21th Oct Tuesday Update on This is Love

21 th Oct Episode

The Episode starts with Raman saying how can Mani do this, how can he stop me from meeting my children. Abhishek says you have to convince Ishita to come back. Divya says Raman can meet his children, maybe Mani has different agenda. Abhishek asks what, maybe Mani has society pressure, he is a nice man. Raman recalls the phone call and says I think Divya is right, when I broke inside his house, someone was threatening Mani, maybe he is in danger and keeping me away, Romi said Mani invested in a fraud company, if he is a big problem, Mani is a good guy, but my children are there, I have to go, sorry.

Ishita says Mani did wrong, Raman should have talked to me. Shagun says if Raman asked you, would you permit me, he always take people on granted, who does this, he broke house when Pihu
sneezed, he is childish, sometimes such way is taken to explain, Mani is doing right. Ruhi asks Ishita to come and see Pihu.

Pihu says I don’t want to go school. Ishita asks why. Pihu says my history teacher scolds me a lot, I forget everything. Ishita says its easy subject. Pihu asks will you teach me. Ruhi says Ishita is doctor, she has science background, Papa used to teach me. Ishita says yes, Papa can teach you well. Pihu asks how will he teach me. Ishita says I can drop you at Raman’s office everyday, he can teach you. Pihu asks really….

Mani comes and sends Ruhi and Pihu. He says Pihu won’t meet Raman. Ishita asks what happened to you, I know we have differences, Raman did not do wrong, but I came away from Raman as I want children’s good, if they need Raman, why won’t they meet Raman, if you have problem, I will leave, sorry I troubled you. He says sorry, listen, I m doing this for your and Pihu’s good, this house is yours, nothing has changed from my side, many things changed for you, we have been good friends, when I need you, you are saying you will leave, you promised me that I can focus on work and you will focus on Shagun. She asks what about children. He says you left home so that Raman realize mistake, I understand, I want the same, if you let Raman meet Pihu, nothing will change, I also worry for my coming baby, don’t go, I need you.

She says I can’t teach history to Pihu. He says we will hire a teacher, in fact I will hire a governess to teach Pihu and take care of Shagun. She says I will take care of Shagun. Mani asks her not to worry.

Parmeet comes to Bhalla house and tells Mihika that he came for Ananya, Simmi called and said about Ananya’s school project, I got all the things required. Ananya comes and hugs him. Ananya says I m so happy you came here, mumma is not here, so I m feeling lonely. He says I knew this, mumma asked me to complete your project. She goes to get school bag and diary. Mihika asks him to sit. She asks Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla to go and rest.

Gaurav comes there and greets them. Mr. Bhalla says how did he come here. Gaurav says I promised Simmi to take care of Ananya in her absence, I booked movie, can I take her for watching children’s movie. Ananya says I can’t come, I have to finish my school project, Papa and I were doing that, we will go for movie come other day. Gaurav says of course. Parmeet asks Ananya to start project work. Parmeet asks Gaurav to try something else next time to impress Ananya.

Mani talks to secretary. He gets Niddhi’s call and asks why did you call me. She says I called to remind you, if you try to act smart then.. He shouts stop threatening me. She asks him to do it if you want your aunty to be fine, Raman and Ishita should not get together, else you know what I will do. He angrily throws the desk things. She says just I know why I don’t want Raman and Ishita to come together, you won’t know my plan.

Raman and Ishita talk on phone. Raman asks what’s Mani’s problem, can’t I teach Pihu. She says Mani made me realize mistake, I also wanted them to be away from you. He says its weird, why is he doing it. She says how can you doubt on Mani’s intentions. He says no, I mean its weird, he is hiding something. She asks why are you dragging Mani in this. He says if he was so good, why did you leave him. She cries and says how could you point on my character, I can’t take it anymore. She ends call. He says what happens to me, why do I speak without thinking.

Its morning, Mihika gives newspaper to Raman. Raman reads newspaper and gets angry. He says Mani gave ad for tuition teacher for teaching my children, I can’t teach Pihu now. He gets angry and goes to room. Romi comes there. Raman says I don’t want to talk about Ishita. Romi says I came to talk about Mani, he invested in company, that fraud company is of Niddhi.

Raman gets shocked and says now I understand, Mani is a straight man, Niddhi is threatening him, so he is behaving irrational. Romi asks shall we inform Abhishek. Raman says no, if Niddhi knows this, she will change plan, she is a smart plan, I have to go there, my children and wife are there. Romi says but Ishita won’t let you come there, I have an idea, do makeup and go. Raman asks what. Romi says did you not see in movies, how hero and heroine change look and meet. Raman says like Kamal Haasan did, I have to do same for meeting my daughter. Romi asks what. Raman leaves.

Abhishek and Divya spend some quality time. They dance in the kitchen. Nashe si chad gayi……plays………….. He cooks for her. Door bell rings. She asks did you call anyone. He says no, I took leave today. She says someone has come. He says I want to spend quality time with you, if its imp, I will get message, I have locked outside, if there is someone adamant, guard will manage. Romi says there is lock. Raman says Abhishek has leave, it means he is spending quality time with his fiancee, he is at home. He rings the bell and says I have work with his fiancee. Abhishek sees Raman. Raman asks him to open the door. Abhishek asks him to wait. He calls guard and asks him to open the lock. Raman says see….

