24 April Tuesday Update on This is Love

24 April Tuesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to Raman’s room. She sees the room same like before and thinks of her moments with Raman. Dil kahin rukta nahi……plays………… Ishita cries. Shagun comes there and looks on. She says I came to vacate the cupboard, you need space to put your things. Ishita says no need, I did not come to make my place here, its matter of few days. Raman comes and asks Ishita to keep things in cupboard, no need to keep in bag. Shagun goes. Raman says Shagun and I stay together just for Pihu. Ishita says no need to explain. Raman says you can set room like before, you can sleep on the bed. She nods.

Niddhi comes there and shouts Raman Bhalla. Everyone come there. Raman asks Niddhi to get out. Niddhi sees Ishita and says you came here again, what was the need to come here, I got to know judge gave you 30 days time to win Ruhi’s heart. Raman asks her to get lost. Niddhi says control your anger, I have a deal, if you want me give this deal, I want 15 crores from you. They get shocked.

Niddhi asks them to take case back, then she will give Ruhi back. Ishita says no need of this nonsense, we will earn our daughter back. Niddhi says stop your drama, one day is lost, your days will end, if you think Ruhi will come here, you are mistaken, Ruhi knows your truth, give me money, so that I can leave from Ruhi’s life, then she won’t have anyone except Bhalla family, decide and tell me. She goes.

Raman gets thinking. Ishita asks Raman are you thinking about her deal, she is a fraud, don’t think this. Raman blames Ishita again and says I will decide for Ruhi. Shagun says Raman is right, we have to give money and get Ruhi, we will take decision, we are Ruhi’s real parents, I m sorry, I did not mean this, I know what Ruhi means for Ishita, its 7 years, Ruhi’s life got complicated, Niddhi lost Ruhaan and money, we have to be careful and do what…. Raman says what Niddhi wants, we will give money and get my daughter back in this house, I will not ask anyone. Elders look on. Niddhi hears all this and goes. Ishita thinks Niddhi is clever, Raman is getting trapped.

Raman makes papers with the lawyer. Mihir says its impossible to arrange money. Raman says I just want my daughter. He sells his bonds. Ishita comes there. Mihir says try to understand, we have to sell our company. Raman says I thought my daughter is dead for 7 years, now I can arrange money anyhow, mortgage the property. Ishita looks on.

Ishita gives them tea. Raman says I m arranging money, I don’t want to hear anything. She says if we could ask Mani for financial help. He says whats wrong with you, you know about Mani, I was buying his company, don’t take tension, Ruhi is my daughter, I will manage. Mihir signs Ishita. Ishita goes.

Its night, Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla read Krishna’s stories for Pihu. Pihu says I know everything, and tells about Yashoda not being Krishna’s real mum and even then loved Krishna a lot. They ask Pihu not to go to Raman, he is working hard to get Ruhi here, sleep with us. Mrs. Bhalla ask her to brush her teeth and sends her.

Ishita tells Neelu that she will take milk for Mrs. Bhalla. Neelu says you are tired too, I will manage. Ishita sends Neelu and cleans kitchen. Mrs. Bhalla comes there to take water and says Ishita is mad. Ishita says I was getting milk for you, I will get water too, go and rest. Mrs. Bhalla says I can see on your face whats going on in your heart, we are still the same, if there is something going in heart, tell me, I will talk to Raman. Ishita says no, I will manage. Mrs. Bhalla says you married for Ruhi’s sake, why can’t you go to Raman’s room for Ruhi’s sake, you both have to look normal, I know its not easy, but my tigress will do this. Ishita goes to room, and thinks to change soon and sleep, before Raman comes. She changes clothes and rests to sleep on the couch. Raman comes to the room, and sees her sleeping. He has back ache and sits. She looks at him. He switches off the lights and rests. He watches cricket. She gets disturbed by the sound, and asks him to lower the volume, did your habit to watch tv at night did not go. He says it won’t go, as someone left me 7 years ago.

Raman says when I was alone and cried for hours in this room, this tv and cricket were with me, when I had no company and did not had anyone to share things, I was like this with my habit. She says I m sorry. He says don’t waste your sorry, I don’t care, I just want my daughter, we are doing this for Ruhi, don’t have any hope, when it breaks, it will just hurt, good night. They both get teary eyed. She sleeps.

Shagun goes to wake up Pihu. She looks for Pihu and sees Ishita teaching Pihu to make dosa. Shagun recalls Ishita’s words. She asks Pihu to come and get ready for school. Pihu says I m learning to make dosa. Ishita says let her be here, I m here, she won’t get harmed. Mihika comes and gives drumsticks to make sambar. Pihu bonds with Ishita. Shagun feels insecure.

Shagun making brownies. Ishita asks is there anything special, Mihika also likes brownies. Shagun says I m making it for Pihu, and asks Neelu for something. Ishita tells her the place. Shagun says maybe in your time, its 7 years and things changed. Ishita hands over the bottle from the cupboard, and goes. Shagun says just Ruhi should come back and this should end.

