3rd June Monday Update on This is Love

Mani asking the inspector not to arrest them. Inspector says sorry, I can’t do anything. Mani gets angry and shouts at Ishitha and Raman. Aliya apologizes. Mani says you have ashamed me today. Adi asks him to listen to him for once. But Mani leaves angrily. Inspector says to put them all in. Ishitha takes Aliya along with her. Mini looks at them and smiles. Inspector asks her to sign in a book.

Police officer says “Its good that you all got into one lock up.” and taunts them. Ishitha says “yes, he’s saying right. Its good that we all are together.“ Raman says no its not good. And asks “isn’t there any other lockups” Police officer says “I said all should be in one lock up don’t you understand . It’s just only one night” Raman murmurs.

Officer asks “what?” Raman says she’s not my wife but business partner so he can’t stay there and says she’s after me and will not leave him. Police officer jokes at him and leaves. Raman murmurs again. Ishitha comes to him and asks what is his problem and says is he super man. She says she has no interest to come after ravan kumar . They argue. Raman says shut up Madrasian. Adi says enough. Raman says why are you telling me, tell her . She is the one who planned. He shouts at Adi. Ishitha says don’t blame , we all planned this . Raman says oh hello , we didn’t decide but you. We only came after you. She says all these were planned. Aliya says I hope Appa will work according to plan.

Mani is talking with Shagun from phone. Mani asks her to get ready. He sits in front of the police station when Mini comes out just at that time. Mani acts as he is crying. Mini walks away . Mani sees this and rushes towards her. He asks her to wait. Mini says uncle please , you also got to know right and so on . She tries to leave. Mani says , trying to stop her , I understand I understand Aliya has done wrong I know. but I don’t understand what I should do. I have a request for you , if Aliya come back again to you , don’t let her play cards. It’s good that she went to jail today. She will understand her big mistake. (a funny music on the background) He requests her to give back the papers of house. Mini says but uncle..

Mani says I know I know that Aliya took much money from you and I will return all that money please give back. Mini thinks Aliya has got 5 Lakhs from her but I will say a big amount because uncle will give it surely. Mini says ok. If you are asking I will say, Aliya has got 10 Lakhs from me. Mani gets shocked . Mini asks uncle you heard right? She got 10 lakhs from me, Mani says yes 10 lakhs 10 lakhs.. it’s a big amount but no problem no problem. Come to my home I’ll give you money. Mini asks are you sure that you can give me all the amount now? Mani says yes I will give in cash so shall we go? Mini says ok I will follow your car.

Adi serves food to Ishitha and Aliya in jail. Raman says we should have eaten from five star hotel . Ishitha asks him not to blame food. They gets into arguing. Raman refuses to eat. Police officers comes there and says I have realized that you are good people and serves them kheer. They get happy . Police officer says it’s 31st night so even police is celebrating . Ishitha tells Raman to enjoy now. He gets kheer to hand and gets up. They talk about family. Ishitha says I’m impressed . They cheer and have kheer. Ishitha asks why are you all upset? Let’s play a game. Adi stands up and comes to Ishitha , she tells a secret. Adi looks at Aliya and memes at Aliya that he loves her. They gets happy.. Adi tells a secrect to Ishitha . Ishitha memes at Raman . Raman’s turn comes. He tells to Aliya . Aliya memes at Adi . They play and enjoy.. Music plays ..

Police officer plays a song.. Ishitha tells him to turn up volume . He volumes up. They all dance inside the jail. Raman stares at them. Ishitha makes him join.

Mini comes to Mani’s home. Shagun talks with her and thanks her. Mani goes in to take money. Shagun serves drinks to Mini and asks her how she managed to find so much money . Mini says I get loans . Shagun asks from whom and says even she wants money for Mani’s business. Mini says it’s black money. There is a number , I call and get money. Shagun asks don’t you know who gives. Mini says no. Shagun asks the number. Mani comes and gives money and asks to count . Mini says no uncle I trust you and tries to leave . Shagun and Mani asks her to drink and go. Mani asks Shagun where is his drink . Shagun says I’’ll get it. Mani signs Shagun. Mani asks for a receipt because it’s a high amount. Mini gets a call to someone. Shagun and Mani goes behind her to know who . They suddenly runs back when Mini turns. Mini comes and says I’ll tell the situation later . Mani asks is there any problem, I’ll talk to him. Mini tries to leave. Shagun stops her and gives her a drink. She drinks it and tries to leave. Mani shouts and acts as he is ill .

Adi hugs Aliya in jail. They sleep. Ishitha and Raman stares at them and talks.

Shagun comes running towards Mani and asks what happened. ( funnny music plays ) Mani hold his chest and falls . Shagun asks Mini to call doctor and call ambulance. Mini tells she will call guard. Mini runs out leaving phone inside. Shagun and Mani get up quickly and grabs the phone and gets the number. They starts the drama again when Mini comes. Mini comes back. Mani says I’m fine now. Shagun says thank god you are fine and thanks Mini for helping. Mini leaves. Mani and Shagun try to call that number.

A power cut occurs in jail. Police officers count 3..2..1… Happy New Year.. while Raman tries to asks them about the power cut. He sees them celebrating the new year and turns back. Raman asks why did you kiss me and turns at Ishitha who was sitting behind. She says I didn’t . Raman says I smell your perfume. Ishitha says you are just scared of darkness and talking these. I just tried to say happy new year . Ishitha goes towards him. Raman hugs her . She gets surprised and happy. Adi and Aliya stare happily at them.

Ishitha waking up and seeing Adi thinking. She goes to him and asks what happened. Adi is worried for Aliya. Ishitha consoles him.

Mani says , “Thank god our plan got successful and we got the number“ . Shagun wishes him “Happy new year“ . They hug each other. Shagun says “we should try to contact that number again“. Mani gets the phone. The doorbell rings at that moment. Mani goes and opens the door. Watchman comes and greets them ‘happy new year’. He gives a card. Mani takes it. Shagun goes in and brings a gift. She gives it to the watchman and tells to give it to his children. Mani asks for watchman’s phone. Mani takes it and they both get aside. Shagun asks why did he do so. Mani says if they try from different number, it will work. He calls that number from watchman’s phone. The receiver answers the call. Mani gets shocked hearing his voice. Shagun asks didn’t he answer the call. Mani says he did. Shagun asks “Then why didn’t you talk? Who is that person? Mani says “I know him very well.” Shagun asks who? Mani says he’s not anyone else, but Param. Shagun gets shocked.

A man is shown getting out of a car. He meets Mini. He is revealed as Param. Mini gives him the money which Mani gave her and says here is your money. Aliya returned them. Param asks “What? Did Aliya return money? Mini says yes. Param opens the paper bag which Mini gave. He gets some books like things out, instead of money. Param asks Mini “Are you joking?” and blames her. Mini gets surprised and says “Oh my god! This mean Aliya’s Appa cheated me. He asks “Did Mani give this money?” Mini says “yes, do you know him?”CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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