6th August Tuesday Update on This is Love

Arushi coming to cafe and meeting Ishita. Ishita says I have to show something, check both papers carefully. Arushi asks what’s in these. Ishita says you can clearly say the logos are different, the appointment letter is fake, see this, whoever is doing this, I will find him, I promise you will get justice, Raman is innocent. Arushi silently goes. Ishita says Raman has to know what’s happening with him. Sharma says I felt I met Adi before. Mihika gives him docs. Sharma says we should check the shop’s CCTV footage once, maybe you know the person. Aaliya says I will come along. Mihika says you have a meeting, you should go there. Bala says I will come, Romi spoke to me just now. Bala and Mihika go with Sharma.

Adi stops Aaliya and asks what are you doing here.

She says I have come for presentation, what’s your problem. He says I have made a presentation. She says Neha and I worked hard for this. Raman asks what’s happening. Adi says I made a presentation, but she wants to give a presentation too. Aaliya says its good for us if we give two presentations, clients will get an option. Raman agrees and asks them to come. Romi calls Mihika and asks about CCTV footage. She says yes, we are checking. Bala sees Shravan and says what is he doing here. Mihika says Shravan is swiping someone’s card. Romi asks what. Mihika says I will call you back. Sharma asks do you know him. Bala says he is my son Shravan. Mihika says Shravan isn’t using my card, maybe he is using his friend’s card. Sharma says the date and time of the card usage is same, maybe Shravan is using that same card. Bala says I won’t leave him. Mihika says we will find out. Sharma says talk to him well. Bala says fine, I don’t know what happened to this boy.
Everyone claps for Adi and Aaliya. Raman asks them what’s their decision. Mani says congrats, your company will get the project, we can go ahead with one proposal, that’s of Aaliya. Adi gets shocked. Aaliya thanks Mani. Arushi thinks of Ishita’s words and sees Sonakshi’s pic. Ishita calls her and says I wanted to talk, I know you would be confused. Someone comes to Arushi’s house. Ishita says I came to Raman’s office, we will help you. Arushi screams seeing a masked guy. The guy enters the house and attacks her. Arushi tries to fight. Ishita asks what happened, who is there. She calls back. The guy gets a knife and hits her arm. Arushi screams. She beats the guy and runs. Raman scolds Adi for behaving bad.

Adi says I just reacted a bit and you are saying this, didn’t you see Mani’s behavior, he is biased, he selected Aaliya’s presentation. Aaliya says Mani won’t do this, he selected as my presentation was better, I wanted to give you credit, it was your ideas, I took Neha’s best, knowing she is best, what’s my fault. Adi says just stop it. Neha comes and defends Aaliya. She says we both wanted our company to get this project. She asks Raman to explain Adi to permit her for work from home. Raman asks Adi to think about Neha, she did good work. Adi says its not done, what will be my position here, she did this to show me down. Raman says Aaliya is your wife, why will she do this, Neha give me some time to think about the proposal. Ishita comes and says a girl is in trouble, someone attacked her, just come with me. Raman asks who. Arushi comes there. They get shocked seeing her injured.

Raman says you are Sonakshi right. Arushi says I m Arushi, Sonakshi’s twin sister. Ishita says please call doctor for her. Raman says this didn’t strike me before, your sister came to me for job placement, I couldn’t help her, she wasn’t qualified, she said she wanted a job, did Ishita see Arushi in London. Ishita says its complicated, we will talk later. She does aid to Arushi. Raman says doctor is here. Doctor treats Arushi. Bala asks where is Shravan, Amma you don’t know what he did. Mihika calms him down. Shravan asks what happened. Bala says answer the truth, do you have a credit card. Shravan asks why. Bala says just answer me, Appa I have seen a shop’s CCTV footage, he is seen swiping a credit card. Amma asks how did you get it.

Raman and Ishita drop Arushi. Ishita asks her to take medicines. Raman says don’t know who attacked you, I can send guards to secure you. Ishita goes after Arushi and says just believe Raman, he didn’t recruit Sonakshi, he helped you. Arushi says thanks, I can’t give him clear chit, I have no reason to believe you, I can’t believe he is innocent, maybe he has sent someone to attack me. Ishita says fine, you report about him to police. Arushi says no, I want the person to attack on me again, so that I can catch them red handed. Ishita says I can’t understand what to do, you are taking risk for your sister, I can see you are in pain, I know my husband, he can’t do wrong. Arushi says you didn’t lose your loved one, you can’t understand my pain, get me proof of Raman’s innocence, sorry I can’t believe you and your husband. She goes. Ishita says I know the pain to lose someone, I will find proof for your sake and for Raman.

Ishita saying you should know something Raman. She gets Amma’s call and asks what’s happening there. Shravan says I have no credit card. Bala scolds him. Mihika stops him. Amma asks Ishita to come home quickly. Aaliya and Mani are at a cafe. She says I m glad that we got this project. He says I m very happy and really proud of you, you are taking career seriously, aren’t you happy. She says I m happy. He says I raised you and can know when you are happy and annoyed, tell me, what is it. She says maybe I m missing Adi, I wanted Adi to be here in my first achievement celebration. He says don’t know what happened to him, maybe he has complex, I have seen many such husbands. She says Adi is not such. He asks why is he behaving such. She says maybe he doesn’t love

He says its nothing like that. She says Adi loved me before, his love isn’t the same. He says sometimes people give more importance to work. She says its not about work, there are many things happening, since we came back from London, he is a different person now, he met Roshni there, he just talks about her. He asks what do you mean to say. She says I feel Adi likes Roshni, I feel bad, he called me Roshni once, I m his wife, I love him, he doesn’t understand. He says I m sure you are mistaken. She goes. Sharma comes there and sees them. He greets Mani. He says I have come to say something imp, I met Adi last night, he was hugging a woman in his car, I felt strange that woman had their marriage pic. Mani asks who was she. Sharma says Adi also confirmed that they are husband and wife. Aaliya shows Roshni’s pic and asks was she the one. Sharma says yes. Aaliya says wow, Adi wasn’t at home at night, he had hidden this from me that he was with Roshni, I felt he is working in office. Mani says disgusting, maybe…. Aaliya says no, its clear, Adi lied to me, he was with Roshni, maybe they are just friends, why did he lie, this is not right. She goes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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