Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 23rd July 2021


Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 23rd July 2021

Roshni thinking of Aman. She cries and thinks we really have a connection, even if you identify this, I will not come back to you, you can snatch my good bye kiss, but not this feeling. Its morning, Aman stays sad. Roshni and Aman get busy in their lives. Kahani hamari….plays…. Roshni writes a diary. She cries and ignores calls. Dadi worries for Aman. Aman and Roshni get restless and lose sleep. Roshni recalls his words. She repeats his words. She smiles thinking of him. After a month, Roshni serves cookies to the customer. She says I always forget things. The girl asks do you forget everything always.

Roshni recalls Aman. She says no, its best combo of tea and cookies. The girl says your pairing with the bakery owner can be more better than this combo. Roshni says no. Roshni sees the bakery owner coming and nods to him. He is the Jinn. He picks the tissues holder. Roshni says I baked Naankhatai for the event if you can taste it… He tastes and says not bad. She thanks him. Tabeezi says Aman will realize his love, but after Ayana’s death. Dadi gets shocked.

Dadi says we can’t take someone’s life to save our life, there would be some other option to save Aman on red moon night. Tabeezi says don’t know, now the Sifriti jinn is free, Raakh Jinn would take the tabeez to jinn by now, we don’t know his next plan in this game. Phupi sees the fire ring on the house. She worries and shouts to her mum.

Aman is busy in presentation. He realizes the changes happening. He excuses himself. Roshni sees the fire ring in the sky. She asks little boy, Sonu to do colouring. She goes to see. She worries. Aman reaches his car. He sees his long nails. His hands shiver. He drives off to home. Roshni says three circles….. She recalls Aman. Phupi asks what did Tabeezi say. Dadi says it means its red moon night today. Phupi says get Roshni back, ask Aman to love her. Dadi says love doesn’t happen on anyone’s saying, its happens if written in fate, it will happen after Roshni dies. They see Aman coming home. Dadi asks are you fine. Aman says stay away from me, no one will come after me. He goes upstairs. They cry. Roshni asks Sonu to pack his bag, they will go home. She sees the last customer, a scary looking old lady. Roshni goes to help her. She asks what else do you want, tell me. The lady says I want that kid. Roshni worries.

Aman gets some chain to control himself. He says why am I not getting controlled. He throws things. Everyone hears sounds and worries. Roshni takes Sonu. The old lady stops her. Roshni says I will come to chant stories if you feel lonely, but let us go now. The lady shuts the door and windows. Roshni and Sonu get locked. Aman lifts furniture and throws. Dadi says Aamn can hurt anyone. The chef throws the pan on the old lady. She gets saved and uses powers to attack him. Aman gets Roshni’s pic. Dadi calls Tabeezi. Aman recalls Roshni and cries. Roshni hugs Sonu. Guard comes to shoot the lady. He asks Roshni to go. The lady climbs up the wall. Guard gets shocked and shoots at her. She catches him and throws him out of the window. She reaches Roshni. Sara says maybe Aman got normal, the sound isn’t coming from the room. They go to see Aman. They see the broken furniture. They think where is Aman. Tabeezi sees blood coming out of the book. She opens the book. The book gets her inside and gets shut.

Roshni asking the old lady to leave the kid. She gets angry and chants spell. She throws her weapons. The old lady catches all weapons. He says Ayana, you were proud of your power, now you lost it, I will see what you do. Roshni gets shocked. She recalls Aman. The old lady disappears. Roshni hugs Sonu. She asks are you fine. She thinks who was she, how does she know about the red moon. The old lady turns into Jinn. He smiles seeing the hair clips/weapons in her hand. Aman comes to Sameer. Sameer asks how dare you… Aman kicks him down. He recalls Roshni and Saima. He beats up Sameer. Sameer’s son looks on and cries. Aman throws away Sameer. He stops seeing the boy.

Jinn puts the clips in the glass jar. Roshni asks is this your house. She gets the boy there. She knocks the door. The clips go to Roshni. Dadi says Aman isn’t answering. Saima comes home. She says Sara called me home. Dadi says nothing is fine, taweez, magical doorway and Ayana also went, what shall we do. Sara says Aman turned into a beast. Parveen says no one can do anything until the family is together. Tabeezi says what if Jinn ends the family, then…. Parveen gets shocked and recalls Junaid and Rubina…. Junaid cheats both of them. Jinn tries to catch the clips. Roshni asks is anyone there. She says maybe your dad isn’t home.

Parveen asks how dare you step in this house. Tabeezi says I didn’t come to fight, a big problem can come on us, else this house…. Parveen says you broke this house, since when do you care for this house. Dadi says you don’t know, Rubina helped us a lot of times. Parveen says she can just hurt us, she knows about red moon and came to joke on us. Tabeezi says its not like that. Parveen asks why are you calling my mum, don’t make any relation with her. Tabeezi says listen to me once. Parveen asks her to leave. She shouts this woman is a cheat, a liar, she ruined my family, she came here again, make her out.

Dadi says listen to me, Rubina saved us many times, she saved our lives, she saved Aman’s life, she saved your life. She says Rubina is Tabeezi…. Parveen gets shocked. Aman comes and says you had kept this matter hidden from everyone. They all see Aman. The clips fly and reach the door. Roshni pushes the door and gets in. She asks is anyone there. She shouts for help. Jinn comes and says Roshni, Sonu… She asks is this your house. He holds clips in hand. She says I was knocking since long. He says I had ear plugs, what happened to Sonu. He takes Sonu.

Dadi asks Aman to understand. Aman says you took help from this woman. Dadi says time is bad, not people. Aman says she snatched my dad from me. Dadi says its not true, Rubina didn’t cheat, she got cheated, like Parveen was cheated, Parveen didn’t know Junaid remarried, Rubina didn’t know he was already married. Tabeezi says its not time for this, everyone’s lives are in danger, Aman you always trusted me, trust me for the last time, there is a big danger on your family, he will kill your entire family to kill you. Aman gets shocked.

Jinn goes to some place. Aman asks will he kill my family. Tabeezi nods. Aman says its impossible until I m alive, they can’t get hurt, I will give my life. Parveen says this woman is a liar, she came to snatch you, don’t trust her, Aman. Aman sees Tabeezi and says I don’t trust you. Jinn stands in the fire rain. He uses his powers. Tabeezi asks Aman to trust his eyes. Parveen says no. Tabeezi asks Aman to keep his hand on the book. Parveen says this woman is a liar. Aman keeps his hand on the book. Tabeezi says close your eyes. She holds his hand. Aman sees Dadi and everyone dying. He gets scared.