7th August Wednesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Anandi and Shiv romancing in the beautiful place while some rajastani song plays. Shiv and Anandi hug each other. They come back home. They find Amol sad. Daddu tells them that he is sad without you both. Ira says, he refused to sleep without you. Shiv says sorry. Daddu teases them. Anandi promises to take him along with them. Amol notices lipstick mark on Shiv’s shirt and tells him. Shiv gets embarassed infront of Daddu and Ira. Ira laughs. Daddu teases Shiv again. Shiv makes an excuse that it is juice mark. Anandi and Shiv go to their room. Daddu and Ira laugh. Amol looks on.

Ira sends microwave and washing machine to Saachi. Saachi says, it was not needed. Ira says, you are our child. It was necessity. Saachi agrees. Ira says, tell me if you need anything. Saachi agrees. Meenu tells Ira that Vivek might feel bad. Ira says, Vivek is a good guy. He won’t mind anything.

Vivek comes home. Saachi takes him to the kitchen and asks him to tell what is new in their kitchen. Vivek looks at the oven and washing machine. Vivek says, you should have wait for sometime. Saachi says, she got it as gift by her mom. Vivek gets upset. Saachi asks, what happened? Vivek says, your mom’s heart is big, but I don’t like taking gifts. Saachi gets upset and goes to the hall.

Vivek comes and holds her hand. He says sorry. Saachi says, its ok. I can understand. Vivek asks her to thanks Ira. Saachi nods in a yes.

Dadisaa recalls the traders words about the 3 years agreement. Bhairov comes and says they talk to Jaipur’s traders. They are going to talk to them. Basant and Bhairov leaves. Dadisaa tells something to Makhan singh which is muted.

Saachi calls Anandi and says I am in trouble. Anandi asks, what happened. Saachi tells her that Vivek’s clients are coming and she needs help in cooking. Anandi says, even I am preparing the same thing. Saachi says, I have to prepare dal. Anandi tells her recipe. Saachi writes it on paper. She thanks Anandi. Saachi says, we don’t have sofa set yet. Anandi says, Vivekji will buy it soon. Ira hears it and gets tensed. She thinks she should have one sofa atleast.

Farmers’ harvest is set to fire. Farmers cry and throw water on the fire. Old lady cries and calls Maajisaa…..

Dadisaa asking all the farmers to have patience. Farmers cry and say we didn’t have a penny for our expenses. Basant and Bhairov come there. Farmer says, fire was lighted to the harvest. Dadisaa asks everyone to come to the Panchayat Bhavan. Bhairov says, they are not in a position to go there. Dadisaa says, I want to tell something. They go there and find the grains there. Panch asks, how is this possible? Farmers asks, what is burnt on that land. Dadisaa says, it is just grain covering. She calls Makhan. Makhan brings someone, who asks for forgiveness. Dadisaa says, he lit the fire. Farmers ask, why he did that? Dadisaa says, he did it on someone’s sayings. Basant asks him to tell the truth.

That man says, traders told me to burn the grains. Traders start running, but Jagya comes there. They apologize. Jagya slaps him and asks the inspector to arrest them. Dadisaa tells Inspector to arrest the insider who betrayed the farmers. Dadisaa says, he informed the traders about the grain kept on the Ram Leela land. I asked Makhan and two others to keep an eye on the grains. Makhan says, we saw the traders giving money to him. He says, I informed Maasaa and brought harvest in the Panchayat Bhavan. Makhan says, he saw later that this guy is lighting the fire. Makhan and his aides beat him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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