23 November Friday Update on True Love

 Friday Episode Update on True Love

Damini comes to meet Ichcha and tells her how it is important for her to have Veer’s kid to gain the family’s love. She recommends that she and Veer see a doctor about it. Veer overhears this conversation. Meanwhile Taps gets a call from Rathod. She tells him she wants to meet him but he says that he will decide when and where their meetings will take place. After he hangs up, he remembers how he lost his wife, who was pregnant at that time, in an accident. He vows not to lose his child this time around. Meanwhile, Chanda instigates Nani against Ichcha.

Veer takes Ichcha unannounced to the gynac who suggests fertility tests for the both of them. Ichcha is reluctant but agrees. Later that night Ichcha is worried that something would be wrong with her, since Veer has already fathered a child. Veer comforts her and assures her that all will be well and no matter what happens their love will never falter.

Veer standing near the window and thinking about both Ichha and Tappu with a song going in the background ;Just then Tappu comes there and asks him what happened and why is he looking so lost on which Veer said nothing and asked her to go inside her room as its lightening outside and so its not safe for her or the baby to b out here ;Nani then comes to take Tappu inside the room;Tappu is happy that Veer is showing concern for her and so she happily goes inside the room with Nani…

Satya at night is dreaming about his past childhood where its shown that as a small kid he used to work in Bundela family and used to play with Veer-Vansh(Satya was like the male Ichha in Bundela house );But one night Daddaji and Mai both accused him of stealing a gold chain from the house when Satya(kid) cried his heart out trying to convince both Mai and Daddaji that he has not stolen anything but they r not ready to listen to him and calls the police ;Satya’s mother then comes running to the haveli and pleads in front of Mai and Daddaji not to get his son arrested as he is innocent but Mai and Daddaji talk to her in a very rude tone ;

Its shown to the viewers that Vansh(kid) actually had stolen the gold chain and its in his hand but Satya is accused of stealing here ;Police then comes and takes away Satya in the van while Satya’s mother keeps on crying and pleading in front of Bundela haveli not to take away his son as he is innocent but Daddaji and Mai stand firm in thier decision ;Just then Satya wakes up from his nightmare and reminds himself of the revenge that he has to take against this family…

Next morning Ichha reaches the hospital to get the reports but she sends Veer to office and tells him that Damini will join her in the hospital;So then once Ichha reaches the hospital ,Veer calls her up and asks her whether Ammo reached or not on which ichha tells him that she too is waiting for Ammo to arrive; Veer then asks her why din’t she let him come with her to the hospital on which Ichha tells Veer that “I know u love me a lot and I remember u once asked me a gift in the form of a sweet little baby-girl and thats why I m scared because if there is any problem in me, then I won’t b able to look into your eyes that time..there will b a certain vaccuum created between us then…and thats why I wanted to face this without u” ;Hearing this Veer tells Ichha that nothing of this sort will happen and whatever will happen,we will face it together …

 Ichha then goes to doctor’s cabin alone only to get the reports when doctor tells Ichha that there is a problem on which Ichha assumes that there is problem with her and gets emotional when doctor tells Ichha that she is completely fine but the problem is with Veer ;Ichha is shocked to hear this when doctor tells Ichha that nothing to worry about since in today’s times, with few medical check-ups and treatment, everything will b fine and they can become parents ;Ichha is still in a state of shock.