohan away. Radhika comes downstairs, calling Rohan. Mishti sits again to care for the plants. Radhika says she wants Rohan to meet someone, and calls Niki. Niki comes smiling. Rohan smiles at Radhika in courtesy. Mishti worked with the plant annoyingly.

Radhika introduces Rohan as a fashion photographer, while Niki wishes to become a model. Rohan forbids Mishti, as she would ruin the plant otherwise. Radhika asks them to come upstairs and speak to each other in the hall. Rohan tells Dadi to go upstairs, he will be right there. He comes to help Mishti with the plant, and smirks at her jealousy. He rubs some soil over her face, commenting I like the cuteness. Mishti watches him walk upstairs. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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