Friday Update on My Identity 23rd July 2021


Friday Update on My Identity 23rd July 2021

Avni tells Sunehri it’s impossible to live in Mumbai. She can’t withdraw money either as all her accounts are sealed. Vidyut also must have found out about her. They don’t have option to live there otherwise Vidyut will be back in Neil and his family’s life. Sunehri says kids are very scared, what she will tell them. Avni says they have to show to kids that everything is fine. Sunehri asks but what they will do? Prakash offers her help, but she refuses saying it’s her responsibility. Prakash asks her to at least stay there until she finds another place. Avni agrees. Neil hears it.

Kamini gets news. She is glad to know sukoon house is taken and now Avni will never be able to go back to Kashid. Kamini says she will never make Saisha her daugther-in-law. She thinks this was all Avni’s plan to trap KK, but she doesn’t know Kamini. She will take her grand child and send Saisha back to Avni. Rahil asks what’s Saisha’s fault in this? Kamini says she is no innocent. She is a trained crook. She will teach them such a lesson that they will never dare to challenge Kamini Kapoor.

Avni is finding a new house for kids. She is tensed. Sunehri says they will soon find one. Avni asks about Saisha. Sunehri says she seems very happy in her in-law house. Avni is glad. Sunehri asks her why she doesn’t tell 10 years old secret to everyone. Avni says that secret will never come out.

Mitali comes to get something from cupboard. She sees Avni. Avni drops some papers. She picks them up before Mitali sees. Mitali opens cupboard and finds Neil’s police uniform. She tells Avni that Neil left police force because she loved Avni a lot. He thought he failed as he couldn’t save Avni. That is why he resigned police force after getting Vidyut arrested. He stayed sad for 10 years. She tells Avni she didn’t do it right by holding Neil back. He deserves love, happiness. Avni agrees with Mitali, but says she can’t give all that to him. It’s Mitali who can give him happiness. She tells Mitali she shouldn’t stop herself because of past. Neil is upset, but if she truly loves him, then he will melt one day and love her too.

Avni is tensed as she doesn’t have enough money to find a new house. Neil is sitting there. He asks her to eat first. They will find a way. Avni says not them, it’s her problem. She will figure out something herself.

Avni gets a call from a broker who is Kamini’s man. She goes to meet him. Neil sees it.

Broker is showing house to Avni. Weather is bad outside. Mowgli is missing Avni. Neil finds out that Avni is still not back. He says he will get her.

Broker had mixed something in water. Avni gets dizzy. Broker tries to misbehave with her. She fights back. Neil is worried for Avni. He tries to recall the address. Avni manages to come out of the house, but there are more goons. She fights with them and runs again. She bumps into Neil. Neil beats them up and then sees Avni’s not feeling well. He asks her what they gave her. Avni says Neil you came… and falls unconscious. He carries her and puts her in his car. He brings her home. Everyone rushes to them. They ask what happened to Avni. Neil says someone gave her drugs. Family is shocked.

Family doctor is not in town. Mowgli asks Neil to make kada that Avni makes for him. Neil goes outside. Mitali goes behind him. He ignores her as he is very worried. He calls another doctor and then tells his family that doctor said there is no need to take her to hospital. She will be fine as she gets some rest.

Avni and kids are sleeping together. Neil smiles seeing that. Sunehri comes and takes the kids away. Avni recalls goons attack and says don’t touch me. Neil goes to her. She says Neil and hugs him. He tells him it was a bad dream, she is at home and safe. Avni takes herself back. Neil asks why she went alone. She should have taken someone with her. She says she just went to see house, she didn’t know this would happen. He asks she likes being in trouble or she has ego in taking someone’s help. She says she fights with her problems, alone. And now she is used to being alone. He says she’s saying like everyone made her lonely, but the truth is, it was her decision to leave everyone. She says she was helpless, she had no other options. He says she didn’t give him chance to solve problems. If she had consulted, maybe they could have done something. He just wanted them to take decisions together, but she couldn’t do that. She may do same in future, so she can live her life as she wants. He leaves.

Kamini’s friends ask her for party as they couldn’t attend wedding. Kamini says definitely there will be celebrations. Her friends ask her to introduce them to Saisha. Kamini calls Saisha and introduces her to her friends. After that she goes to Saisha and asks why she wore wrong earnings. They don’t go with dress. She should be dressed properly. She asks her to go back to her room. She then tells her friends that Saisha is not feeling well. Her friends ask about Saisha’s family. She says Saisha is orphan. Avni raised her. Her friends say Avni is illegitimate. Is Saisha also like her? Saisha hears it and tells the guests they don’t know anything about Avni, so they should stay quiet.

What Avni did for her, they wouldn’t do for their own children. Guests feel bad. They tell Kamini that they will only be back here when her daughter-in-law learn manners. They leave. Kamini scolds Saisha. Saisha says if they had said anything about her, she would has ignored, but she can’t hear anything against Avni.

Mitali asks Neil about Avni. He answers rudely that he doesn’t know. Mitali was leaving. He calms himself down and asks what she wanted to tell him. She says she fears talking to him because of his reactions. She then says there is one girl who can understand him and that’s Avni. She knows Avni is irreplaceable in his heart and life. He says, it’s not like that. He just cares for her, that is why he was stressed. There is nothing between them. Avni doesn’t matter to him. Shweta was passing by. She asks Mitali how she is feeling. Neil asks why she didn’t tell him she’s not well. Shweta says she never tells anyone. She has low BP but she doesn’t look after her. She asks Neil to take her to doctor. Mitali says she will go by herself. She tells Neil to take care of him and Avni. She leaves.

Shweta tells Neil that she loves Avni a lot, but she also can’t ignore what Neil is going through. Neil is confused. She tells him it’s been 10 years since Avni left him, but still he is hers. That is why he never thought about anyone else. He is not realizing there is someone who wants to come in his life. He just can’t wait for things to happen. He needs to take a step. His decision is important to three lives, his, Avni’s and Mitali’s. She asks him to think about it.

Sunehri tells Avni that one family is ready to adopt Mowgli. Avni says to tell them to adopt someone else. Sunehri asks why? what she would tell them if they ask why? Everyone needs to know the truth, right? Avni tells her to tell them that Mowgli is not right fit for them.

Neil’s dad tells Avni that kids have made their house colorful, so he has decided to convert half house in orphanage. Avni says he can’t take his help. Neil gets furious and says now she has ego problem taking his dad’s help too. She knows it’s so difficult to find a safe house for kids. She should think about kids too. In her arrogance and ego, she is risking kids’ lives too. Neil’s family asks him to cool down. Avni tells Neil’s dad that she is thankful to him for all that he has done. It’s not about her ego, but self-respect. She has already overstayed in his house and can’t stay any longer. She asks Sunehri to get kids ready.

Other hand, Neil’s family asks him to stop fighting and think where kids will go this late in night. He must stop Avni.