3rd December Monday Update On True Love

With the salt-n-pepper test, Ichcha confirms that Sanchi is not blind and decides to get solid proof and catch her red-handed. Later, Satya pretends to be distraught in front of Veer-Ichcha and makes Veer feel guilty when he tells them that Sanchi got selected into the Oxford Uni but will not be able to go cuz of her blindness. Ichcha wonders if Sanchi is lying to brother as well, or is Satya involved in this too

Tappu meeting Mr.Rathod in a restaurent where Mr.Rathod tells Tappu abou howt he wants to start a new life with their child on which Tappu challenges to Mr.Rathod that he can never prove to anyone that its his child..even Ichha will not believe it ;Hearing this Mr.Rathod tells Tappu that he doesn’t need to prove any point to anyone and right now he doesn’t want her to take any sort of stress ;When Tappu questions Mr.Rathod about whether he told Ichha everything ,then Mr.Rathod replies to her that his meeting with Ichha was just a coincident when their cars banged into each other ;But Tappu is not ready to believe Mr.Rathod’s words when Tappu’s mother

Divya calls her up on her mobile to give her the news of her return ;Tappu is very happy to get Divya’s call and they both hv a typical mother-daughter talk there (After this they don’t show the remaining Mr.Rathod-Tappu convo and jump to the next scene )… Divya is shown coming back to the house after a long time and is overwhelmed to see the welcome written with flowers on the doorstep ;Jogi tells Divya that its all done by Damini ;Divya is very happy while Jogi praises Damini for handling everything in her absense ;Divya too shows her faith on Damini which Pushkar and his wife doesn’t like ;Damini tells Divya that she will bring some tea for her on which Divya tells Damini how she missed her tea abroad ;Damini then goes inside to prepare tea while Jogi takes leave since he had to go to office for some urgent meeting… CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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