26th April Friday Update on This is Love

Ishita running and hugging Raman. He asks where were you. She says where were you, you didn’t try to know about me. He says I have to express everything. She says it would be good if you try to say feelings. They hug. Ashok holds Ishita and asks her to come. She sees Raman far. Ruhi, Adi and Shagun get shocked seeing Ishita. Ishita recalls her words. Ishita goes to Raman. He formally greets her. She says I m Ishita, your new investor. He says nice to meet you, come. She thinks don’t make me a stranger, I will not let you forget me.

Adi cries and says you…. how did you come here, why did you not call, you came here with Ashok, what is this mean man doing here. Raman asks Adi have you forgotten your manners, they are our investors, shut up and mind your
language. Shagun goes to Raman and says she is Ishita. Raman says yes, she told me just now. He asks Ishita to come for the meeting. Ishita thinks everything changed, Ruhi is sitting alone, Raman and Shagun are on one side. Simmi says I should call Shagun and know, we will get this investment. She gets Parmeet’s call. She says don’t know how is meeting going on, I m waiting for Shagun’s call. He asks her to stay with Raman, she knows why is he doing this. She says sorry, I will go. He says just I know how I m managing business here, this deal is imp.

Shagun says we thought to come for meeting after knowing about your company. We came for work and family outing. Raman says I know you are a mean man and mean businessman, why is Ishita ji with him. Ashok says you know your company is in trouble, even then you have attitude. Raman asks Ishita what is she doing with such a mean man, I will collaborate with you. She says Raman…. He says Mr. Raman Bhalla for you, tell me. Shagun asks him to relax. He says I m just saying name.

Amma says how can she go, she didn’t call us. Appa says Ishita joined hands with Ashok, that cheap man. Amma says maybe Ashok threatened her. Bala says no, she has gone by her will. Appa says she got abroad with him. Amma says she would have better stayed in jail. Ishita says I knew Ruhi, Adi and you work well, you will handle our investment well, I want us to go Delhi and formalize the deal. Ruhi says I think you are believing in company thinking I m part of it, I m not related to Bhalla industries, my own company is Ruhi industries, I m responsible for their loss. Raman says yes, Ruhi is doing pretty well. Ishita asks separately. Ruhi says yes, its your decision now, you will know whose company is successful, my company is on number one, Raman is not the same man, no one asks him in market now, and his assistants Adi and Romi will always be his assistants, they are sinking, let them sink, I would suggest you invest in my company.

Adi asks her to stop it. Ishita thinks did Nikhil make Ruhi against Raman. She says you are right, we have to reconsider the decision, let me complete, you are right Ruhi, you are young, you have energy, you have new ideas, but Raman has experience of 20 years, its our money, we have to decide, its my decision, we will invest in both companies, I have a condition Ashok, they have to work together. Ruhi refuses. Raman says I agree, Ruhi is not our enemy, we can work with her. Ruhi says thanks, I will tell my decision. She leaves. Raman asks Ishita will she have coffee. Simmi comes and gets shocked seeing Ishita. She recalls the past. She says Lord will never forgive you, I won’t forgive you, you want to come back in my family. She sees Ashok with her. She says did she see Raman, no I have to do something, Parmeet will tell me the solution now.

Ishita says Mr. Bhalla, how is everyone at home. Raman says none of your business, why are you getting personal, tell me, who is at your home, did you marry. She says Raman… He says I told you Mr. Raman. She says sorry. He leaves. He slaps Adi and says you are manager, you don’t know how you manage your time, idiot. Ishita gets shocked.

Ishita asks Adi why is Raman talking to him like this, why did he call him manager. Adi leaves. Shagun asks what are you thinking, its your doing, Raman’s strange behavior is all thanks to you, what are you doing here, Raman came to meet you in jail, you asked him to leave, what you did with Ananya. Ishita asks her not to start that topic. Shagun says you returned, but didn’t come home, you are here with Ashok. Ashok asks are you jealous. Shagun says just shut up.

She says thank God for Simmi, she managed home and business, everything is fine except Raman, Simmi has managed the family, you didn’t see them and roaming with Ashok. Ishita says I m not roaming, I was behind bars for two years, I had no option, I kept family away, what did you do, I requested you to take care of family, I wrote clearly in letter, you didn’t take care of them. Shagun says I didn’t get any letter, even I have a life, this was your family, you snatched this family from me, why, you left everything. She goes. Ishita says I did that to save Pihu, but how did this happen, Ashok my family got ruined, I didn’t wish this, but this happened, why….. she cries.

Ishita thinking about Raman. Ashok comes and asks all okay. She says Ishita says Raman’s behavior was weird, he could have smiled, got annoyed, hugged or pushed away, you are not understanding, this was not Raman. He says you stayed away for two years. She says it was like we never had any relation, there was no annoyance, he was talking badly to everyone, but he spoke to you, he didn’t look annoyed, he did the business deal with me, knowing its your money. He says its business. She says he is not hungry for money, if he is not annoyed, why was he such, how was his question, who is in your family, how can anyone ask his wife like that, that’s confusing, he looked hypnotized by someone, he was not one whom I know, he was weird. She goes. Parmeet asks what, CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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