22 November Thursday Update on True Love

Episode Update on True Love

Saanchi cutting the rod of that chandelier and Daddaji is sitting under it and giving blessings to Tappu and telling her that the gift which she will b soon giving to this family will always remain priceless for him ; Ichha outside is distributing gifts to village people; Ichha then comes inside the house to get more gifts for the village people when she sees that the chandelier was about to fall on Daddaji when she shouts “Daddaajiii” ;Hearing Ichha’s shout,Daddaji gets up from the chair and moves sideways but Tappu is still standing under the chadilier and asking Ichha what happened;So then Ichha keeps shouting for Tappu to move sideways but Tappu has no idea and then Tappu looks upwards and sees that the chandilier is falling over her ;

Tappu is clueless what to do when Ichha runs and pushes Tappu sideways on time before the chandelier could fall on her but because of this Ichha herself comes under the chandelier and it partially falls over her body becaue of which Ichha falls on the floor and badly hurts her forehead ;All r shocked to see this (It’s funny how the chandelier was falling in such slow motion that Ichha got all the time in the world to run in slow motion and save Tappu in heroic style hahaha );Veer then comes running towards Ichha as soon as the director says action (Sorry for the humour there..but it seemed Veer was standing close by only when the chandelier fell on the ladies..but still he din’t do anything and ran only when mayb the director asked him to do some action );

Veer then carries Ichha in his arms and rushes her to the hospital ; Meanwhile Nani in scared tone wonders why all this apshagun happened again when Daddaji tells everyone that its just an accident because the chandelier was old and needs to b changed.; Satya and Sanchi look disappointed since their plan flopped again Doctor puts a bandage on Ichha’s forehead and tells Veer that the injury was minor and so nothing to worry about but he will have to bring her tomorrow again for the dressing ;Doctor also tells Veer to take care of his wife …

Nani and Tappu r sitting on the sofa thinking about the incident when Nani as usual starts her usual blabbering about some bad omen in the house which is causing all this mess here on which Umed in a firm tone tells Nani that whatever bad omen r there in this house will get wiped off easily because of Ichha’s presense in the house…..today Tapasya and the baby is safe only because of Ichha ;Hearing this Nani tells Umed that its not a very big deal that Ichha saved Tapasya’s life since as bahu of this house its Ichha’s duty to save Tapasya and the child because the child is this house’s future waaris ;So then Umed too replies back by telling Nani that “Thank god u hv at least accepted the fact that Ichha is the bahu of this house and u r right, we r really proud to hv such a good and responsible bahu for our family but its our bad luck that we r not able to give her the much deserve respect and love till now” ;Hearing this Nani tells Umed that “its all destiny here..and its Ichha’s bad destiny that she only has sufferings and pain in her life..

some people r born with good destiny and some r born with bad destiny..noone can do anything here” (Why can’t Bundelas simply kick Nani out of this house ..she was there in this house to protect Tappu na ?but till now she has done nothing..so what is she doing in the house ?? );Just then Veer enters the house with Ichha and listens to Dadi’s harsh statements against Ichha’s bad luck ;So then Veer.in a angry tone asks Nani to shut her mouth and not to say anything against Ichha ; Veer also reminds Nani that today if Ichha was not there to save Tappu on time,then mayb she would hv been curing her future grand-child’s destiny here ;After this Veer and Ichha go to their room while Umed feels proud of his son’s reply…

After Umed leaves, Nani bashes Ichha further and tells Tappu that now she will make Veer sit in front of her everytime by doing this drama of injury; Nani also bashes Umed for taking Ichha’s side on which Tappu asks Nani to shut her mouth and not to say anything against Veer’s father ;Nani is a bit confused now when Tappu with a evil look tells Nani that she will now go in that direction where the wind is currently blowing and since Veer will b busy showing concern for Ichha right now, she too will do the same by going there …CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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