7th November Thursday Update on Young Love

7th November Thursday Update on Young Love

The teacher telling about Raja Ram Mohan Rao’s perception about widow’s remarriage. Dadisaa hears it carefully. The teacher says, Raja Ram Mohan Rao got his son married to a widow. He says, nobody thinks that a widow have a right to live her life. Dadisaa gets thinking. She comes home and thinks about the teacher’s words about widow’s remarriage. She thinks of Basant’s words that he loves Gehna very much and that’s why wants her to get married again. She says, if it is possible.

Anandi is watching a scaring film and gets scared. Someone comes to her room wearing gloves and blanket. Anandi gets scared and runs. The man holds her while she shouts. Shiv says it is him. Anandi starts beating him and says what would have happen if I got a heart attack. Shiv says, your heart is with me. Anandi asks him not to do it again. They have a romantic hug. Daddu and all the family members come there hearing Anandi’s screams. Shiv says, she was scared of cockroach. Daddu teases Shiv and says cockroach name is Shiv. They leaves. Shiv hugs Anandi again.

Nandu practices Sa Re Ga Ma…..with Niranjan. Jagya comes downstairs smilingly. Gehna laughs seeing Nandu singing. Dadisaa thinks of Gehna’s remarriage. Suddenly Gehna starts feeling pain in her stomach. Jagya asks her to take the tablets. Gehna says, it was finished. Niranjan says, I will bring the medicines. Jagya writes the name and gives the prescription to him. Niranjan goes to bring it. Dadisaa looks on. She asks Jagya to give water to Gehna.

Anoop is angry as he didn’t get the job and talks on phone angrily. Everyone look on. Daddu asks him to calm down. Anoop says, this agency people fool everyone. Door bell rings. Anoop goes to open the door. Meenu says, I will open the door. Anoop gets angry on her. He sees the laundary man and starts countng the clothes. He checks the clothes and finds a button missing on the tshirt. He gets angry on the laundary man and is about to slap him. Alok asks him to calm down. Anoop asks him to get out. Daddu asks what happened to you. Just relax. Everyone get tensed.

Dadisaa and family are having food. Niranjan is also sitting and eating food. Dadisaa looks at Gehna and then talks to Niranjan about his new job. Niranjan says, he has started teaching the girls. Dadisaa says, you should have teach them in school. Niranjan says, I will make sure that I teach them well. Nandu asks him to sit on Basant’s chair. Everyone get shocked. Dadisaa asks him to sit on Basant’s chair. Niranjan says ok. He sits on the chair. Gehna gets emotional and sad.

Subhadra comes to Anoop and gives him Gulab Jamun. He says, I don’t need it. He calls himself as useless. Subhadra pretends to support him and asks him to control on his anger. Anoop says, why I shall control myself. Subhadra says, you are right. She provokes him against Anandi. Anoop says, everyone is loving her unneccessarily. Subhadra says, I can understand your worries. You will get a job soon being army officer. I am with you. Anoop thanks her. She makes him eat Gulab Jamun. She thinks she will snatch happiness from Anandi.

Dadisaa comes to Jagya and Ganga. She says, I know what you were thinking. She tells that Nandu asked Niranjan to sit on Basant’s chair. Gehna looks happy because of Niranjan. She tells of Gehna and Niranjan’s marriage. Jagya and Ganga are shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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