6th November Wednesday Update on True Love

6th November Wednesday Update on True Love

Tapasya telling Tej that she doesn’t have any enmity with him… and she will stop bothering him if he stops coming in his way. I have come to this house for some other purpose and I promise I won’t even let you feel I’m in the house.
Tapasya goes and sits on her bed.
Tej says, brainless woman, just because of your purpose you went inside a lion’s den and challenged a lion… what did you think that the lion will stay quiet? You stole the dream of my dream girl away… and I will stay quiet? I am talking to you very politely… but after that, this cloud will not just roar, it will pour as well.
Tapasya says, whenever you’re ready to pour, just call me and let me know, I will have the umbrella ready. I don’t like my designer clothes to be ruined. Good Night pati parmeshwar… and she goes to sleep.
Tej says, a woman is like a slipper on your shoe, you should keep her there and crush her under your feet. Do it, Tej Singh… crush her.

Icha remembering her childhood friendship with Tapasya. She says, Tappu, please come out of my memories and meet me.
Divya comes and sees her standing there. She asks why she didn’t sleep yet? Icha says, you didn’t sleep either.
Divya says, no, sometimes I feel like talking to someone about Tapasya… but Tapasya’s father doesn’t want anyone to talk about her in the house… Icha says you can talk to me about her.
Divya says, your life has seen happiness after so long and here I am crying!!
Icha says, she’s your daughter… how could you not be sad? I only pray that wherever Tappu is, she should stay happy… and come back home quickly…
Divya says, what you’re saying is the truth… I’m happy that the distance between you and Meethi is no more… and now she’s

getting married too… I’m very happy for you.
She touches Icha’s hair and says, why is your hair so rough? You’ve stopped putting oil in your hair? Damini only talks about Meethi all the time, doesn’t look after you. Come to my room in the morning and I will massage oil in your hair like I used to do for Tapasya.
Icha hugs Divya…
Divya asks her to go to sleep… pours a glass of water and goes away.
Icha says, this is what fate is, today I’m with Tappu’s parents and she’s far away from them.

Icha gets off a cab in front of Bundela house and asks the cab driver to stay there for 5 minutes she will be back soon.
She peeks in from the gate and thinks where would Tappu be?
She sees a servant and says, if he sees me he will go and tell Mai. I hope I get to see Tappu just once.
Tapasya comes out of the haveli calling Kasha Kaka… she finds the other servant and asks him who cleaned her room?
Icha gets emotional looking at her.
Tappu getting upset that whoever cleaned her room misplaced things from here and there…
Icha says, the same anger, the same beauty the same voice, my Tappu. I wish I could hug you just once!
Tapasya starts going inside the haveli… but stops and turns around… Icha hides outside the gate and Tapasya walks down the driveway a little… but then turns around and goes inside. Icha cries.
She says, be happy Tappu… come home to meet me soon. Your Ichki will wait for you…
Gunwanti gets off a car and sees Icha outside the haveli.
She says why are you here? Have you come to see Veer?
Icha says, no… you’ve kept Veer out of my life long ago…
Gunwanti says, then why have you come here? Inside that Tapasya is creating drama, and outside you! What do you want?
Icha says, don’t worry I didn’t come to snatch anything from you.
Gunwanti asks her to leave.
Icha leaves.
Veer is watching all this from his room. He closes the curtain on his window and is shocked at Mai’s behaviour.

Icha crying and thinking of seeing Tapasya. She remembers Mai’s words about Tapasya and her not leaving their lives alone.
Doorbell rings and Mukta opens the door… Vishnu is on the door.
Mukta says, Icha Maa, look who’s here?
Icha calls him inside… Vishnu asks is Meethi here?
Mukta says, I’m here and so is Meethi, but why would you want to meet me? Jeeju?
Mukta says, you don’t know me, but I know you very well. I saw you pretending to commit suicide in college.
Mukta says, and I also know you found a job recently and you’ve left the job and come to meet Meethi?
He says, no it’s Saturday so it’s my day off.
Mukta teases him that on his day off he wants to take Meethi on a date… she says, did you ask for my permission?
Icha says, Mukta at least let him come inside… stop teasing him.
Mukta says, come inside Jeeju, don’t be shy.
Vishnu comes in and Jogi sees him. He says, Icha has told me the good news.
You want to marry my grand-daughter, it’s a good thing… but I have one condition…
Vishnu says, what condition?
Jogi says, you have to cook something for me (I couldn’t get the name of what he said).
Jogi says, I’m very happy and proud. I want to tell you one thing… my happiness is in my grand-daughter’s happiness… and her sadness will hold my anger! I am hoping that you will always keep her happy.
Vishnu holds his hand and says, I promise that I won’t give you a chance to complain.
He touches Jogi’s feet and thinks, her life is about have such a big storm that I won’t let anyone find out about that!
Jogi blesses him and says, Icha told me that you don’t have any family… but after today, don’t think like that… from today, my family is your family…

