23rd September Monday Update on Young Love


23rd September Monday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Pramila refusing to free Purabia on bail. Her girls ask her to free Purabia else she may tell the Police about them. Pramila says, you are right. Inspector calls Shiv and tells him something. Anandi asks what happened. Shiv tells her that Purabia was arrested by Police from bazaar streets. Inspector recognised her as she was with Pramila. She was released on bail. Constable followed her and saw her going with Pramila. Pramila is with her and knew about it. Anandi says, it is a misunderstanding. Shiv says, Pramila is equally responsible with her. Anandi says, she wants to meet Pramila and can’t believe in the news. Shiv is shocked thinking his wife is not believing him.

Subhadra wakes up from the sleep and thinks Kalyani Devi will come and irritate me. She is after me. She says, I can’t even have friendship with her. She thinks to do something and smiles at her idea.

Subhadra goes to Dadisaa and wakes her up. She then tells her good morning. Dadisaa asks, what happened? Subhadra says, I thought to help you. Time for cow’s dung bath. Dadisaa says not today. Subhadra says, then I shall apply kerela paste. Dadisaa asks her to sleep. Subhadra irritates her and asks her to have tea. Dadisaa says, I can’t have tea without bath. Subhadra says, shall I give you hot water. She asks Dadisaa to come with her. Dadisaa thinks, she have to bear her.

Ira gives tiffin to Hardik and Meenu gives butter milk. Hardik says, I can’t eat much. Anandi gives gatte ki sabzi to him and asks him to give it to Dadisaa. Daddu gives bouquet to Hardik and asks him to give it to Kalyani ji on his behalf. Everyone laugh. Hardik says, she must be very popular. Daddu says, she is special for all of us. Hardik says, he will leave now. Daddu asks him to sprinkle water on the bouquet frequenty. Anoop asks him to take the car. Hardik says, he wants to see India, so he will use Public transport. He leaves.

Pramila says, I was hurt more than getting angry on you Purabia. I was hurt to know that my Purabia is searching customers on her own way. She reminds her that she was about to marry an old man. Purabia apologizes to Pramila and promises not to hurt her again. Pramila says, I have forgiven you, but not second time. Door bell rings. Pramila asks her to hide somewhere. Pramila opens the door to find Anandi. Anandi says, you took a lot of time to open the door. She asks, what are you hiding. Pramila asks, what? Anandi says, truth that you bailed Purabia.

Pramila asks, who told you this. Anandi says, My husband. She says, I feel that he was right. Pramila says, I won’t lie to you. I bailed Purabia, but what to do. I care for her so much. I took her here from her parents’ home. I was like a mother to her. She ditched me. She cries and says I couldn’t believe until now. She pretends to be innocent. She tells that she was not involved in the sex racket. Anandi apologizes to Pramila and says I thought you wrongly. She leaves. Pramila wipes her fake tears.

Hardik reaches Jaitsar. He catches the stick. Some kids laugh on him. Gulli and her friend come there. They laugh on Hardik. Hardik asks, why you are laughing? They argue over their clothing. Hardik asks someone about the address of bade haveli. Gulli’s friend says, he must be Dadisaa’s guest. Gulli offers to take him there. Hardik sits on her cycle and leaves.

Purabia tells Pramila that she was scared, but you controlled the situation. Pramila threatens to harm her if she gets caught.

Gulli dropping Hardik to the haveli. Hardik says, it is like a palace. Gulli says, it is haveli. Her friend asks her to come to school. Hardik asks, do you study in school. Gulli says, I will talk to you later. Hardik asks, will you meet me again. Gulli smiles and leaves. Hardik thanks her and looks smilingly at her. Ganga applies mud in Subhadra’s face and hands. She says, it is done. I will asks Gehna to make Kada. Subhadra gets annoyed and asks her to prepare Kerala dish etc. Ganga says, I will make tasty dishes for you once you gets well. Hardik comes inside the haveli and sees Subhadra.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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