23 November Friday Update on This is Love

 Friday Episode Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with reporters asking Ishita about the event. Everyone praise Ruhi. Ishita asks Adi where is Ruhi. Adi says she will be around, I will introduce my business partner, he is Vaibhav. Ishita congratulates Vaibhav. Ishita feels nervous. Mihika asks why, everyone is going smooth, don’t worry. Ishita says Raman asked me to give speech from his side, how can I speak. Mihika says you gave many speeches in dental conferences. Ishita says I talk about dental things, what shall I say about business, if Ruhi and Adi get embarrassed by my speech. Ishita gets Raman’s message and smiles.

She says he has sent me pointers for speech. Mihika says so sweet, he knows to keep you happy. Ishita says I want everyone’s respect to be kept. Adi tells reporters that its team work, and credit
goes to everyone. They ask Adi how did he get so much successful in young age. Mani and Aaliya come. Mani praises Adi. He says Adi is my would be son in law, he is going to marry Aaliya, he is focussed, confident and a young achiever. He says he is a great businessman, after marriage I will say how good son in law he is. Adi smiles. Ishita sees Mani and says Mani is here, shall I tell him about Tisha. Mihika says not here, why to spoil mood telling about Niddhi. Mani meets Vaibhav. Ishita looks for Ruhi and asks Mihika. Mihika says she will be around, she would be seeing arrangements, she went on you, she is perfectionist. Ishita says its late. Mihika calls Ruhi.

Ruhi drinks wine. She says Adi loved me a lot, he always protected me. She thinks of Adi. She says why did Adi do this, he removed my name and did not think I will be hurt. She cries. She says I tolerated a lot, I m alone, I will fight for my rights, relations are nothing in front of power and status, I want my rights, I don’t care if anyone feels bad, I m coming to take my rights, I will take my appreciation or the project I did.

Adi talks to some youngsters and tells about managing office while doing MBA. Aaliya sees Adi taking pictures with them. She gets jealous and goes to him. She asks can I talk to my fiance, you enjoy the party. She takes Adi and asks why are you talking to your juniors this way. He says I was just helping, they were talking selfies. She says you were openly flirting. He says they were asking about my journey, I can getting burning smell. He says you think I m jealous, I wanted you to realize we are going to get married. He says fine, I will flirt with my fiancee, I m just yours. She smiles and says you are a liar. He kisses her hands. He says I m saying 100 % truth. She says fine, tell me why is my name not in this card. He says I will write it now. He sees the card and gets shocked seeing Ruhi’s name missing. He says what did this happen, the printer is stupid, I gave him format, what did he do, he did not write Ruhi’s name, what will Ruhi say, what shall I do, I will just come.

The man asks Ishita to come on stage and say a few words. Ishita goes on stage. She asks for Ruhi and Adi. Vaibhav says I will call them. Adi asks the man what nonsense is this, Ruhi’s name is not there. The man says I have put Ruhi’s name in the cards. Adi says check this card, she will feel bad, she worked hard. The man shows the card and says Ruhi’s name is there, check. Adi asks why is it not here. The man says my worker did mistake, he did not put Ruhi’s name in 3 cards, all cards have Ruhi’s name. Adi says my fiancee got a card, if anyone else get other 2 cards. The man apologizes. Adi sends him. He worries and says what shall I do now, if Ruhi sees this card then…

Ishita says I m feeling nervous, I can’t give a better speech than Raman, I m here on his behalf, I don’t think anyone could be more happier than him, he worked hard to make this company, he would be proud of his children, Ruhi and Adi are managing so well on their own, they always make us feel proud, parents grow with children, we are really proud of them, we taught them honesty and integrity, unity is important, Ruhi and Adi are progressing because of this, they followed every teaching, they are like my and Raman’s two hands, one is right hand and other is left hand. Ruhi comes drunk and asks do you really think so. Everyone get shocked.

Ishita holds Ruhi. Ruhi goes on stage. She says Ishi Maa don’t lie, truth is right hand is better than left hand. Adi comes and worries. Ruhi says left hand follows right hand. Ishita asks her to come. Ruhi says wait. Adi goes on stage. Ruhi says if anyone cuts left hand, its not a problem, if anyone cuts our right hand, we can’t work, Ishita is saying I m Ishita’s right hand and Adi is left hand, how can we be same, I m better than Adi. Adi says you are embarrassing Ishi Maa, come. Ruhi asks will I embarrass her, I m right hand of Pihu industries. Vaibhav stops reporter. Ruhi says I m behind this product, its my hardwork. She asks them to on the mic. She creates a big scene. She says Adi will be behind this, he can do anything, I m saying truth, all this is my hardwork, not yours. Adi says its big day for everyone, don’t spoil it. She asks am I spoiling this, you decide is this our big day or just yours, you want to get praised, you want credit of everything right, the great Adi Bhalla launched product, you did not put my name in invitation. They all look on.

Ruhi saying you did not add my name in invitation. Ishita gets shocked. Ruhi says everyone’s name was there, except mine, I worked hard, you got jealous. Adi says Ruhi, you saw sample card, I spoke to printer, its mistake. She asks does mistake just happens with me, how many times will you fool me. Ishita says please come home. Adi says family is getting ashamed, media is here, come. Ruhi says you ashamed everyone, you don’t have business sense, if I write list of his stupid things, I will keep writing, list won’t get over, he has no business sense, will be launch product. Ishita says please stop it. Ruhi asks why, you also know, your daughter have more business sense than him, he can’t even fill a tender.

Everyone look on. Ruhi says he can’t take any decision,
will he do business, great, we can have many losses. Ishita says I will slap you now, Adi take her. Ruhi pushes Adi and gets down the stage. Ishita cries. Reporter stops Ruhi. Adi says she won’t answer. Ruhi asks why, you have problem that they are taking just my interview, you are jealous. Adi says is there anything left, stop. Ruhi says there is much left, everyone can’t digest truth, like Adi’s blood has business, no, Adi knows I m 100 times better and have more business sense, why shall I not say then, Adi does not know anything. Adi asks her to come. She shouts on him. Adi stops media. Ruhi gets slapped by him. Ishita takes Ruhi. Everyone leave. Adi cries. Aaliya takes him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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