Aaliya takes breakfast for Mani, while he was seeing Ishita’s pic. She says I made this, I hope you like it. He says I hope so too. He tastes the food and says its yummy, where did you learn to make this. She says Amma taught me. He says its fantastic. She asks did you call Amma. He says no, don’t call her Amma now, this is not Australia, Ishu is just my friend now, things changed. She says I know why are you reacting this way, I will tell Amma that we will go back to Australia. He says enough, Ishita is not related to us, she won’t go with us, stop dreaming. She apologizes and hugs him. They cry. She says I won’t talk about her now, I won’t hurt you. He also apologizes and hugs her.

Raman sees Ishita and Mihika cooking in kitchen. He recalls old moments when Ishita used to cook. He gets a call and shouts asking about selling business. Mr. Bhalla says Niddhi asked money today to trouble us, leave it, have food. Raman says you think I can eat food in this state. Mr. Bhalla says I know there is tension, Ishita made food by love, respect that. Raman gets irritated seeing south Indian food. Mihika asks Raman to have parathas. Raman asks her not to serve any south Indian parathas. Pihu comes and asks Simmi why is everyone fighting here. Simmi asks Raman and Mr. Bhalla to see, Pihu thinks their acting is true. Raman says yes, we are acting. Pihu asks why did you not tell me before. They all smile. Pihu likes the paratha and asks Raman to have it. Raman says I had that many times before. She asks why, please have it, else I won’t talk to you. He says fine, and eats paratha. Ishita smiles and recalls their old moments.

Adi meets Ruhi and says I need to talk. She says I won’t come home, don’t waste time, and argues. He scolds her and says you don’t know life, even if you are teen sensation. She says I have faced a lot, I did not grow up with family or relatives. She cries. He says we know how Niddhi deals with you. She says I don’t want to waste time. He says I grew up by agreeing to elders, Papa and Ishi Maa are waiting. Ruhi says I don’t need to clarify about Niddhi, I told everything in court, Niddhi went to meet Ashok. He tells her about Niddhi going to take money from Bhalla house. She asks what rubbish. He says she is taking many crores to give you. She says I know you are lying, I m ready to come with you.

Raman shows the money bag. He gives 60% money to Niddhi and says I will give remaining after I get Ruhi. She asks him to give full amount, then she will get Ruhi. He says I m not running anywhere. Romi comes there and says here’s the money. He also gets a bag and says this amount is more than you asked, give us our Ruhi and get lost. Niddhi says great, I heard both brothers are business rivals and enemies, and see Romi came to help Raman, blood is blood, who else will help, Romi is high in status than Raman, I will take money. Raman asks her not to touch Romi’s money, and scolds Romi to show that Raman can’t get Ruhi back on his own. Romi says you don’t deserve anyone helps you. Raman asks him to get lost. Mr. Bhalla asks them to be quiet, Romi is helping you by his heart. Raman says he is not good, ask him to leave. They both argue. Ishita says calm down, the fight won’t get solved this way. Romi says I m doing this for Ruhi. Raman says I m her father, you take your bag and leave. Niddhi smiles.

Ruhi comes there and claps seeing them fighting. Niddhi asks Ishita not to come ahead to talk to Ruhi. Ruhi thanks Adi for getting her here to see this family drama, I thought maybe they reunited like a family, I was wrong, they can’t come together, I won’t stay with them. Niddhi smiles. Ruhi says Niddhi called me and asked me to see this Mahabharat. Ruhi argues with Ishita and says I can’t come back here, I won’t step here again, I won’t become part of this family, never. She leaves.

Niddhi says there was risk in this plan, but it was successful, I wanted to show this truth to Ruhi, now you can’t snatch the golden egg laying hen from me, I will go, continue this war. Raman says I won’t leave you. She says you want Ruhi to get another reason to hate you. Simmi asks Raman and Romi to stop Ruhi. Ishita cries. Niddhi goes to Ruhi and asks her to come. Adi goes and asks Ruhi to stop, will she leave them for Niddhi. Ishita looks on. Ruhi says yes, Ishita also left me for her daughter, I have bear all this, you want me just because I got famous. He says this woman has filled poison in your mind, we always loved you and will always love you, you always explained me and I agreed to you, despite being elder to you, think of Papa and Ishi Maa, they are getting hurt. Ruhi says I don’t know anything, I m leaving. Pihu comes and hugs Ruhi.

Ruhi says you here Pihu. Pihu asks why is this aunty so rude, why were you going without meeting me. Ruhi says sorry, I had urgent work, I have to go, I will come later. Pihu shows the Mata Rani ki chunri and says I got this from temple, which is on the way of my school, this will always protect you. She ties that to Ruhi’s forehead. Ishita smiles. Ruhi recalls she tied similar chunri to Ishita once. She turns and sees Ishita.