24th December Monday Update On True Love

Confused about the hotel booking, Tapu suggests a plan to Ichcha to find out from Veer abt it without letting him know what they are up to. Tapu cleverly fools Satya-Sanchi and secretly places the booking letter back in their room right before their eyes. After she leaves, they are overjoyed when they find the letter and presume that it was there all this time. Satya and Dadaji play a game of chess where Satya manipulates dadaji in his words and defeats him in the game, but Veer comes there and reveals that Satya cheated and it was dadaji who actually won. Dadaji and Veer are stunned to see Satya stoop to cheating in order to win, but Satya rubbishes it as an innocent prank, which they believe and they all laugh it off. But Satya vows to win in his mission against the Bundelas. Ichcha pretends to assume that the hotel booking is a part of Veer’s surprise for her and asks him abt it. He is confused and assures her that unfortunately he hasn’t planned any such thing and thinking that Ichcha was kidding around with him, he gets back to his work… leaving Ichcha¬†worried in thoughts.

Veer signing the deal with Mr.Rathod after discussing it with Satya and Mr.Rathod himself related to all the profits… At Bundela house both Ichha-Tappu r making puri in kitchen and discussing about who could hv booked the hotel room for Veer when Veer himself is unaware of it ;Nani sees Tappu helping Ichha in the kitchen and feels that on one hand Damini is making Divya work in her house and on other hand Ichha is doing the same with Tappu and so she decides to go and brainwash Gunwanti about it Gunwanti sees Tappu working in the kitchen and blasts Ichha for making Tappu sweat in the kitchen when she is well aware of Tappu’s pregnency ;Tappu tries to talk in Ichha’s defence but Gunwanti shuts her up and asks her to go to her room and rest In the room Nani tries to poison Tappu’s mind against Ichha but Tappu ignores Nani’s blabberings ..

Hearing this Tappu asks Veer if meeting is in the office only on which Veer tells Tappu that its in a hotel and so Tappu immediately understands that it is Satya’s plan ;Veer requests Tappu to go to the doctor with Nani on which Tappu says ok fine and puts down the phone and rushes to Ichha to tell her all Tappu tells Ichha about all the plans and also tells her that they will hv to reach the hotel this evening now ;Both tell each other that nothing can happen to Veer in their presense.