7th November Thursday Update on True Love

7th November Thursday Update on True Love

Damini showing jewels to Icha for Meethi’s marriage. Damini says she bought all this for Meethi’s marriage. Icha thank ammu for so much love that I wasn’t able to show them all. Mukta comes and Icha shows the jewels to Mukta and ask her suggestions abt the jewels and saree. Mukta says they are all fine. Icha and Ammu are over excited about Meethi Vishnu marriage arrangements. Mukta wonder how to tell them about her doubts on Vishnu and spoil their happiness. Icha ask if anything boring. She says nothing… Then Mukta ask about the school photo icha showed her before and ammu give that photo to her…

In bundela house, tappu in dinning hall calls amla. Amla hesitates and comes. Tappu sees her hesitation and ask what happened. Amla says that due to her mai is punishing her. Tappu console her and ask her to eat fruits and start feeding her apple. Mai comes there and calls amla and shout at her. Amla gets scared of mai and run off. Tappu try to stop but she run off. She ask mai that why u scare her so much. Mai says she is my Dil and I have all rights. U cant get any rights to Icha till me here. Tappu challenge her. That love s there that will get everything back and i promise that i will get my frnd’s right back. Someone is watching them from balcony. Guess its Veer. Then tappu and mai start walking in opposite direction. Veer wonder that is it tappu really want icha to get back her rights?
In mukta room, mukku scan the photo and recalls icha sowing the photo. She zoom the pic and see the scar in his left hand. And plans to ask meethi about that.

Tappu in mountain like place and waiting for someone. Car stops by and Veer gets down the car. Tappu is shocked i guess. veer ask if her fight for right is true. tappu says its between mai and her and she says yes, i came to get full rights for my frnd Icha. veer ask how can u do that. the tappu i know never helped Icha and only planned to spoil her happiness.

He starts with the marriage swap tappu gets angry and blunder that yes i did all this and she stops herself and is happy to see that Veer got his memory back and starts crying in happiness. and ask how. Veer says i got the memory in hospital. tappu ask so u identify Icha now. Veer says teacherji is Icha Veer ask tappu is it true you really came for giving Icha rights. how u changed. Tappu says its bcos of my daughter. she was ready to sacrifice her life for her Icha ma. bcos of my stupidity i left everyone and left. but i came back for myy frnds right and family. Veer says i will et Icha all her rights even if i have to fight with entire family. Veer offer his support to tappu by offering his hand. Tappu gets happy and have a shake hands. she says i promise you.

tappu asks him how he is still silent. Veer says his own family lied to him and especially Mai when i asked about Icha she lied to me. I know my Icha is always mine and her love is pure. he says everyone is against her. i wonder why mai is so angry on her and i want her to get back into my life. he thank tappu for her help. he says he will be very faithful and thankful for her help. tappu says i m here to rectify my mistakes which i did in the past and i am very happy that i can help her. she ask if he is ready for things, Veer says he is ready to fight for Icha against Mai.

Gunwanti looking for Veer in his room and he comes from outside… she says where do you go without telling like this?
Veer says, there was a lot that wasn’t told!
Gunwanti is surprised but stays quiet.
She asks him to look what she brought him? He says, I don’t feel like it. She says, but you like this stuff…
He says, I liked a lot of other things as well…
Gunwanti thinks, what has happened to him suddenly? Has Tapasya instigated him?? I better stay quiet right now.
She says, I’m putting the milk here, drink it when you feel like it. She leaves the room.

Mukta comes to the same temple where Vishnu works…
She asks the pandit if Vishnu lives here? Pandit says, he lives here, but he’s not here at the moment.
Mukta says, he’s been here for a lot of years, so he must be a member of the temple?
Pandit says, not for years… but a few months… but he’s such a nice guy that we gave him a room to live in. He’s an orphan but a really nice guy.
Mukta thinks, he has told all this to Icha Maa too, there’s no lies in this… but how do I find out the truth about the other things he said?? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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