28th May Tuesday Update on Young Love

Meenu asking Anandi to call Shiv and ask him whether he is coming for lunch. Anandi says he is busy and tells Meenu that we all will go for lunch outside. Daddu says everyone will go later but at the moment you should go on a luncheon with Shiv. He says Shiv has to be normal to clear Ira’s angerness. Anandi agrees on Meenu’s insistence. Gang of goons enters the hospital and create a havoc in the hospital. Ganga comes to check on balwadi’s door and is shocked to see the goons. They locks Ganga with other ladies and kids. They search for Pasha but Pasha hides from they preying eyes. Jagya hears the voice and comes out. He is informed about the attack on the hospital. Goon asks Jagya not to try to be clever and asks him to follow them.

Dadisaa says, Panditji will tell after looking at the kundli. While they were trying to return, jeep doesn’t start. Dadisaa tells him that my heart is shaking. Jagya requests the goons not to risk my patient’s life. Boss slaps his man and tells Jagya that they are searching Pasha. Jagya says there is no one by this name. Boss asks Jagya to give them Pasha and they will leave without troubling anyone. He shows Pasha’s photo.

Jagya is shocked to see Pasha’s photo and thinks why they are after kaka. Jagya asks them to go and says he doesn’t know this person. Goons fires the bullet and asks his men to tie jagya. Jagya declines to tell about Pasha and asks boss, why they are after him. Boss asks him to tell or else they will get patient. Jagya says Pasha is not here right now. I bring him here but he got discharged yesterday. Boss of the goons asks his men to enquire about Pasha from the patients and the nurses.

Shiv asks his peon to serve the lunch, peon replies but your tiffin didn’t come till now. Anandi comes and says I came here to take out out for lunch. Shiv says I can’t leave the office now. Anandi says, it is lunch time and convinces him. Shiv smilingly agrees. Ganga asks the caretaker to give their mobile to call police but they say that they forgot their phone. Goons to the bathroom in search of Pasha but Pasha escapes. One of the patient identifies Pasha and says he saw him just now. He confesses to see him. Boss says to Jagya that it means you are lying and slaps him. Goons tells the boss that Pasha might have escaped. Boss says, it can’t be as my men are rounding the hospital.

Anandi and Shiv comes to Dhaba like restaurant. Anandi says it is a different experience. Shiv says if you are with me then that place becomes special. Bhairov is checking the jeep, Dadisaa asks him to call Jagya. Goons seizes Jagya and other’s phone. Shiv thanks Anandi for the treat. Shiv and Anandi are happy to see the music and dance program at the rajastani dhaba. Anandi asks Shiv to enjoy. Shiv and Anandi dance on the rajastani tune. Boss asks his men to untie Jagya’s hand and asks him to bring Pasha. He asks him to bring Pasha in 15 mins or else your patients will be killed one by one. Jagya and Lal singh are shocked.

the gangster giving an ultimatum to Jagya to get Pasha in 15 mins and save the patients. Ganga gives strength to other ladies to take care of kids. Jagya searches for Pasha and thinks he might be in the compound. Ganga starts telling the story to the kids. Jagya jumps from the building and searches for Pasha. Finally he sees Pasha and holds him. He asks him to come with him and says if you don’t come then they will kill my patients.

Jagya asks, who are those goons? Pasha says they came from other nation insearch of me. Pasha says he was living with some family and they informed me that I was left at their place by some militants. My name is not Pasha and I am an Indian. So I entered India illegally. Pasha says I don’t remember my past but I can’t live in my future by becoming responsible for the patients death. He says I want to repay you for saving my life. Jagya asks, are you coming with me..Pasha declines to go.





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