3rd December Monday Update On This is Love

Ishita asking Adi to have food. He says no, I m worried for work. He gets a call from factory. He smiles and asks what, workers came back, I m reaching there. Ishita asks how did this happen. Adi says I will go fast, else they can go back. The ladies come and say they won’t go back now, everyone is unemployed here, I told my husband to work, as you guys are good people, we all told our husbands, they will come on time, Ishita treated my Golu’s tooth pain, can’t I do this. Adi says I was wrong, I need you. The lady says child can grow up, but always needs a mother. Adi says yes, I will come back and have food. Ashok gets angry on Gagan. He says you said big things, all workers went to work. Gagan says don’t get angry, I will see them, Adi is giving them much money. Ashok says your village women did this.

Gagan says now its about my respect also, I will see who goes on work. Ashok says do this soon, I can’t see Raman’s son succeeding. Ishita thinks to call Neelu and tell her to make Rajma for Raman. She gets Raman’s call. She says I was thinking of you, tell Neelu to soak Rajma. He says I m not Neelu’s assistant, I m your children’s father, tell me what did you go there, how is Adi.

She says workers did not come today. He asks why, did they see your real face, you scared villagers, you ruined Adi’s career. She says don’t say that, you will get shy after I tell you what I did. He asks what did you do. She tells him everything. He says its good I got to know you are not fake dentist, I knew you will do good, I took Ruhi’s class today. She asks why. He tells everything.

She says I really hope one month ends soon and their targets end, we are more happy when we are together. After 12 days, Shagun is seen doing arrangements. Aaliya says I m so excited, can we wear designer clothes. Shagun says yes, don’t tell this to Mani. Aaliya calls her mumma and shows her the new looks. Shagun looks at her. Aaliya asks what happened, did you not like the look. Shagun asks what did you say before that. Aaliya says mumma and smiles. She says why are you shocked, you legally adopted me, so you are my mumma. Shagun hugs her. Aaliya asks her not to get emotional.

Shagun says I have a makeup artist, I will call her, take a trial session with her. Aaliya agrees. Ishita asks Adi to have parathas. Adi says no, you made me eat so much, I will vomit if I eat more, I feel you made me eat food of entire Bhalla house. She asks what work I have than cooking. He asks her to watch tv. She asks him to take fruits. She sees his nails and says wait. Adi goes out. She stops him. He says I will cut your nail, don’t you understand. Adi says I have grown up. She says there will be germs there, your health will get bad. The men look on and smile. Ishita asks why are you laughing, did your mum not teach you about cleaning nails. The man says no, my mum was busy in cooking. She asks Adi to cut nails on the way. Adi leaves with the workers. She says Adi and Ruhi did not grow up till now.

Ruhi asks Shweta to make note of all the meeting. Shweta worries as the pen does not work. She misses to note down things and goes out. Peon asks what happened. Shweta says pen is not working, Ruhi told much and I could not note, I don’t remember, she will get angry now.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma come to meet Shagun and Aaliya. They all hug. Shagun and Aaliya say we will get coffee. Amma says sit, we don’t want coffee. They surprise Aaliya with herbal products. Aaliya says tan look. Shagun says yes, all products are good, your skin will glow. Amma says I will get bowl to mix this. Mrs. Bhalla says apply this from today itself. Amma gets bowl. Amma mixes the paste. Aaliya asks Shagun to tell them. Shagun says don’t mix this now, we have meeting with designer, there is much heat outside, pack won’t work, we will finish it and come and then apply. They ask her to apply later. Shagun says I will get coffee. Mrs. Bhalla says no, we have to shop for Adi. They leave. Aaliya asks what’s all this, what about my tan look. Shagun says relax, Ishita will manage them, call her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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