Icha gets a call from the school and says, I remember, I will be there shortly. She puts the phone down and asks Jogi if he can drop her at the school. Jogi says, yes sure.
Icha asks Vishnu if he doesn’t mind she will go to the school and come back soon.
Mukta says, you guys go ahead… Jeeju will be happy in his heart that he will get alone time with Meethi.
Jogi/Icha leave and Mukta calls Meethi to come down quickly… your hero is waiting for you.
Meethi calls from upstairs, I will be down in 5 minutes.
Mukta says, dating is okay, but when are you marrying her?
Vishnu says, whenever the elders of the house decide. It can be today as well.
Mukta teases him and says, you’re very eager to marry my sister!
She sits with Vishnu on the sofas and says, just let me know when you decide a date because I have to shop a lot for the wedding and dance a lot at my sister’s wedding!
I am warning you now, you’re the one who will pay the shopping bill!
Mukta says, you must have lots of friends… you won’t be free to invite them yourself… so give me a list and I will invite them.
Vishnu says, I don’t have any friends.
Mukta says, but Icha Maa told me you had a best friend. I can’t remember his name… but you would surely remember… you called him something lovingly.
Vishnu says, I don’t know, I just had it on my mind…
Mukta says, “Laddoo”.
Vishnu pretends as if he remembers.
Mukta says, but you called him Laddoo with love… what was his real name?
Vishnu again pretends to remember and Mukta is shocked to see him trying to remember.
Mukta says, Gopal…
Vishnu says, yes, Gopal was his name and I used to call him laddoo with love because he was fat.
Mukta remembers Icha telling her about Gopal… that he was 3 years younger than Vishnu.
She changes the fact and says, Gopal was 3 years older than you right?
Vishnu says, yes, he was older than me.
Mukta says, then he must be married by now, wouldn’t he?
Vishnu says, he must be… I don’t know because I haven’t talked to him or met him in years!!!
Mukta is speechless and goes into thinking mode!

Mukta & Vishnu Conversation,
Mukta asking about his friend and Vish pretends like remembering… Mukta offers his name :”Laddoo”
Vishnu pretends to remember, Mukta ask him about his real name again he tries to pretend to remember, mukku is shocked and again offer the name as Gopal.
Vishnu says yes, gopal i use to call him laddoo.

Mukta remembering Icha telling that Gopal is younger than Vishnu. Mukta questions is gopal 3 years elder than you Vishnu says yes, Mukta ask whether he got married by now. Vishnu says he have no idea regarding those as he havent spoken to hm for years. he then ask why meethi is still not here.
Mukta remembering Icha telling that all children in school love chocolate but Vishnu doesnt like it but now he says he loved the chocolates i used to give him in school. Mukta start the convo again “And chocolate” and Vishnu is like how to escape from this girl. Mukta says you like chocolates very much na…
Meethi comes that time. Vishnu is happy that he got escaped from Mukta. Meethi ask you were talking with Mukta right. Mukta answer she was asking about the frnds of Jiju… Meethi says Jiju???
Vishnu ask Meethi can we start,

Meethi says goodbye to Mukta but Mukta stops by asking why not you guys eat and go or atleast have some tea and go. but Vishnu rush off saying they have very less time so we start off… both leave Mukta and Mukta kept wondering that Icha ma doubts were correct. why Vishnu have to say all yes to my questions if gopal was so close to him even if i had changed few facts… (Mukta turning into Tappu’s detective mode) CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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