23rd September Monday Update on True Love


23rd September Monday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Mukta talking to Meethi and telling her not to talk to her mom like that. You don’t know she’s really good.
Meethi says, I don’t want to talk to her or about her so I request you not to do so with me! Kanha comes in the background. Meethi leaves.
Mukta thinks, I put this distance between mother-daughter.
Kanha says, leave it Mukta, you won’t be able to talk soem sense into her… Mukta says, I have to try.
Kanha says, her wounds are very deep… they won’t fill with your talks… once she knows the truth, then her wounds will heal. She will understand Mayya’s love and hurt.
Can I tell you something? Don’t try to fight Mayya’s fight… it’s not easy! The lives of our elders that has become complicated, let them simplify it themselves, it would be better!

Yuvi angry in his room thinking, no one cares about me… not Dada, not Pa. Umed comes and says, I should be the one angry at you, I should be the one hitting you with my own hands. There was never such blame on Bundela family before now! Yuvi says, I don’t want to listen to Bundela family’s stories?
Umed yells at him, that these are not stories!
Go look at your father’s condition… you are not ashamed to come back home with Tej?? Now Tej is closer to you than everyone else?
Yuvi stands up and says, yes, he is closer to me! Do you have anything else to say?
Umed says, we made a huge blunder… we gave you more freedom than you needed. But always remember one thing Yuvraj, if you don’t corret yourself now… and keep being influenced by Tej Singh, you will ruin so badly that not even Bundela family name would be able save you. Umed leaves and Yuvi angrily says, all everyone knows is how to lecture… they dont know how to do anything else?

Tej Singh in a place called “Shaadiwaale”. There are photos of all girls around the place.
The lady on the desk ask him who he is? He says, Tej Singh son of Baldev Singh Bundela. She asks his age, and he says, 30 from from, 20 from eyes. She asks date of birth… he says my father never celebrated my birthday and my mother died before she could celebrate it. But in my government file, I have 5 less than 50.
The lady asks what he does for a living? He says, small people work… we’re from a rich family… we don’t do anything.
She asks if he wants to say anything else about himself?
He says, I’ve been to jail 2-4 times, the lady gets shocked.
She says, I’m sorry, it will be very difficult to find a girl for you.
He brings out a gun from his pocket and puts it on the desk and she gets scared… and says we will try our best… we will find you a 22 year old, he loads the gun, she says 20? He still doesn’t agree and she says 18? He says yes… she says don’t worry, we will find you the girl you want. He says, the problem is madam ji, I have only 13 days… 14th day in your life will only come when I will go to a girl’s house as a groom. Did you understand? She says, yes. He leaves.

Icha in her room standing next to a fishbowl when Damini comes and asks her not to take Meethi’s stuff to heart. Icha says, no Ammo.
She says, are you looking at this fish? My life is just like it… all alone. Damini says, just a few days more and the distance between you and Meethi will go away. However hard Mataji tries, she won’t be able to separate you from your daughter much longer.
Did you see Mukta has changed so much? She calls you Maa, looks after you… after a few days, Meethi will also change… Icha says, I hope to God that happens, Ammo… but will it happen?
Icha says, one kid loves me, and the other hates me.
Damini says, something has happened that you didn’t tell me.
Icha says, Mai told Yuvi that I’m his mother… she chose a great time to tell him the truth.

Yuvi in his room thinking about Icha’s words. There’s no shame on your face or some regret in your heart. Then Gunwanti telling him she’s your mother… about trading his life.
Yuvraj says, I have so many questions, will someone answer my questions?? She left me in childhood, and now came back after years to send me to jail? I didn’t know she was my mother, but she knew I was her son!! She lives in the same city, meets with Pa but never once asked about me.. never tried to find out if I was alive or not? He cries thinking of all this.
Gunwanti comes to him and sees him crying… she asks if he’s alright.. he just nods his head. She says I need to talk to you. I always listen to you, now you have to listen to what I say! Would you listen to what your dadi says?
She asks him to stay away from Tej Singh. He’s not a good person. He’s trying to act to be good, to lead you astray. Tej says, if that was the case, why would he have released me? Pa wanted me to die in that jail.
Gunwanti says, he only thinks about money… he doesn’t think about this house or this family. If you come in his control, you will ruin completely.
Yuvraj doesn’t agree and says leave him…
All anger and hatred I have is for just one person.

