20th September Friday Update on True Love


20th September Friday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Nani saying I seen a lot of cleverness in Icha. Mukta says, she’s not clever, YOU are.
Nani says, I feel l ike laughing at you… am I clever?? I am not clever… I’m sensible… because my eyes sees something that others don’t. I’m pitying your thinking… this house, this family – if it has been saved from that Icha/Damini’s cleverness, it’s all because of me. We all understood their intention when they bought the house that didn’t just gave them shelter, but gave them another life.
Mukta says, one more lie of yours… the truth is that a servant sold her own house to save our house… and you’re doubting their intention?
How big their heart is, I am understanding it now…
She remembers Damini refusing her the red dress because Meethi had worn it once. But she insisted on getting it because she liked it.
She says, do you remember Nani? I insisted on getting Meethi’s old dress? (Jogi comes in at that point).
Mukta says, even then Anni refused me… and said that I shouldn’t be wearing something that has alread been worn… but when I came home, you told me the story of Uttaran. You didn’t see the love in the thing she gave me with so much love – you saw the Uttaran.
I was not sensible enough and I got influenced by your words…
The story of Uttaran that you tell is a lie… The truth is that the people who have arrogance and attitude, only they give something as Uttaran… these people still stay in this house like we’re owners… because they don’t have pride.
I don’t know much about my mother, but I can tell that you would have spread the same story of Uttaran to her and she would have been influenced by you!
Stop spreading this “Uttaran” of hate and animosity, Nani!
Jogi’s crying in the background… and he says, did you hear that Mausiji?
Today’s new generation, hatred, enmity and Uttaran from you. I don’t want to do the same thing to you that I did to Pushkar because of respect for you… Nani remembers Pushkar being kicked out of the house.
You brought a lot of storms in my daughter’s life, that I saw with my own eyes… but this girl didn’t.
I am glad that what Tapasya couldn’t tell you, her daughter is telling you… today, Mukta has recognized you… I am happy to see that.
He says to Mukta, my Tapasya went to a wrong path… whenever I think about it, I get hurt a lot… I blame myself. All of her life, Mausiji kept taking Tapasya on the wrong path, instigated her, led her astray and poor Tapasya…
She tried to do the same thing with you… but I’m glad that you recognized the truth… and the lie had to
Mukta says, I insulted Barey Papa because of you… (remembers the time when she refused to say sorry to Icha) now I don’t have words to say sorry to him. Now I can understand, what all he would have tolerated after my mother left… he would have lost so much.
She says, I am requesting you with folded hands and asking you not to put more poison in my life, Meethi’s life or Icha Maa’s house.
Jogi says, Mausiji, Mukta has taken her decision… now what is your decision, you have to decide yourself.
Nani gives weird expressions and leaves. Mukta hugs Jogi and cries.

Tej is looking photos of girls… he picks up the first one and sees a policewoman… second is a doctor and third is a lawyer. He doesn’t like anyone of them. He says, he’s finding all old women for me… 40-45 years… no one found a young 18-year old for me.
Amla is putting food on the table and says no one came for dinner and Tej is looking at her.
He says, if we’re hungry and food is in front of us then it feels like you should eat. Amla says, you’re my father-in-law, it’s my duty to serve you food… (Tej is not too happy to hear that).
He sits down and says, I’m 10 years younger than Umed and not deserving of ‘father-in-law’ title… why don’t you eat with me too? Amla says, how can I eat? No one else has eaten yet… Tej says, why do you worry about everyone?? Do they worry about you? Your son went to jail, did someone went to jail to get him?
No one cares about your feelings… he’s asks her to sit and is about to sit when she sits herself quickly. Amla is a bit scared.
Tej says, eat something… Amla refuses and Tej says, I’m feeding you with love, eat it… Amla’s scared and takes a bite from his hand when Chanda comes from back and is furious to see Tej feeding Amla.
Tej says, Chanda rani, lalla’s wife has become so thing… Amla runs away… and Chanda gives him dirty looks and goes away too.
He says, the one heart likes, doesn’t get in our hands… and one that is in my hands, my heart doesn’t like… how do I tell Chanda rani that I don’t want an old woman in my life…

Jogi tells Mukta not to cry anymore… she’s on the right path now. Mukta says can I ask you a question? (she remembers Icha’s words about Yuvi being her son)… and asks Icha gave such a big sacrifice for me… and Yuvi’s dadi hates her so much… why doesn’t Icha maa live with her family? I want to know the entire truth about my mother and Icha maa. Please tell me.
Jogi says, Mukta, I wanted to tell you the truth… but your bari maa thought that you would think bad of your own mother… but today I feel that after knowing the truth, you won’t hate anyone, neither would you misunderstand anyone. I will tell you the entire truth today, that I had hidden from you so far.

Nani is in the room full of Tapasya’s portraits. She takes the cloth off one of them… and talks to it.
She says, did you hear Tappu?? Your daughter says that I ruined you… I brought up your Mukku… what did I not do for her? And today she left me and went to that chuhiya? I hate that chuhiya because of my pride?? Tell me Tappu!!!
Didn’t Icha snatch everything away from you? Whatever happened with you, is it wrong to take revenge for that?
Did I lead your daughter astray??? Whatever happened with you, will happen with your daughter too, because in this house the justice is only in favour of the servants. Your father doesn’t love you even today, he loves that chuhiya.
Divya comes and asks her why she’s talking to photos.

Jogi says, Mukta your mother was very innocent… there was just one thing missing in her life… after Icha came, Tapasya’s life changed (they’re showing flashbacks of Icha/Tapasya friends as girls). He says, your Nani wrote all that on my daughter’s heart that I could not erase… I tried my best to make Tapasya understand, but she was very upset because I thought of Icha as my daughter… and that night everything burnt due to the fire of hatred that Mausiji lit… (showing Icha being left in the forest by Tapasya and Tapasya accepting that she left Icha there because she hates her).
Then Veer came to see Tapasya (showing a flashback of that) but… then all flashbacks of Tapasya giving away Veer to Icha, then trying to kill herself for Veer… then Damini giving away Icha’s wedding dress, then lots of other flashbacks… Veecha marriage, fake pregnancy of Tapasya… then leaving Mukta in an orphanage and Icha picking her up at the highway, Tapasya’s marriage to Rathore, them finding Yuvraj, Tapasya leaving the house, finding out truth about Mukta.
Jogi says, I couldn’t understand how could all this happen in my duaghter’s life… if she loved me so much, how could she leave without telling me everything?
We will only find out answers to these questions, when our Tpaasya will come back.

Nani says to Divya, Mukta is not trusting me… that chuhiya has weaved her magic on her as well. Divya says, no Mausiji, after a lot of effort YOUR magic got off from Mukta… Nani says, Divya you too?
Divya says, yes me too… I also always got influenced with your lies… how you turn a lie into truth, we can never tell… whatever you say seems like the truth to me… but I’m very happy today that in Icha – Mukta found a mother like Tapasya. Divya leaves and Nani gets furious and yells NO!! That chuhiya can never be Mukta’s mother… She looks at Tapasya’s photo and it falls down and glass breaks… Nani’s shocked! CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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