24th December Monday Update On This Is Love

Ishita talking to Aaliya on phone, while driving. Aaliya says Roshni made my mehendi fine, color has come, she is a nice girl I want good to happen with her. Ishita says yes, we will do something, I m going home, I have to send haldi for you. She ends call and hits some man. The man acts to get hurt and applies red color on himself. Ishita goes to see him. She asks him to show his wound. The man says give me some money, I will go. She sees the same man. The man thinks she is a doctor and will know I m not hurt, its better to run away from here. Ishita recalls Roshni’s words. She sees the red color and looks at him. He says I m fine, you drive carefully. She stops him. She says maybe you have internal wound, you should go hospital and get sonography done, I have no money,
I will pay you for treatment, come home with me. He says no, I will go.

She offers help. He agrees. She thinks to get Roshni free of him. Adi asks Romi are you sure that man is not in city, if Ishita sees him then. Romi says we get many applications in office, he would have gone away, he is not from Delhi, chill now. Shagun invites NGO lady for Aaliya’s marriage. She says I came to give you card knowing you are back in city. A lady Gita comes and tells them about a new case, what do they think of woman, a girl was going to marry in village, her would be husband died by electric shock, the people forced her to marry a stranger, what does this mean, her yes or no does not matter, I get angry hearing such cases. Shagun says strict action should be taken in this case, I would have helped you if my daughter’s marriage was not there now. She hears Khandpur and says I know a girl from there, I will get info, I will personally help you. She thinks is that girl Roshni.

Mihika asks Roshni to fix tags on gifts. Mrs. Bhalla says where is Ishita, she did not come till now. Mihika says she is going to come. Mr. Bhalla says pandit was going to come. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, he has come and is at Iyer house. Amma calls Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to get Adi’s parents patrika. Pandit says Adi has two marriages written in his kundli. Mrs. Bhalla says its Raman’s kundli, he had two marriages with Shagun and Ishita.

Pandit gets an urgent call and goes. Amma says I was so worried thinking Adi’s two marriages, Adi and Aaliya will always be together. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t worry. Ishita gets the man to her house. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma go to see.

Pandit checks kundli and says its Adi’s kundli only. Ishita asks Roshni to come fast. Everyone come. The man says I m fine and don’t want money. Ishita scolds him and says I will get you punished. Adi asks who is he. Ishita turns the man. Adi, Romi and Roshni get shocked.

Adi thinks he is same man, whose pic Romi showed to Ishita. Shagun is on the way and thinks did Gita tell about Roshni. She gets Aaliya’s call. Aaliya asks can we get Kalirey from Khandpur, it will be prefect. Shagun says alright, I will try. Aaliya thanks her. Shagun says there is time for haldi, Khandpur is not so far, I will go there and get Kalirey, Aaliya will be really happy. Ishita scolds the man. She asks Roshni if she has to say anything to her fraud husband. The man gets shocked and asks what husband. Ishita shouts on him for leaving a helpless girl and running away. He asks who. She says your wife Roshni, I agree you married forcibly, but did you not think what will she go through, she had no money with her, is there any answer. Adi sees Romi. Roshni thinks what will happen now. Ishita says we are with you, you can confront him, slap him. Mihika says we should give him to police. The man asks them to let him go. Ishita asks Adi to call police.

The man says stop, don’t call police, whatever I did, I m sorry, try to understand, I was forced to marry. Adi and Romi get shocked. The man says I was afraid and left her, now I m apologizing, please let me and my wife go from here. Mihika says see truth came out. The man asks Roshni to come. Mr. Bhalla asks if he leaves her again then. Ishita says Roshni’s safety is imp, call police. Romi says no, what’s use to call police, Adi and I will take this man to police. The man says wait, I will tell truth. Romi and Adi take him.

Ishita says sorry, now he will be in jail, we will get your divorce formalities done. Roshni prays that Adi manages everything. Shagun reaches Khandpur and goes to buy Kalirey. Roshni’s mum meets Shagun. She shows the Kalirey. Shagun likes it and says my daughter will be happy seeing this, I came from Delhi. Roshni’s mum thinks my daughter went to Delhi as well. The man apologizes to Romi and asks him to say something. Adi says what to do. Romi says fine Adi.

The man says let me go, I don’t know that girl. Romi stops the car and gets the man out. Romi says you don’t know me, I m explaining you, I don’t want to see you in Delhi, take this money and leave. The man asks him to pay more money, I can’t leave this city, I act of accident and get money from rich people, I lied in front of Ishita’s car to take money, she felt I m that beautiful girl’s husband, don’t know why did her husband leave her. Adi gets angry. Romi says if anyone like me comes in your way, then you will be gone, take this money and leave. The man goes. Adi says I m fed up lying. Romi asks him to relax, its fine now, that man is gone now. Adi says why did I decide to go Khandpur ever..CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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