27th February Wednesday Update on This is Love


27th February Wednesday Update on This is Love

Ishita telling Raman that inspector kept him for his safety. He says I m ready to stay in jail all my life. She looks at him. She says maybe Ashok is behind this, he was provoking you against Raman. Inspector says maybe he knows real murderer, he was not in city, so he can’t do this. She asks him to question Ashok. He says we can’t do this, we want to reach real culprit by him, don’t send Shagun alone with Ashok. Raman says Ishita I want a promise, you won’t do anything that risks your life. She says I promise. Inspector says we will try our best. Ishita says I will keep coming to meet Raman. He says fine, be careful, none should know why he is here. She thanks him. She thinks Raman is hiding something, but I will find out.

Ruhi says I can’t wait more,

we should go police station and find out. Adi says Ruhi, Ishimaa will come, don’t worry. Amma asks her to calm down. Ishita comes. They ask about Raman. Amma says you look so weak, what happened. Ishita says police refused to release Raman. Ruhi asks what, why did you not get Papa, he is innocent. She cries and goes. Ishita says I have to go and handle situation, Shagun does not know about Raman’s arrest.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says someone is framing Raman, how can this happen. Ishita feels sorry that she can’t tell them anything. She says we will get Raman freed soon, why did you not have food, trust me, we will get him from jail. Shagun asks jail? Ishita says snake charmer is in jail, we were talking about him, go and rest. Shagun says you see you are so weak. Ishita says I m fine. Shagun asks her to come and have food. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to have food. Shagun asks Neelu to call Raman. Ishita says no, he is not in room, he went to Bangkok, he went for some work. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, he went for urgent work. Shagun says I would have gone along with him, there is big shopping festival happening there. Ishita says you have food and rest.

Adi asks Ruhi how did she behave outside, why does she not want to have food. Ruhi says I don’t want to talk to anyone, please go, Raman did not do anything, he is framed, I will tell everything to them. He stops her and slaps. He says sorry and hugs her. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. She asks what do you mean. He says I know what you did, I will save you, don’t worry. She asks what did I do that you will save me. He says I know what’s troubling you, I know you killed Mani. She gets shocked. He says don’t worry, I m with you, I chose you over Papa, even Ishimaa would have done this. She says I did not kill him. He says I have seen you when you were cleaning your fingerprints from the knife. She gets shocked and recalls. She asks were you there. He says yes, we will get Papa out of jail, don’t tell anything to anyone. She says you don’t know entire truth, we should tell Ishita. Ishita comes and asks what truth do you want to say.

Snake charmer comes to Ashok and asks him to save him from police. Ashok asks who are you, get out. Snake charmer says you paid me and sent me with snake there. Ashok slaps him and asks what are you saying, what snake, get out. He looks out of the building and sees some men. He says I knew police will follow this snake charmer to know who paid him money, I m not a kid to get trapped, now none can save Raman, I have to marry Shagun and make Ishita and Raman’s life hell. Ishita asks what’s the matter, I want to know truth. Adi says I will tell you. Ruhi says no, I will tell truth. They argue. Ishita asks them what is it. Adi says when Mani got killed, I went there, I was scared, I did not kill him, I went to talk to him to send Aaliya back, Raman and Mani argued, Mani was annoyed with me, he has sent divorce papers, but I have returned the papers to his lawyer. FB shows the moments.

Adi says when I went to Mani’s house, the door was open. FB shows Adi calling out Mani. He says there is no light, maybe because of rains. He sees Mani sitting. He says I felt he is reading something, I went to talk to him. Adi apologies to Mani. He says I will always love Aaliya, please don’t separate us. Adi tells Ishita that Mani was not answering him. Adi holds Mani’s hand and sees the blood. He says blood….. and gets up. He goes to see Mani. He gets shocked seeing Mani stabbed. He shouts Appa, how did this happen. Mani gets up. Adi asks who did this, who came. Mani says Ru…… and falls down. Adi gets panicking. He looks around.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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