25th April Thursday Update on Young Love

Bhauron saying to Shekars i am feeling very sad for Sanchi , may god bless her…but i think these family matters can be discussed privately , instead of dragging the issue to the court , we can sit and talk about it as everyone here is quite sane. Sanchi interrupts there is no relation between both the families then what family respect you are talking about ? Bhairon tries to calm her down you are thinking in the wrong way only Jagdish broke the relation and i will sue him for that , Ira too supports her yes she is right , you just want to save your son ! Sanchi continues everyone knew i was in hospital , but none of you stopped Jagdish from filling Ganga’s maang , Dadu asks her to calm down , don’ be stressed , Bhairon says i can understand Sanchi’s pain but Shiv try to understand this matter in the other way , Shiv replies just try to keep Anandi in Sanchi’s place , if she tried to commit suicide , how you would have felt ? Alok excuses himself , before going he says see you in court Bhairon ji , he takes Sanchi inside , Bhairon appears to be tensed , he namaskars them then he leaves from there as well . Anandi is crying , Choti ma comes and hugs her .

Badi Haveli :

Basant is worried about Bhairon , he says why dint Bhairon ring me up till now ? Where is he ? Suddenly Bhairon’s call is displayed on his cell , he lifts it , he asks Bhairon what happened there ? Bhairon narrates the whole tragedy occurred at Shekar’s palace.The flash back scenes are over , Bhairon says they have truly swore to avenge revenge ,Basant is about to burst , but he controls , Bhairon says now god knows what will happen tomorrow in the court , Basant says Jagdish hasn’t committed any crime , then why should he suffer ? Bhairon patiently listens to him , he says an human’s respect is fragile like glass when harmed or broken brings destruction , Basant says Jagya has assured that he will handle everything so don’t worry . Basant asks Bhairon to cut the call , Bhairon obliges .

Badi Havel’s living room :

Gehna is worried about Jagya , she says now what will happen of Jagya ? Hope he will be safe. Basant says yeah even i am worried but they have filed a very strong case and in such cases mostly the court supports the girl , they might not even hear Jagya’s petition . Sumitra worriedly says no i cant let this happen , i will talk to Ira ji and convince here , Dadi sa says she will simply ignore your voice , she must be busy in pacifying her daughter. Gehna suggests we can also take Ganga with us , Sumitra strongly opposes this , Dadi sa frustratedly says please for god’s sake stop quarreling , already a trouble has befallen on us . Sumitra says i will accompany you , Basant says to Dadi sa that i will take her to meet Jagya as she will not be satisfied till then , i and Gehna will stay here , Dadi sa prays to god hey devi maa , please help us in this situation and court case.

Bhairon’s room :

He is sitting all alone , his cell rings , it is a call from Anandi , he lifts it , Anandi who apologizes i am really so sorry bapusa , i tried a lot to help Jagya but i failed , Bhairon says it is not your fault and even i am worried about the court case and this Jagya is not revealing the coffee cafe scene , Anandi says that can be a great thread for the case , he should tell about it , Bhairon explains he doesn’t want to see you in any trouble that’s why he is not opening his mouth . The call is cut off

Shekar’s palace :

Anandi cries out to Kanha ji , oh kanha ji what you have done ?! Why such situations are created for me , I’m stuck amid of both the families , if i don’t speak up the truth in the court , it will be a great injustice and she goes on crying…

Shiv’s study room :

Shiv is doing some work with files , Sanchi comes there to give his call , Shiv takes it and it is a call from a lawyer who explains i have done much research about his back grounds and professional , personal life , Shiv with determination declares i only have one reason to file this case . The lawyer asks him don’t worry , my investigation is still on and i am trying to find facts against him , he cuts the call . Ira comes there , she asks why do i feel by your talks that you are softening towards Jagya and your anger is suppressing for him , Shiv tries to convince no not at all my anger is still strong for him , i haven’t forget anything. Ira says you are talking like Anandi , she is more worried for Jagya and her maiya than Sanchi and us. One thing is final if she doesn’t favors us , i will never ever forgive her , only the time will decide whether our relation will be strengthened for destroyed.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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