21th Oct Tuesday Update on TrueLove

21 th Oct Episode

Veer telling the security that he is not a car thief when the real owner of the car makes a heroic entry and tells the security that if he is having no problem then why r they hell bent on accusing this poor soul ;The real car owner then blasts the security for accusing someone in a unfair manner on which Veer thanks him ;He then introduces himself as Satya (Entry of Sharad Kelkar);Veer too introduces himself as Veer Singh bundela and both have a friendly first encounter which ends on a positive note .

Veer then goes inside the restaurent where Ichha is waiting for him ;Both share their private romantic moments together when the waitor bring one birthday cake for them ;Both Veer-Ichha r shocked to see the cake and tells the waitor that they hv not ordered for the cake when that car wala guy Satya comes there and tells Sorry to Veer and also tells him that actually the cake came in the wrong table since he has ordered for this cake for his sister’s birthday ;Satya also tells Veer that its a funny co-incident how our numbers r matching always….first the car mistake because of similar car number and now this cake mistake because even our table numbers r similar..yours is 19 while mine is 16 ;Both Veer and Satya laugh over this co-incidence then; Veer then introduces his wife Ichha to Satya ;Satya then asks them to join his sister’s birthday celebration.

Satya’s sister’s introduction is shown then; Satya’s sister is shown a bit childish in nature and she places a Mannequin on the sofa to play a prank on her brother so that he mistakes that mannequin as his sister ;Finally Satya’s sister comes in front and starts giggling since she succeeds in her prank of fooling her brother (Where the show is going ?? );Satya then introduces his sister to Veer and Ichha and all together then celebrate her birthday;Sister’s name is Saanchi ;Saanchi compliments Veer for choosing a wife like Ichha whereas Satya compliments Veer’s wife’s beauty (I smell something fishy here )… All then decides to play snooker suddenly ..

At Bundela house,Tappu is hving her usual outburst in front of Nani ;Tappu rests her head on Nani’s lap and keeps crying when Nani tells her that when her mother was pregnent,she saw Jogi’s love and care for her mother and so slowly even Veer will start doing the same…it might take some time but slowly his feelings for her as the father of her child will start rising..so she just needs to keep some patience .. Back to the restaurent where Satya’s sister Saanchi goes to play snooker when few boys already playing there taunt Saanchi by telling that how a girl can play snooker wearing choodis ;Hearing this Ichha tells those boys that if they keep underestimating the girls this way then in no time they might require choodis too (Can’t believe Ichha actually opened her mouth and said this …

Why she becomes a statue in front of Nani and Tappu then ?? );Saanchi then starts playing and also succeeds in sending 3 balls into the hole ;The boys r stunned seeing this when Saanchi tells those boys that “I have got a strong eyesight which is god gifted and so if I aim something,I will never let it go at any cost” (Don’t tell me this is another Tappu in the making );Hearing Saanchi’s words both Veer and Ichha appreciate it ;Satya too feels proud of his sister…

At Bundela house Tappu continues crying ;She keeps talking to her baby and keeps saying that she loves her baby’s father and wants her back in her life ;Seeing this sorry state of Tappu, even Nani has tears in her eyes.