Icha tells Damini that Yuvi met his mother and you know what he said? He said, I was waiting for the moment to meet my mother and be able to tell her how much I hate her. She says, Mai has told all lies to my son about me… sowed the seed of hatred in his heart.
Veer’s memory got lost because of me… Yuvi thinks I’m responsible for his condition today… Damini remembers taking Meethi from Icha in jail and taking her to Bundela house and seeing Gunwanti putting hatred in little Yuvi’s mind.
She says, I knew it! Icha says, how strange Ammo… it doesn’t take a long time to prove the truth as lie… and to prove a lie as truth, it takes the whole life… Damini says, but in the end truth always wins! Then Icha gets worried and says, Yuvraj knows I’m Teacherji. If he tells Veer the truth then what?
Damini says, no Ichki… he won’t do that because Gunwanti ji won’t let him tell his father!

Gunwanti is asking for a promise from Yuvi that he won’t tell his father ever that Teacherji is his mother. She puts his hand on her head and asks him to swear he won’t every say that.

Damini says, she’s scared that Veer finds out the truth, he will take you home with him and Gunwanti ji won’t let that happen.

Gunwanti says to Yuvi, do you want her to come and stay here? Do you want to call her Maa? Do you want to see her morning and night?
Yuvi says, I can’t bear her for even one second… I met her just once, that’s enough. I don’t want anything else from that woman… that so-called mom. Gunwanti’s happy.

Icha says, should I be happy about this that my son won’t tell the truth to his father? Or do I cry at this that my son will hate me for the rest of his life… and Mai will encourage that hatred.
Icha says, I want everyone’s happiness… that’s why I can’t tell Veer who I am… neither could I tell Meethi that her father and her family is this… why does it happen with me Ammo? Why does it always happen with me? Why do my kids hate me so much?
Mukta listening to this from the doorway… she thinks, Meethi hates you, I’m responsible for that… you attacked, Yuvi… I’m responsible for that too… to put distance betwen you and your kids, I’m responsible. She cries and leaves.
Icha is hugging Damini and both are crying.

Mukta walking slowly and remembers Icha saving her from Yuvraj. She goes to a temple in the house… and thinks Maa, I will bring all the happiness in your life. I will get back your rights to you!

policeman giving some files to Jogi saying these are the papers for your case. Inspector sahab asked you to read them. Jogi says okay and the policeman leaves.
Damini asks why he was here? Jogi says Yuvraj has been bailed out… so constable gave me the papers for the case. The trial would start soon.
Damini asks why are you looking so worried?
Jogi says, because once the court case starts…
Divya interrupts and says, I was thinking we should close the case here… you know, in these cases, they ask such questions from the victim… Mukta will have to go through that again… Divya says, and Icha will also go through torture…
Damini says, don’t worry about Icha… while punishing, she won’t think if he’s her son or not?
Kanha also says the same thing… that Mayya would take the side of the truth no matter what.
Jogi says, I know… but I’m thinking, whether we should make Icha go through that pain and suffering or not?
Icha comes and says, Papa I would have more pain if you forget the injustice dealt to Mukta just so I don’t have to go through the pain of witnessing against my son. It is against the values you taught me.
(Mukta is listening to all this from upstairs).
Jogi comes and says, I know and I trust you completely that you will get justice for Mukta… but what about you?? Won’t you be sad for Yuvi?
She says, I’m his mother, I will go through pain… but Mukta is also my daughter and I will definitely get justice for her… I won’t hesitate because I am your daughter…
Jogi says, this step of yours brings Yuvi on the correct path… that is my blessing. I wish, Gunwanti ji could see and understand all this. Yuvi would have gotten a mother, and a mother’s love.
Because of her you have lost all your rights… but who will make her understand all this?
Mukta thinks, now I’m getting it! Looks like God showed me this path… give me strength, God that my steps don’t hesitate and I can atone for all my mistakes.

Surbhi in her room when Kanha comes in all worried and sad. She asks what happened? He says, one thing keeps bothering me all the time… whatever happened in Mayya’s life, it’s because of me… if I hadn’t come in Mayya’s life, she wouldn’t have had to save me.. and Yuvraj wouldn’t have hated her so much.
Surbhi says, don’t think like that. You even sold your house for Mayya. Kanha says, no Surbhi… what I did is nothing compared to Mayya’s unhappiness. I wish I could make Meethi understand… at least do that for my Mayya.. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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