27th February Wednesday Update on True Love


27th February Wednesday Update on True Love

Avinash noticing a scared Ichcha. She runs out and hides behind a pillar while veer gets down from his car and starts walking towards the restaurant. Ichcha is able to escape and Avinash blames him for his flop plan of sitting inside the restaurant instead of hiding and waiting for Ichcha.

Veer comes and sits and meets Avinash. He asks him why he changed the time and not tell him, at which avi says he got busy and could not call. He reassures him that Ichcha will come must be stuck in traffic.

Veer orders coffee for him and after he is done expects avi to leave but he continues faking that he needs to thank her etc. He is scared with sweat on his face which veers asks about. Avi says he came walking and so he got sweat. Veers asks him to leave as he wants to meet Ichcha alone not in his company. Avi then leaves.

Jogi comes back home and flashbacks how damini took care of Divya and tapu after Divyas staircase accident when she got paralysed. And then what damini said about maligning her character . Divya comes and places her hand on jogi which he brushes aside. He says he did not expect this from Divya. Divya is confused, he mentions about meeting damini. Divya starts badmouthing her when jogi stops her.

He says today he is embarrassed due to his actions, tapus and Divyas actions. He says whatever she said to damini, firstly how could she say it and secondly to observe carefully his face. The repercussions of her statements are evident on jogis character too. She does not have trust in her husband and he has nothing in his life anymore. He had lost his dauhgter earlier, but now his wife too. Divya is sad while jogi leaves.

Tapu is removing her jewelry after party when nano is asking about the same. Somebody really needs to do better getup of tapu, she looks very weird. Even though she has nice hair and looks nice in open hair, today the look was awful 🙁
Anyway she tells how everyone was talking about shopping jewels cosmetics etc. She mentions how she has changed and does not go shopping or meet people like before. Rathod is listening to all this and he is angry for some reason.

He says tomorrow he will take her shopping and she cab get whatever she wants. Nani is very pleased and says now she is Raghuvendra pratap Rathod’s wife and she can do whatever she wants. And then says to rats if she said correctly, inturn he says that yes she is Tapasya Rathod now, the look on tapus face was awesome- from TVSB to TR, and this joining of tapu to Rathod has to be well understood by both nani and tapu. Nanis expression changes.

He says she doesn’t have to admire someones expensive car or jewelry but just indicate to him in parties and he will get those for her. Just then tapus phone rings and she decides to pick it. Rats gets super angry saying when he is talking it’s their personal time and he likes no interference. He shows his silent moded cell phone. He kind of makes way for nani to leave but she doesn’t.

Tapu tells about one mr khurana who she met at the party and became friends. Rats says now she is his wife and he has a status in society whose responsibility she too needs to bear. He says she doesn’t have to be friendly with everyone she meets, even if everyone is swooning to get friendly and say nice things to her. He says khurana is a social parasite and cannot face Rathod so he is trying to call her in her home. He says he did not want to tell in front of everyone that’s why he reminded her for next time.

Both nani and tapu realize the reality ! Rathod says there are some things she will have to unlearn. He leaves saying certain things he just does not like and she should not do those.Veer is still at the cafe at time of closing. He asks for more coffee and gives a huge tip , he is very depressed.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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