Abhishek says thanks for keeping my info, what do you want. Raman says nothing from you, I have work from Divya. She asks what. He says you did extensive makeup course, I want to change my avatar. She asks what. Raman says I want to become mother. They ask what. Raman says I want to become mother of someone else’s children, I mean I want to become governess of my children, Ishita gave ad in paper, I want to be with my kids, you can do this, please help me. She agrees. Gulabo…..plays……. Raman thanks her. They smile.

Divya doing makeup to Raman and giving Gulabo’s look. Abhishek and Romi wait for him. Divya says this makeup will stay upto 12 hours, you have to come home at night. He asks how do I look. She says stunning, none can identify you. He says let’s check, call them. Abhishek and Romi come and get shocked seeing Raman. Divya asks how does he look. Romi says great, what to name him. Divya says he is lovely and pinky, how is Gulabo. Romi says perfect, Gulabo. Raman leaves. Gulabo…..plays…………

Pihu’s principal tells Ishita that Pihu’s performance is getting deteriorated in all subjects, she was a bright student, what happened to her. She says maybe she is affected by personal things, I m staying away from Raman, so maybe this is
influencing her. He asks her to take out some time for Pihu from her busy work schedule. She says I will see what I can do.

Parmeet gets kachori for Ananya. Gaurav comes and gives donuts to Ananya. She asks Parmeet shall I have donuts, I can have kachori later. Parmeet asks her to eat anything she likes. She asks Gaurav can I share this with friends. Gaurav says sure. She goes. Parmeet holds the tiffin and gets sad. Gaurav asks what did you say, I can’t buy Ananya’s love, today she chose the thing I got, she will choose me, not you. Gaurav goes. Parmeet says you are challenging a father, a father can do anything for a child.

Raman goes to PCO. The men stare at Raman. Raman calls Shagun and talks as a lady. He asks is this Abhimanyu’s house. She says yes. He asks for interview timings. She talks to him. He says I have worked at big houses, even at Kajol’s house. She says that filmstar, lovely, can you teach kids. He says yes, everything, history…. She asks him to come. He asks her to wait for him. She says be on time, what’s your name. Raman says did you not hear song, Gulabo…… Gulabo Singh. She says fine, Gulabo Singh, be on time.

Everyone stare at Raman. Raman smiles. Gulabo…..plays…….. Raman holds a man. The man smiles. Raman sees the attention he is getting. Raman skips the queue by using Gulabo’s charm. All the men give him place. Raman smiles. He hires an auto.

Ishita is at clinic and talks to Dr. Batra. She says I was single and now my children need me, I don’t think I can continue practice here. Dr. Batra says this is not fair, when you came back from Australia, I have let you join here, you worked hard and earned good will for this clinic, now our clinic is one of the best clinics, I took big loan, I count on you, you can’t ditch me. Ishita says I will continue for some time, you can find a replacement, I have to leave now, I have to interview few Nannys. Dr. Batra asks her to go.

Ruhi says Aaliya, I have shortlisted 12 profiles. Aaliya says I trust you, whatever you decide will be good for Shagun and Ishita. Ishita says interviews should be in front of Shagun. Shagun asks Ruhi to add Gulabo Singh, she sounded good. Ruhi goes. Shagun asks Ishita why is she in stress. Ishita says its bad that I need someone for my children. Shagun says its normal, everyone hire Nannys, we will get helper and that lady will get work, we will fix camera and monitor, we will be updated, don’t worry, we will hire a good Nanny. Ishita says daughters are mother’s shadow, I want to give them best upbringing, but I m not able to do anything. Ruhi and Aaliya hear them. Shagun says you did a lot. Ruhi goes to her room. Aaliya asks what happened.

Ruhi says I m not okay, when will I become something, to fulfill Ishita’s responsibility, Ishita is so worried, I want to do something productive in my life, but I can just create problems. Aaliya reminds that Ruhi is Ruhaan. Ruhi says Ruhaan was just a face, its done, I can’t be Ruhaan all life, I have no talent, I don’t know. Aaliya says I know what talent you have, business. Ruhi asks what. Aaliya says Raman is a businessman, he won many business awards, you can join him. Ruhi says Adi is already there. Aaliya says so what, did family differentiate you and Adi, you should go for business studies, you can help Raman. Ruhi smiles.

The auto driver sees Raman in mirror and asks name. Raman says Gulabo Singh. The man says your name has essence. Raman says drive fast. He talks normal. The man gets shocked hearing man’s voice and hits auto. The man says its my loss. Raman says I can’t miss my interview.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma are leaving. Amma asks are we doing right. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we are going to see which Nanny will be selected for Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla gets Mr. Bhalla’s call. Amma asks her to tell everything to him. He asks Mrs. Bhalla what’s the need to go, Ishita will manage. Amma says we will go and come back soon, before Mr. Bhalla comes home. They leave. Mr. Bhalla says how did Mrs. Bhalla agree so soon, they will really go there, I have to go there.

Shagun and everyone meet the ladies. Shagun asks about Gulabo. Ruhi says Gulabo did not come till now. Ishita says everyone has come. Raman worries seeing time and goes. A man stares at Raman. The man shoves Raman. Raman smiles and gets away. The man gets close. Raman slaps and beats him up. The lady asks what happened bahenji. The man apologizes. Raman scolds the man and asks him to run. He says we women are not weak, we can make you our shoe. The lady praises Raman and asks name. Raman says Gulabo Singh. Everyone clap. Gulabo….plays………