Final Episode of Colours of Love (Rangrasiya hotstar tv shows colors)

Final Episode of Colours of Love (Rangrasiya hotstar tv shows colors)

Final Episode of Colours of Love (Rangrasiya hotstar tv shows colors) Glow Tv

Rudra, understanding that he has lost Myrah to Rohit, has abandoned his endeavors to have her with him. He as of late left a letter on Myrah’s bedside, while she was sleeping, which read that he is leaving as should be obvious her getting married.

In any case, before doing that, a fascinating episode happened.

While Rudra was helping Rohit and Sumer in enlivening the house for the wedding, a light fixture loosened up on him. Nonetheless, Myrah rushed to take note of it and save him at the last possible second from getting hurt by the ceiling fixture.

While saving Rudra, the duo felt down together in the floor and she gave a worried look to him. She asked him affectionately with tears in her eyes in the event that he was fine and embraced him. This scene drew everybody’s consideration an angry Rohit yelled at her. Hearing Rohit’s call, Myrah drew apart from Rudra. But she got an earful from Rohit for getting to concerned for Rudra.

The following morning, Maithili, Mohini and Shatabdi prepared Myrah for the haldi custom. Mohini disclosed to Myrah that in the event that she needs to be her little girl in-law, at that point she will be rest guaranteed that there will be joy for her in the house.

Myrah again declines to acknowledge Rudra.

Be that as it may, the minute isn’t far when lovebirds Myrah and Rudra will end up one.

In the morning of her wedding, when Myrah reads the letter, she gets worried, hurt and desperate to see Rudra. Maithili tries consoling her and reasoning that Myrah herself is at fault because she did not accept Rudra’s proposal even when he openly declared his love for her. Myrah somehow calms herself and prepares for the marriage rites.

On the other hand, Rohit, who was preparing in Rudra’s room, goes over a pic of Paro and thinks about why Myrah’s photo was available in the room.

Rudra, who was driving with tears in his eyes, to be afar from Myrah, has an intuition that he should not leave Myrah without trying to win her for the last time. He turns his car towards his home and reaches the haveli.

Meanwhile, by chance, Rohit manages to see the video message that Myrah had sent him weeks ago, confessing her unwillingness to marry him. He shows resentment after the watching the video and gets into a contemplative mood.

After a lot of convincing by Mohini just before the pheras, Myrah makes up her mind to be with Rudra. She goes to see Rohit and tells him about her feelings for Rudra. Rohit asks her not to marry him and seek Rudra. She happily hugs him and bids him goodbye.

As soon as she steps out of the house, she comes across Rurdra’s car. She tells him ‘I Love You’ as he cups her eyes with his palms and feels satiated to hear the magical words.

Rudra gives a peck on Myrah’s cheek and they share a warm hug. All other members of the Ranawat family join them and Myrah clicks a selfie with everyone. The end

Ending episode on colours of love