27th May Monday Update on This is Love

Amma asking Ishita to have breakfast. Kiran says this is Dr. Ira right, she is a good child counsellor. Amma asks who wants child counsellor. Ishita says Pihu needs one, her state of mind is bad, I have taken Aaliya in confidence, I asked her to get Pihu. Aaliya calls her and says Pihu is fine, I have a good news, Raman decided to take Pihu to counsellor. Ishita says that’s nice, did you find any good counsellor. Aaliya says not yet. Ishita asks her to take appointment from Dr. Ira. Aaliya says I will do as you say, I will tell you when Raman takes Pihu there. Ishita thanks her. She says I don’t want to get late and leaves. Raman takes Pihu. Ishita comes in front of his car. He asks did you just get my car to come in front and die. He reacts like before and calls her Jagga jasoos.

She recalls his words. She says I want to know if you are really a good father or not, I m going with him. He taunts. She smiles seeing him. They leave. Raman thinks to teach her a lesson.

Romi comes to office and talks to Mrs. Bhalla over phone about Mihika. He asks her to keep supporting Mihika and ends call. He meets the clients and says I will handle this project, just check the file, if you like this, we will take the project ahead. The man says sorry, you can’t handle this project. Romi asks why. The man says we used to market soft drinks first, but this is about birth control pills. Romi says so what, work is work. The men get taunting him about Mihika’s blame, that he is infertile, how can he deal with sensitive product like birth control pills. Romi says my personal and professional lives are different.

The man says sorry, we don’t want you to handle this project. Romi gets angry and says I won’t spare you all. He leaves. Raman and Ishita argue over the AC. Pihu smiles. He stops the car and goes to get water. He says I m thirsty… Ishita and Pihu wait in the car. He drinks water and gets an idea. He goes to the back of the car and blocks the smoke exhaust pipe with the empty water bottle. He lies that the car broke down. He acts to call mechanic and says mechanic can’t come, we have one way, I have back problem, but you are healthy, you can push the car. She says he is still Raavan kumar, even when he lost his memory. He asks to push the car. She pushes the car and gets tired. He asks her to push the car, he is trying ignition. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. She says I m trying.

Few guys see her. The guy asks Raman to push the car, come out. Raman says I have knee injury. The guy says it doesn’t matter, Ma’am you handle the steering. Ishita gets in driving seat. Raman thinks of the same moment happened years ago. Ishita asks what happened. Raman says nothing, come, push. The guys push the car. Raman says my sixth sense is saying car will start. He removes the bottle and gets in the car. He starts the car and says why would I push the car now. She thanks the guys. They leave.

Mihika comes to office. She hears the men talking bad about Romi. She starts scolding them. She says you can get jailed if you discriminate someone on medical grounds, shall I call human rights cell. The men apologize. Romi looks on. The men apologize and say we will come tomorrow for project’s discussion. They leave. Romi asks Mihika why did she do this, did she think she will make this fine, they are making fun of him because of her, she would be happy as she wanted this. He says its enough now, don’t make more fun of me now, you need not help me, just leave. She says you can think anything you want. She leaves.

Raman and Ishita get Pihu to the counsellor. The lady asks them to stay out. They go out. The lady asks Pihu to forget that she is a counsellor, she will keep her secrets. She talks to Pihu to comfort her. Pihu says my mom and dad got separated because of me, its all my fault. The lady says but you are very young, kids never harm anyone. Pihu says I m responsible for everything. The lady says you can rectify the mistake. Pihu cries and shouts. Ishita and Raman come there. Pihu hugs Ishita. The lady says I will call you and tell our action plan. Raman says you can come with us if Pihu feels safe with you.

Ashok talking to investor. He says Ishita will manage everything, she is very capable. The man asks but where is she. Ishita asks shall we got for a movie. Raman says yes, then we will go for chinese. Ishita gets reminder. She thinks its time for Ashok’s medicines. She calls him. He keeps the phone aside. The call gets answered. The man says we want Ishita to come here and give us assurance, you have terminal illness, your business partner is not here. She thinks oh no, I have to go to Ashok’s house, he has helped me a lot, now its my turn. She asks Raman to stop the car, sorry, its an emergency, manage Pihu, don’t be annoyed. He says fine, you would be getting late. She goes.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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