A Touch of Love January Teasers 2023


A Touch of Love January Teasers 2023

Monday 2 January 2023

Episode 599

Thapki overhears Shraddha talking to the doctor. Not only does she find out that Shraddha is responsible for Bihaan’s condition, but she also finds out that only she can cure Bihaan. What will Thapki decide to do now?

Episode 600

Following Shraddha’s orders, Thapki decides to leave the house. But she falls down the stairs and injures her leg. The doctor advises her to take rest for a couple of days. Will this time be enough to bring Bihaan closer to Thapki?

Tuesday 3 January 2023

Episode 601

On finding out that Sankar is giving the wrong medicine to Bihaan, Thapki decides to fight against it. Vasundhara and Thapki unite to help Bihaan. Will they be able to put an end to Bihaan’s suffering?

Episode 602

While Shraddha and Sankar are stuck posing for an artist under Vasundhara’s request, Thapki prepares for a skit to revive Bihaan’s memory. What is the plan and will she succeed?

Wednesday 4 January 2023

Episode 603

Thapki’s play brings back some painful memories to Bihaan. But he doesn’t fully recover. Seeing Bihaan in a troubled state, Dhruv warns Thapki to stay away from him. Despite all this, Thapki decides to move on with her next plan. What is it?

Episode 604

Thapki decides to help Bihaan recall his past. She hires some goons and asks them to confront Bihaan. when Thapki notices that the men fighting with Bihaan aren’t the ones she hired. Matters get worse when one of the men, stabs Bihaan.

Thursday 5 January 2023

Episode 605

Thapki finds out that Shraddha was the mastermind behind the attack on Bihaan. Thapki warns Shraddha and asks her to stay away from Bihaan or face dire consequences. Will Shraddha pay heed to Thapki’s threats? Watch to find out!

Episode 606

On Tina’s request, Bihaan agrees to marry Sankar. But little does he know that Shraddha is the mastermind behind this plan. She blackmails Tina into saying that she wants Sankar to be her mother. Will Thapki intervene and save Bihaan?

Friday 6 January 2023

Episode 607

Thapki finds out that Shraddha had blackmailed Tina to request Bihaan to get married to Sankar. Thapki decides put a stop to Shraddha’s atrocities. But will she be successful?

Episode 608

Thapki gathers evidence against Shraddha by recording her confessions. She blackmails Shraddha into handing over the legal papers in exchange for the recordings. Will Shraddha comply with Thapki’s demands?

Monday 9 January 2023

Episode 609

After being humiliated by Dhruv for falsely accusing Shraddha, Thapki challenges Shraddha that she will put an end to her manipulation and stop Sankar and Bihaan’s marriage. Will this challenge bring more obstacles for Thapki?

Episode 610

Shraddha manages to drug Thapki and plans to keep her unconscious till Bihaan and Sankar have performed their marriage rituals. But unknown to Shraddha, Sankar plans something much more sinister for Thapki. Will Thapki be able to escape?

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Episode 611

After Bihaan rescues Thapki from the fire, she points out that Sankar is behind this heinous crime. But Shraddha holds Thapki responsible for the incident. She even promises to prove that it is all Thapki’s doing.

Episode 612

Vasundhara reveals that Bihaan is traumatised by old memories and stays away from Holi celebrations. Shraddha and Sankar plan to get Bihaan out of his room to celebrate Holi before Thapki gets a chance to do so. Will they succeed?

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Episode 613

Shraddha tries to get Tina drowned by shoving her into a barrel full of water. But Thapki and Bihaan rush to Tina’s rescue. Will they be able to save her in time?

Episode 614

After Sankar tears Thapki’s dress and pushes her into a tank filled with water, Bihaan comes to her rescue. Bihaan finally gets over his fear of Holi and applies colour on Thapki, while a jealous Sankar watches on with rage. What will be Sankar’s next move?

Thursday 12 January 2023

Episode 615

Thapki plans to stop Bihaan from getting married to Sankar, but little does she know that Shraddha has a counterplan ready. Will Bihaan regain his memory, or will Sankar and Shraddha succeed in injuring Thapki?

Episode 616

After eavesdropping on Shraddha’s conversation with Sankar, Thapki finds out that Tina is her own daughter. Thapki then discloses the details of her past to Bani and Tina. What will be Thapki’s next move to get Bihaan’s memory back?

Friday 13 January 2023

Episode 617

Thapki reveals Sankar and Shraddha’s long running plan to Bihaan and even shows him photos from his past. This revelation leaves Bihaan dazed and confused. But Thapki’s effort to revive his memory is cut short when Dhruv throws her out of the house.

Episode 618

Tina gets into trouble when she is caught eavesdropping on Shraddha and Sankar’s conversation. Shraddha decides to get rid of Tina. Will she be successful?

Monday 16 January 2023

Episode 619

After an extensive search, Thapki finally finds Tina locked inside a cooler. The entire family arrives to save her. Thapki and Bihaan ask Tina to expose the ones responsible for her situation. Will Tina expose Sankar and Shraddha?

