26th June Wednesday Update on This is Love

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Mihika misbehaving with Amma. She says I will pay you double for your services to look after me, Ishita is a gold digger, she married Raman as he was rich, you are feeling bad as I m going to marry Raman now, you are worried for Ishita, whom will she find, she is talented, she will get any rich man, else she will live with Ashok, don’t worry, Ashok is very rich, go and tell Ishita never to come between me and Raman. Amma says stop it now. Simmi says I won’t leave her. Parmeet stops Simmi. Mihika says you just threaten. Amma says I will do what I should have done long before. She raises hand. Mihika holds her hand and pushes. She throws the wine over her. Ishita comes there and gets shocked.

She asks Amma are you fine. She cries and angrily shouts on Mihika.
She gets champagne bottle and pours on Mihika’s head. Mihika says just stop it, leave me. Bala and Kiran hold Amma. Mihika gets back. Parmeet sees her long dupatta on the ground and lits fire. Ishita says you deserve this. Raman comes. They all get shocked seeing the fire. Everyone tries to save Mihika. Raman moves away Ishita. Simmi says someone save Mihika, Ishita has lit fire. They get water and blow off the fire. Ishita asks Mihika are you okay. Raman says stay away. Simmi says you did this and you are now pretending. Ishita asks what are you saying. Simmi says I have seen her doing this.

Ishita says no, she insulted Amma and I got angry, I have poured alcohol, I didn’t lit fire, Mihika tell them did you see me doing this, believe me. Simmi says say the truth, you don’t want this marriage to happen, you involved our house children, even Pihu, she is so young. Bala says stop it, Ishita didn’t do this. Raman asks did fire get ignited on own. Simmi says you will say this, maybe Ishita asked someone to lit fire. Ishita asks can I hurt Mihika. Simmi says when you didn’t hesitate to kill an innocent child. Ishita says I didn’t do this. Raman says I will call police. They stop Raman. Raman says you won’t come in my marriage. Simmi stops Ishita and asks will you let her go, she has to apologize to Mihika. Mihika says let it go.

Raman says no, Simmi is right, she has to apologize. Ishita apologizes. Raman takes Mihika along. Simmi taunts Ishita and goes. Parmeet smiles. Amma wipes Ishita’s tears. Ishita says what if anything happened to Mihika, why did I do this. Adi says you didn’t do anything and hugs her. They cry. Adi and others console Ishita. He says you can’t leave this fight mid way, Lord is one who is true, we are true, we won’t let this marriage happen. Pihu asks will you lose, is this the example you are setting in front of us, I want you and dad. Amma and Bala look on. Pihu says truth always wins, the path of truth is not easy, you have to stop this marriage and get dad back. Ruhi says we are with you, don’t give up. Ishita hugs Pihu. She says I m going to fight for your sake, I won’t give up, thank you. They smile. She thinks to expose Simmi and Parmeet.

Amma keeps haldi bowl and prays for Ishita’s rights. Ishita says Ashok didn’t call. She sees Shagun at the door. Shagun says sorry, I had to come to attend haldi. Amma says I will go with you. Ishita asks will they let you come, I don’t you anyone to insult you. Amma says I will go. Shagun says we all know its Simmi’s plan, we can’t let her succeed, Raman has no idea what’s happening with him, his life will be ruined, we have to do anything. Amma says trust me. Ishita says fine, I m going for some work. Shagun asks her to share the stress. Ishita says just work stress. She goes. Shagun asks Amma what’s the plan. Aaliya says the plan is Mihika shouldn’t get the haldi. Simmi comes and scolds them. She threatens to send Ishita jail and asks them to think before doing anything. Shagun says plan is perfect, I will inform Aaliya. Ishita says Amma can do anything, I have to keep a watch.

Mrs. Bhalla gets Mihika for haldi. Raman and Mihika sit. Mihika asks Raman to fulfill traditions. Amma comes and says we are here to apologize, Mihika is my niece, I should have spoken that, forgive me. She gives bangles to Mihika. Raman says Simmi, let Mihika decide. Mihika says okay. Amma apologizes. Mrs. Bhalla applies haldi to Raman. Ishita thinks what did Shagun and Amma plan.

Ashok calling Ishita and saying that man isn’t there in his house. Ishita says I m sure he is there, I have left a lucky draw slip, I m hoping he calls me. He says no, my man is already there, he will inform you, if that man calls you, I arranged the meeting, I have booked a room in hotel, you can meet him there and we will catch him. She thanks him. Simmi applies haldi to Raman. Shagun winks to Amma. Appa and Bala tear Raman’s kurta. He gets murmuring and goes. Amma asks Mihika can I apply you haldi first. Shagun signs Ruhi. Amma says I m like your mum, I will apply haldi, please. Mihika nods.

Simmi asks them to add rose water, haldi is thick. Shagun pours a lot of rose water. Mihika asks what are you doing. Shagun drops the bowl. They all get shocked. Ishita

looks on from far. Ishita gets the message from money lender and gets glad. She replies that its not fake scheme and asks him to meet. Ruhi takes the haldi bowl. Simmi stops her and says you think you will take this to Ishita, stay in limits, this haldi will just go to Mihika. Ruhi says give it to me. Ishita comes. Simmi snatches the bowl and haldi falls over Ishita. Ishita smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says its Raman’s haldi, what’s this abshagun. Raman says its not any abshagun, tailor will come to take sherwani measurements. They go. Simmi asks Ishita is she getting a laugh.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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