27th June Thursday Update on This is Love

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Mihika laughing on Aaliya. Simmi says I told you, they can do anything to stop the marriage. Mihika says I would have really got in her words. Simmi asks Aaliya to leave. Aaliya says please believe me, I m saying the truth. Simmi kicks out Aaliya. Simmi says their drama never ends. Aaliya says how shall I stop the baraat. Ishita reaches the compound. She threatens the money lender. She hurries home and sees everyone gone. Parmeet switches on lights. She asks why did you shut the door, where is Raman. He says its good you have come, the baraat left. He stops her. She says leave my hand. He ties her. She shouts for help. He asks how will you stop Raman’s marriage, tell me, you can’t run now, its good you told Aaliya that you are coming home, I heard the conversation,
you are very cunning, I knew you will plan something, I got an idea, your children are not clever as you, Aaliya went to Mihika to talk, Simmi sent the baraat before time, your game is over, you won’t be able to enter this house, can’t you understand, are you hurt, once Raman and Mihika’s marriage happens then…..

He takes her to room and ties her to the chair. He says be comfortable and sit here, you won’t be able to see this room again, you won’t be able to come here, no one will know you are caged in Bhalla house, even if you escape, you can’t reach the marriage venue, I will leave. She hits him. He says I like this about you. He goes. He sees Ishita’s car and says if she escapes, she can come there, I will puncture her car. He hears the sound and checks dicky. He sees his man and asks you…. what are you doing here. The man says sorry, I will tell you. He tells everything. Parmeet scolds him for meeting Ishita. The man asks for one chance. Parmeet asks him to make sure Ishita doesn’t leave from the house.

Mr and Mrs. Bhalla welcome guests. Iyers come. Mrs. Bhalla taunts. Mr. Bhalla says let it go now. Neelu gets puja items. Amma says if this marriage happens, she can’t bear this trauma. Appa says Ishita’s won’t give up easily. Ishita thinks Raman is getting married there and I m stuck there.

Adi, Ruhi and Pihu have a talk. Pihu says I will talk to dad, I won’t take Ishimaa’s name, I will just say don’t marry Mihika. Adi says we can try. Shagun says you should have told this to me before, Parmeet is dangerous. Aaliya says Ishita asked me to stop baraat, but I couldn’t. Shagun says if she said so, maybe she got some clue, we should go to Bhalla house and check. Ishita struggles and gets free. She goes and finds the main door locked. She sees the money lender outside and gets shocked. She says he is carrying a gun, how will I go out, how will I reach the venue. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla about everyone. Mr. Bhalla says Simmi and Parmeet are seeing arrangements. Adi and Pihu come. Adi asks Mr. Bhalla to come and see guests. Pihu comes to Raman and compliments. She cries. He asks what happened.

She asks do you really want to get married. He says I want to new mom for you, you say I don’t give you time, she will be with you, she will play with you and teach you. Pihu says I don’t want any new mom, I just want my dad, if you marry Mihika, I will never speak to you, send me to boarding, I won’t stay with you. He hugs her. He says if you don’t want me to get married, I will not marry. She asks will you call off the marriage. He says yes, I will talk to Mihika, promise you won’t cry.

Raman saying I will not marry, happy now, I will talk to Mihika, I will call off the wedding right away. He goes. Puhu dances saying marriage cancel. Ruhi asks what happened. Pihu says dad has agreed, he will not marry Mihika. Adi says someone may hear you. Ruhi asks really, you are a magician Pihu. Ishita ties a cloth rope to the window and gets down. Parmeet asks his man to check if Ishita is in room. The man checks for her. He tells Parmeet that Ishita isn’t here, she jumped out from window. Pamreet asks how can this happen, she shouldn’t reach here. Ishita gets her car keys in trunk. She sees flat tyres and says he has punctured the tyres. She hires an auto and leaves. The man says there is no taxi, if she goes, Parmeet will not leave me. He hides seeing Aaliya.
Shagun and Aaliya rush upstairs. Ishita is on the way. She asks driver to drive faster. Shagun and Aaliya look for Ishita. Aaliya gets the dupatta and shouts to Shagun. She says it means Ishita was here, they tied her here. Shagun says yes, she tried escaping from here, I m sure she went to venue, we should reach there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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