4th June Tuesday Update on Young Love

Jagya trying to convince Ganga to agree for abortion if Gynaec permits. Ganga says, I can do anything but can’t be away from this baby. She asks Dadisaa to make Jagya understand and says I am not scared. Jagya says, what about my fear. I know your condition. How could I make understand myself. Dadisaa says, I will support Jagya as since you came in his life, his life got better. I couldn’t see his life getting spoiled again. I am ready to save Ganga. Doctor asks them to wait outside and takes Ganga for the sonography. Alok shows the musical instruments to Anoop. He looks at it surprisingly and tries to play but couldn’t. He reacts strangely to everyone’s surprise. Meenu gives him lemon water. Shiv asks him to rest for a while. Alok says, we have to have patience, we can’t pressurise him to remember anything. Daddu says, I tried to make him remember in a hurry. Alok says, we want our Anoop to get back to us soon. Daddu promises saying I will not pressurise him again and says sorry.

Dadisaa blames herself for Ganga’s pregnancy and says, she took this step for giving me a heir, for stepping me to the golden stair. Sumitra says, you did not do any mistake as you weren’t aware that Ganga could take this step. Jagya asks Dadisaa not to blame herself. Jagya says, you were pained but you never showed on your face. You supported Ganga. Basant tells Bhairov that I was thinking about Maasaa. She has been changed a lot with time. And says did you remember what had happened with Jamuna. Flashback is shown when Doctor informs that they can only save Jamuna or the baby. Bhairov says, Maa saa is changed and for the better. Someone else is responsible for her wide thinking and she is Anandi. We should be proud that Anandi is our daughter and maa saa is our maa. Basant says I am proud but I am jealous of you, as I didn’t born to her like you. Bhairov says, I am very much happy and lucky than you as I have a big brother like you who stood me like a support or covering.

Shiv comes to the room and gets romantic to Anandi and says, I missed the person who shares the room with me. Both of them hug each other. Shiv asks Anandi, did you inform Dadisaa that we bring Chote papa home. Anandi says no and calls Dadisaa. Dadisaa picks the call and asks Anandi, how are you? Anandi senses something is wrong and asks, what happened? Dadisaa says, fine. And tells that Chote papa came home. Anandi asks, you seems tensed? Dadisaa tells her everything about Ganga’s pregnancy. Anandi asks, why did Ganga do this, I asked her not to think about it. Dadisaa blames herself and cries. Anandi says, you should be proud of your thinking. I know Ganga took a big plunge but she needs your support and care. Ganga took this step for everyone’s happiness. Dadisaa says, I will talk to you later. Doctor comes, Jagya asks about Ganga. Doctor says, she is pregnant and 5th month is going on. She says, I don’t understand why Ganga took this step as she is a qualified nurse herself. If she got pregnant my mistake, then she should have opt for abortion but now……

Doctor says, there is 30% good chances and 30% chances of complication. I am not asking you to lose hope being a doctor. we believes blessings give rise to miracle and hope for the miracle in Ganga’s case. She says Jagya can understand being a doctor. Sumitra says, can you we take Ganga home. Doctor says, since Jagya is a doctor I permit him to take her home but he have to supervise her condition carefully. Dadisaa asks Ganga, why she took this step. Ganga says, I am fine and healthy. It is every woman’s right to become a mother and will Devimaa will snatch this right from me. I believe nothing can happen to me as I have your blessings with me. I will make the death lose. Dadisaa says, I believe your believe and we will together make death lose.

Anoop apologizing to Meenu saying I can’t remember anything. Meenu says, but I knows everything and there is no place for sorry between us. She says, I was alone and scared without you. I don’t have words to express my feelings then and now also, I couldn’t say how much happy I am, to get you back in my life. She tells about the memories. Anoop asks, what memories? Meenu says, you took us to babu bazaar. Anoop tries to remember. Meenu says, everything can be brought there. You took me there after our marriage and I had eaten samosas and you was staring at me with love. Anoop says, I remember to go to that shop but I don’t remember to gone with you. Meenu says, it is okay, if you don’t remember. She asks him to sleep as it is late night.

Ganga comes in Dadisaa’s room with Sumitra, Gehha and Jagya. Dadisaa says, you will stay here with me until your delivery. Ganga asks, where you will sleep now? Dadisaa says, I took an oath that until I see you and your unborn baby together, I will sleep on the floor. Everyone are stunned. Jagya says, you can’t do this. Bhairov and Basant doesn’t like her idea. Basant says, in this age, you can’t sleep on the floor. Sumitra and Gehna tries to convince her not to take this oath. Dadisaa says, I am determined to fulfill this oath in any circumstances. She asks others to go as Ganga is tired now. She asks the nurse ( which she hired for Ganga’s comfort) to take rest in other room. Ganga hugs Dadisaa and gets emotional. Dadisaa make her lie on the bed and she sleeps on the floor. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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