Episode 620

Bihaan and Thapki’s plan reach fruition when they finally manage to get Sankar to confess her crimes before the Pandey family. She is arrested and taken away. But will Shraddha pay for her wrongdoings as well?

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Episode 621

While Bihaan and Thapki await Bani’s return from the temple, Bani is forcefully engaged to Amma Mai’s son. Will Thapki and Bihaan come to her rescue before it is too late?

Episode 622

Thapki tries to rescue Bani from the clutches of Amma Mai, but she is threatened. Amma Mai asks her to leave, else Bani will be killed. What will Thapki do now? Earlier Thapki is shocked to hear that Bani has been engaged to Amma Mai’s son.

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Episode 623

Despite Amma Mai’s threat, Bihaan and Thapki manage to get to Bani. But will it be that easy to take her home? Find out what Amma Mai has planned to keep Bani within her clutches.

Episode 624

Thapki makes an agreement with Amma Mai, asking her to take Bani as her daughter-in-law. But little does anyone know that it’s Shraddha in disguise. Will Thapki find out about this before it’s too late?

Thursday 19 January 2023

Episode 625

After retrieving the remote control to Bani’s cage, Bihaan and Thapki manage to save Bani. They plan to take Bani to the police station to file a complaint against Amma Mai. Will they be able to?

Episode 626

Bihaan and Thapki are shocked when Amma Mai reveals that she has kidnapped Tina. She orders them to follow all her instructions failing which Tina will be harmed. While Bani is asked to complete the kitchen chores, Bihaan comes up with a plan to find Tina.

Friday 20 January 2023

Episode 627

Bihaan and Thapki are left helpless as Bani’s marriage is being fixed. They are compelled to keep quiet for Tina’s sake. Shraddha’s plan of disguising as Thapki may have worked.

Episode 628

Thapki and Bani come up with a brilliant plan to find Tina. With Bihaan by their side, they eventually find her. Now that they have found Tina, Bani can be free of Amma Mai’s clutches. How will Amma Mai react to this turn of events?

Monday 23 January 2023

Episode 629

Thapki shocks everyone with her decision to marry off Bani to Prince. Bihaan and Bani are left shocked by Thapki’s decision. Meanwhile Shraddha is suspicious about Thapki’s moves and comes up with a plan herself to find out the truth.

Episode 630

Thapki acts out her plan to make Amma Mai call off Prince and Bani’s wedding. Will it work? Later Thapki gets the shock of her life when she sees her look-alike talking to Amma Mai and gang. Who is this person and what is her motive?

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Episode 631

Thapki informs Amma Mai and her family that Shraddha has been impersonating her. Will they believe her? Later Bihaan comes up with a plan to expose Shraddha’s sinister plot. Will he be successful?

Episode 632

Shraddha’s deeds are exposed and she is taken away by the police. Amma Mai and her family apologise to Thapki and Bihaan, but is this all a part of a bigger master plan? Later Bani goes missing and Shraddha is bailed out. What happens next?

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Episode 633

As Bihaan and Dhruv try to save Thapki from the goons, Bihaan gets shot by Amma Mai. He holds on for dear life as he asks Thapki to save Bani. Will Bihaan survive the gunshot?

Episode 634

Thapki fails to hold on to Bihaan and he falls to his death. As the Pandey family mourns Bihaan’s death, a traumatised Thapki refuses to accept this fate. But her woes are just beginning.

Thursday 26 January 2023

Episode 635

Accusing Shraddha of hurting her family members and being responsible for taking her husband and child away from her, Thapki curses Shraddha. Will Shraddha stay quiet or take a drastic step after this? Later Thapki goes missing.

Episode 636

On finding out that Shraddha is planning to get rid of Thapki forever, Vasundhara challenges her and states that she will find Thapki come what may. Shraddha accepts her challenge and gives her 24 hours.

Friday 27 January 2023

Episode 637

Vasundhara manages to find a clue and trace Thapki. However Shraddha stops her from locating Thapki and asks her to bow down and beg for Thapki’s release. Can Vasundhara rescue Thapki?

Episode 638

Fifteen years have passed since Bihaan’s death and Bani’s disappearance, but Thapki still refuses to come to terms with her sorrowful past and move on. Will Thapki ever get over Bihaan or will a miracle happen?

Monday 30 January 2023

Episode 639

Tina’s birthday proves to be a blessing for Thapki as Bani, who looks just like Thapki, turns out to be alive. Will Thapki ever find out that Bani is alive?

Episode 640

While the Pandey family engages in Tina’s pre-wedding celebrations, an enraged Bani decides to confront Thapki. Will Thapki regain her happiness or will the reunion bring back memories of a tragic past?

Tuesday 31 January 2023

Episode 641

Thapki saves a veiled girl from being hit by a speeding truck. She gets the shock of her life when she learns that the girl is Bani. Will Bani forgive Thapki?

Episode 642

The prolonged detachment comes to an end as Bani comes home. The Pandey family cannot contain their joy of reuniting with her. Can their love and compassion quench Bani’s thirst for retribution?

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