8th November Friday Update on Young Love


8th November Friday Update on Young Love

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Daddu telling Shiv that they will go together. Shiv says, I have to receive important guest. Daddu asks who is coming? Shiv says, he is not less than a foreign dignitary. He tells Palash scindia, world famous painter. Alok gets excited. He tells that he is very famous painter. Ira asks, is he coming for important work. Shiv says, he was chosen our city to display his paintings. Alok asks Shiv to organize his meeting with him. Shiv says, I am not sure. Heard that he is very moody. Alok asks him to try. Shiv nods. Subhadra asks, who is he? Alok says, I understands Art.

Some media persons come to take Dadisaa’s interview. Everyone get happy. Reporter says, we are bringing a woman who inspires many. Students tells that Dado is our class monitor and praises her. Reporter asks Dadisaa about her decision to complete studies. Dadisaa says, she was scared first of the society then thought education is needed. I got strength from family. It appears as my childhood is back. She smiles. Reporter says, many will get to learn from her.

Anandi comes to Shiv. Shiv says, I am getting late. Anandi asks him to eat something. Shiv says, I can’t refuse you and gets close to her. Anandi tries to make him eat the food with her hands. Shiv gets naughty and the gravy falls on his shirt. Anandi laughs. She makes him eat the food. Shiv asks her to help him in changing the shirt. Anandi gets shy and runs out.

Dadisaa’s new friends ask her to give her treat. Dadisaa asks what do you want? They say they want to drink soft drink. Dadisaa tells them that the soft drink contains poisonous germs. They ask, what you will give us then? Dadisaa says, a glass full of milk. They refuse to have it. Dadisaa says, I will give you treat of Kulfi. They agree.

Nandu comes to Niranjan and asks him to come with him for playing cricket. Niranjan says, I will bat first. Nandu says, this is cheating. He refuses and leaves.

Shiv and his staff await for Mr. Palash. Palash comes in his car and steps out. Shiv introduces himself as the collector of the city. Palash tells him that he doesn’t like flower. Shiv is surprised and asks why? Palash gives his reason for disliking it. Shiv says, my thinking is not like yours. Palash shouts at someone for touching his painting. His assistant comes. Palash scolds him and asks him to take out the painting from the car carefully. He obliges. Palash comes back to Shiv and they proceed inside.

Niranjan plays cricket with Nandu. Nandu gets out in the game. Niranjan asks him to give bat to him. Nandu refuses. They argue. Nandu says, I am not out yet. Gehna sees them and smiles. Niranjan asks him to let him bat for 2 mins.

Shiv brings Palash to his room. He tells his assistant to do some work. Shiv takes a leave from him. Palash stops him and says he wants to eat authentic Rajasthani food. Shiv says ok. He invites him to his house. Palash agrees. Alan comes and tells Shiv that he has a request. Shiv says ok.

Dadisaa tells her family about her outing with friends. Jagya asks her to be careful with her habits. Gehna says, she is going to godown to give salary to the workers. Dadisaa says, I forgot to bring the money. She asks her to go and says I will ask Makhan Kaka to go there with money. She calls Makhan kaka and asks him to call Niranjan. He goes. Dadisaa takes out the money. Jagya is surprised. Niranjan comes. Dadisaa asks him to handover the money to Gehna as she is in godown. Jagya makes an excuse. Niranjan agrees to go. Dadisaa thanks him. She assigns a work to Makhan Kaka jokingly. Makhan Kaka is surprised.

Someone is putting the painting on the wall and tries to see it. Palash gets angry on him and says no one can see his painting without his permission. That man leaves. Palast scolds his assistant Alan to warn people not to come near his painting. Alan accepts his mistake and says sorry. Palash thinks, oh my venus I can’t bear if anyone sees you. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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